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Using FCS is like a turbo booster for Forensics

With growing complexities in digital forensics an efficient investigation can become quite a limited assignment.

Using FCS is like a turbo booster for Forensics

Digital evidence has to be extracted and analyzed so that it makes sense

Law enforcement and border protection often needs to deal with digital evidence hidden in hard drives, smartphones or small flash devices. Extracting the data is only one step inside the long journey to proving guilt or getting ahead criminals before they can complete their crimes.

This is where ACATO is working on providing the 360 degree command system that will empower investigators and forensic laboratories to not only get more out of their existing toolsets but also create an opportunity to go beyond standard procedures.

Making the world a safer place is the mission of ACATO. In order to improve the status quo the development of the „forensic command suite“ is more than just some connectivity tool.

It consists of specialized modules that can deal with different aspects of crime. It helps to identify best approach for chipoffs. Analyzing of large quantities of manipulated videos using special features is done before then going in deep with 3rd party tools so that one can see if the sampling has delivered some red herrings.

The tool can automatically find files hidden in many locations of a drive based on the settings of the researcher. Furthermore this does not stop at locating hidden data inside other files. A separate module focuses on identifying types of digital attacks.

In some cases, financial crimes can be done using obfuscated identities. A special feature can analyze data in relation to a variety of codes that can show hidden identities. The accompanying databases assist the system in dealing with workflows that are needed to respond to particular criminal strategies.
Since money laundry is also a side crime accompanying the main crime this requires to blow away the fog that has been deliberately placed in financial transactions to fool researchers. In field of investment related fraud and misrepresentation, the FIA module helps to deal with joint venture fraud and mutual fund investments that can also be in a form of direct investment in a venture.

The Financial Investment Audit Inspection tool can work with a large amount of investment transactions to identify false profitability claims and tax evasion. Nevertheless, these tools still require well trained officers to make the game changer in their area of operation.

This forensic command suite is not a tool designed to spy on the public. It is supposed to help investigators protect the society against criminal activities. Nevertheless, this tool is only exclusively available to authorities and large enterprises that have a specialized team of forensics experts.

ACATO provides forensic laboratory services for courts, lawyers, accused, police forces and companies around the world. It help extract evidence from locked, damaged or deleted smartphones.

ACATO GmbH – International Forensic Services
Chris Bartsch
Heimeranstr. 37
80339 München
0049 89 54041070

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Scaling new heights using cutting-edge logistics

Greiner Bio-One invests in a new high-bay warehouse at its Frickenhausen site

Scaling new heights using cutting-edge logistics

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new high-bay warehouse in Frickenhausen (Source: Michael Latz/Greiner Bio-One)

Frickenhausen, 27 April 2017 – Greiner Bio-One GmbH is constructing a new high-bay warehouse at its home base in Frickenhausen. The new 29-metre-high construction will replace the current high-bay warehouse, which is no longer capable of dealing with the greatly increased warehouse technology and capacity requirements. The building is part of an infrastructure project that also includes plans for developing additional production space. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new high-bay warehouse was held today, Thursday, and it is scheduled for completion in April 2018.

Five times faster – more than twice as much space
Greiner Bio-One specialises in the development, production and sale of high-quality plastic laboratory products. Its 1980s high-bay warehouse was no longer able to keep pace with the dynamic growth the company has undergone in the last few years. It was close to full capacity at times, and stock had to be stored at other sites. The new building will double the number of pallet spaces to more than 12,000. With a volume of 70,000 cubic metres, there is – theoretically – easily space to park 7,000 compact cars in the building.

Warehouse technology has evolved radically in recent decades. The digital revolution is also driving a technological transformation. This alone made a modernisation of the facility inevitable. The new fully-automatic high-bay warehouse will improve material flows and productivity in logistics. It will in future be possible to move five times as much material in and out of storage in the same period of time.

Major infrastructure project launches
However, the company is not only investing in the plant infrastructure to improve material supply and logistics, it is also significantly expanding its production capacity at the same time. In the next two years, for example, the production areas at the Frickenhausen site will be expanded by a third to a total of 5,200 square metres. The addition of 14 more system positions will then bring the total number to 61. The next few years will also see a further 40 employees added to the existing staff of 330. All in all, the company is investing more than eleven million euros in the comprehensive renovation of the Frickenhausen site.

Clear commitment to Germany as an industrial location
„Efficient logistics and production are more than an investment in competitiveness for us,“ CEO Heinz Schmid explained at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new high-bay warehouse. „Systematically expanding the site is also a promise to our customers that we will continue manufacturing high-quality products „Made in Germany“ at this site.“ The whole project therefore represents a clear commitment to Germany as an industrial location on the part of Greiner Bio- One.

Link to the webcam on the high-bay warehouse construction site:

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH
Greiner Bio-One specialises in the development, production and distribution of high-quality plastic laboratory products. The company is a technology partner for hospitals, laboratories, universities, research institutes, and the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Greiner Bio-One is split into three divisions – Preanalytics, BioScience and Sterilisation. In 2015, Greiner Bio-One International GmbH generated a turnover of 427 million euros and had over 1,890 employees, 23 subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners in over 100 countries. Greiner Bio-One is part of Greiner Holding, which is based in Kremsmünster (Austria).

Greiner Bio-One BioScience Division
The BioScience division of Greiner Bio-One ranks among the leading providers of specialised products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures. Drawing on decades of experience with cryogenic sample storage, Greiner Bio-One also offers solutions for automated storage systems in biobanks. In addition, we continue to utilise our expertise in the development and production of microplates for high-throughput screening, thereby allowing extremely fast and efficient drug screening for both industrial and research applications. The entire development, manufacturing and sales operations are controlled from the German headquarters of the BioScience division in Frickenhausen.

Greiner Bio-One GmbH
Simone Schafstein & Sylvia Bauer
Maybachstraße 2
72636 Frickenhausen
0049-7022-948 0

Zeeb Kommunikation GmbH
Anja Pätzold
Hohenheimer Straße 58a
70184 Stuttgart
0711-60 70 719

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SmartTOP additional soft top control by Mods4cars now available for Mini Convertible F57

As of now, the SmartTOP soft top control is available for the new Mini Convertible F57. Mods4cars retrofitting comfort module, enables the convertible top and sunroof to be operated from a distance via the original vehicle key. In addition, the conve

SmartTOP additional soft top control by Mods4cars now available for Mini Convertible F57

SmartTOP additional soft top control for Mini Convertible F57

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 27, 2017

The SmartTOP roof module for the new Mini Cabriolet F57 is now available. The latest development of the company, Mods4cars, provides smart functions for a more comfortable operation of the convertible top. With the SmartTOP module installed, among other functions, it is possible to open the sunroof and convertible top via the interior button with One-Touch. Thanks to the One-Touch function, a short tap on the top button in the interior is sufficient.

With one tap of the console button, the convertible top moves into the sunroof position. With two taps, the convertible top opens completely and the windows move to their pre-programmed position. The cumbersome pressing as well as the impractical operation of first having to open the sunroof, are thereby no longer necessary. You now have the option to decide whether the sunroof or the convertible top should be opened with just a press of a button.

In addition, the SmartTOP module allows the operation of the roof top from a distance via the original vehicle key. Pressing a combination of keys on the remote control automatically opens or closes the convertible top or sunroof. „The SmartTOP customer can open the soft top as they walk toward their vehicle and start their drive top down,“ says PR spokesman Sven Tornow. „This operation is carried out via the original vehicle key, which does not require any modification,“ Sven Tornow continues.

Aside from these main functions, the SmartTOP soft top module offers other additional functions. The windows can also be opened and closed from afar via the vehicles remote control. On vehicles with Keyless Entry, opening and closing the top is possible with a touch to the door handle.

The individual functions of the SmartTOP roof module can be programmed according to the customers personal wishes. Thanks to the sophisticated SmartTOP Cabriolet module, starting or stopping the engine does not interrupt the convertibles top movement. Furthermore, the module can be completely deactivated as required.

Thanks to the plug-in cable set included in delivery, installation can be done quickly and easily. Also, as no cables are cut, a traceless removal is possible at any time. A standard USB port is integrated into the SmartTOP soft top control. This allows the programming of the roof module via the home PC / Mac. Via the USB port, software updates can also be loaded, which are provided by Mods4cars free of charge.

The SmartTOP roof control system are also available for the Mini Convertibles R52 and R57. In addition, Mods4cars SmartTOP offers comfort modules for the following vehicle brands: Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volvo and Volkswagen.

The comfort control for the Mini Convertible F57 is available for 269,00 Euro + tax.

A product video can be viewed here:

For more information:


About Mods4cars:

Mods4cars was founded in 2002 from the idea to add a highly demanded feature to the otherwise almost perfect Porsche Boxster: Comfort One-Touch roof operation while driving at slow speeds. The resulting product offered not only that, but also allowed quick and easy installation by just swapping out a relay box, thus leaving no traces and no permanent changes on the vehicle. The first SmartTOP roof controller was born.

The success of their first products in Germany and Europe prompted them in late 2004 to move operations to the USA, to be able to serve the American market as well as all other English speaking countries such as Australia, UK and South Africa from one central location. Their business has grown to a full-fledged international corporation with an office in Las Vegas and a full line of innovative products as well as distributors and installation partners all over the globe.

Being highly specialized in the development and distribution of aftermarket roof- and comfort controllers since 2002 allows them to offer an unsurpassed level of competence and product quality. Their main goal is optimization of each individual product to a maximum in compatibility, usability and intuitive operation. They put greatest effort into development and quality checks of all their products to achieve this goal and meet all expectations of their customers.

The extraordinary success of their products is also based on the great communication with their customers, which usually already starts for each new product during the development and prototyping phase.

Mods4cars LLC
Sven Tornow
E. Flamingo Rd #3100 1350
89119 Las Vegas (NV) – USA

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A companies flexibility

The global market is constantly changing and requires a high flexibility of companies and the job market. The De Soet Consulting Business Center are aware of that need. Rieta de Soet, CEO of De Soet Consulting, located in Zug, Switzerland, says that Business Center are the best way to keep moving, because standing still automatically leads to a companies death.

De Soet Consulting Business Center offer fully equipped offices that come in different sizes. The client is able to choose how long he would like to work at the Business Center, which size he needs and what kind of service he would like to book. Those are no permanent decisions. The customer can change the contract due to the companies changing needs. Rieta de Soet says, that it is the philosophy of De Soet Consulting to give the customer as much freedom and opportunities as possible.

The De Soet Consulting services include translating, secretary, accounting, IT and many more. Even if a specific service is not offered in the catalogue, Rieta de Soet and her team will try their best to fulfill all the customers needs.

De Soet Consulting ist eine Beratungsgesellschaft mit einem Team von Betriebswirten, Steuerberatern, Marketing- und Unternehmensberatern, die über eine 20-jährige Beratungserfahrung verfügen. De Soet Consulting betreut weltweit in Amerika, Asien und Europa Kunden, die ihren bisherigen Standort verlagern oder eine neue Firma gründen wollen. De Soet Consulting bietet Komplettlösungen für Unternehmen an, die ihren Standort verlegen oder einen neuen Standort gründen wollen.

De Soet Consulting
Rieta Vanessa
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug
0041 41 560 36 00

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Breach of competition law due to lack of labelling on energy consumption

Breach of competition law due to lack of labelling on energy consumption

Breach of competition law due to lack of labelling on energy consumption

Electronic appliances that can be seen on display but lack labelling on energy consumption constitute a violation of competition law. That was the verdict of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), Germany“s Federal Supreme Court (Az.: I ZR 213/15).

Consumers have become accustomed to seeing household electronic appliances such as fridges, washing machines and ovens displaying information on energy consumption. The energy efficiency of an appliance can be critical to the decision whether or not to buy it. Accordingly, merchants are obligated to affix an appropriate label concerning energy consumption to exhibited household electronic appliances. In its ruling of December 15, 2016, the Bundesgerichtshof held that the merchants in question are in breach of competition law if this label is missing.

In the instant case, a merchant had displayed various electronic appliances such as fridges, dish washers, washing machines and ovens in its shop. Because the appliances did not feature the required labelling on energy consumption, the merchant received a formal written warning. The BGH subsequently ruled that the lack of labelling constituted a violation of competition law.

The Court stated that energy-related products need to be labelled with information relating to the appliances“ energy consumption. It went on to say that this labelling requirement applies if the appliances are put on display for customers in such a way that the latter can see them, i.e. either unpacked or wrapped in a clear film. If, on the other hand, the appliances are still in cardboard packaging, the BGH held that the labelling requirement does not apply, as the appliances are not immediately visible to consumers due to the packaging“s lack of transparency. In this situation, it was said that the appliances are not exhibited in the manner necessary for the labelling requirement to apply.

The Karlsruhe judges further noted that the labelling requirement for energy-related appliances is supposed to protect consumers, with the labelling informing them about a device“s energy consumption and thus potentially helping consumers to decide whether or not to purchase it. The judges also pointed out, however, that there is no such obligation in relation to labelling on the packaging, stating that an appliance is considered to be on display if there is no obstruction to it being visibly perceived. This was said not to be the case with respect to products in non-transparent packaging.

Violations of competition law can be met with severe penalties. Formal written warnings, injunction suits and claims for damages are all possible consequences. The law firm GRP Rainer Rechtsanwälte boasts a team of lawyers who are versed in the field of competition law and can enforce or fend off claims arising from violations of competition law.

GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London UK.

GRP Rainer LLP
Michael Rainer
Augustinerstraße 10
50667 Cologne
+49 221-27 22 75-0
+49 221-27 22 75-24

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Discover franchising for Business Centers

Discover franchising for Business Centers

A sunny office at GMC AG Business Center in Zug, Switzerland

Franchising has had a bad reputation in the past when it first started, but it has come a long way and is highly recognized now, considering that a lot of companies became successful because they were part of a big franchise system. When people think about franchising they usually think about restaurants or clothing brands, but there are more possibilities.

GMC AG, for example, offers their franchise system. It is a popular system which is based on a great business concept. Rieta de Soet says, franchising opens up a lot of opportunities.

Business Center offer completeley equipped offices and conference rooms, that can be rented for a few days, weeks or even months and years. Business Center are perfect for franchising, because there is a great demand in renting shortterm-offices, rather than committing to one permanent office.

There are a lot of benefits coming from franchising. Franchising is perfect for people who want to pursuit their dream of having their own company. However franchising can minimize the risk of financial bankruptcy, because the new owner gets to work with a proven system, claims Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG.


GMC AG mit Hauptsitz in Zug/Schweiz, ist mit zahlreichen Business Centern international in Amerika, Australien, Asien und Europa vertreten. In seinen Business Centern stehen Betriebswirte, Steuerberater, Marketing- und Unternehmensberater den Kunden zur Verfügung, die seit über 20 Jahren in den Bereichen Business Center, Firmengründung und Managementberatung tätig sind.

GMC Global Management Consultants AG
Rieta Vanessa
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug
0041 41 560 77 00

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The golden ambassador from South Africa: the Krugerrand captures the hearts of gold fans

Commemorative coins for collectors in the gold bullion“s anniversary year – the South African Mint and precious metal refinery Rand Refinery are the manufacturers and distributors of the Krugerrand, the world“s most famous gold coin since 1967

The golden ambassador from South Africa: the Krugerrand captures the hearts of gold fans

Krugerrand 1oz Gold Jubillee Coin 2017 (Source: South African Mint)

Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 April 2017. The number-one investment classic among precious metal coins, the South African Krugerrand, celebrates its fiftieth birthday on 3 July 2017. The gold used for the Krugerrand comes from Rand Refinery in Germiston, east of Johannesburg. The South African Mint in Midrand, near Pretoria mints this golden ambassador from South Africa; over the past 50 years, the Krugerrand has turned into the most famous and at the same time most traded gold coin in the world.

The Krugerrand“s success story began when US President Richard Nixon announced the cancellation of the dollar“s convertibility into gold in the early 1970s. Gold suddenly became attractive to private investors, as an investment and as protection against inflation. At that time, South Africa produced 75 per cent of the world“s gold and the Krugerrand, which was said to be stable and well-tradeable due to its alloy with copper, launched its triumph as a globally recognised bullion coin.

Worldwide demand for the Krugerrand significantly increased in 2007 in the course of the global financial crisis. In 2016 more than 1 million ounces of bullion Krugerrands were sold, making it the most popular gold coin of 2016.

In the 2017 anniversary year, the South African Mint and Rand Refinery will also be issuing the bullion Krugerrand in coins of a tenth, a quarter, a half and one ounce of gold. In addition, 100,000 coins will be minted in a special one-ounce „anniversary edition“. There will be unique collectible or „numismatic“ Krugerrand coins made of silver and platinum, which will have additional collector value besides their pure investment value.

As a special highlight, limited numbers of collectible or „numismatic“ Krugerrand gold coins will also be minted in version of 50 ounces, 5 ounces, a twentieth of an ounce and a fiftieth of an ounce. These trade at higher premiums than the bullion coins due to their scarcity and finishing.

The state mint and the Rand Refinery, founded in 1920, jointly managed the bullion Krugerrand in a collaborative effort. Rand Refinery supplies the gold blanks, the South African Mint strikes the coins, before returning them to Rand Refinery for final packaging and sale. Rand Refinery is also responsible for the worldwide marketing of the Krugerrand. The collectible or „numismatic“ Krugerrand ranges are exclusively manufactured and managed by the South African Mint.

The Krugerrand has no fixed nominal value – its value depends on the daily fixed gold price. It is nevertheless legal tender of the Republic of South Africa.

For further information, please visit

Rand Refinery and the South African Mint produce the bullion Krugerrand in South Africa. Rand Refinery has refined nearly 50,000 tons of gold, around one third of the gold ever produced worldwide. The Rand Refinery was founded in 1920 by the Chamber of Mines in Germiston, South Africa to process raw gold mined around Johannesburg, marketing it around the world. The firm now processes approximately all gold mined in South Africa and a substantial share of gold mined in the rest of Africa. In addition to the world-famous Krugerrand gold coin, the company sells gold ingots ranging from one gramme to one kilogramme in weight. In Europe, the best-known ingots are the „elephant ingots“, bars of fine gold with an elephant motif on the back. The Rand Refinery has been admitted to the London Bullion Market Association, and is also listed for good delivery on the New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX), the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM) and the Dubai Good Delivery Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), amongst others.

Rand Refinery
Richard Collocott
Refinery Road 1
1400 Germiston
+ 27 (0)11 418 9000
+ 27 (0)11 418 9231

financial relations GmbH
Jörn Gleisner
Louisenstraße 97
61348 Bad Homburg
+49 (0) 6172/ 27159 – 0
+49 (0) 6172/ 27159 – 69

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AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche introduce new monitor series

Fasten your seatbelt for breath-taking design

AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche introduce new monitor series

The AOC PDS241 – super-slim with an asymmetrical stand

Amsterdam, 26 April 2017 – AOC widens the range of its displays with two new special models. Collaborated with the world-famous design house Studio F. A. Porsche, the 24 inch AOC PDS241 and 27 inch AOC PDS271 redefine what one can expect from a monitor. Equipped with a 3-sides frameless AH-IPS panel, an asymmetrical metal stand and an ultra-slim minimalistic premium design, both of these new members in the AOC portfolio are going to be eye-catchers even when turned off. With the first ever modular design on a monitor, the PDS241 and PDS271 combine power and HDMI outputs into one single cable coming from the stand itself, leaving only the display to be admired. Underneath their outstanding appearance, their AH-IPS panels enhanced with AOC SuperColor WCG technology cover broad-colour gamut and provide the widest possible viewing angles.

Innovative, sleek and elegant design

When two legends meet, extraordinary things can happen. The renowned display specialist AOC and the legendary design house Studio F. A. Porsche have collaborated to bring the best looking monitors to the market. The design philosophy behind this monitor is inspired by the philosophy of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. His approach was: „If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.“ In its purest sense, a monitor is just a screen. But in reality, this simplistic view is obscured by bulky stands and multiple cables hanging out from the backside. The new AOC PDS monitor series revolutionises the traditional approach to monitor design. „The expressive shape of the monitor stand emphasises the simple idea of integrating the cables into the stand. The form not only follows the function but celebrates it through its asymmetrical shape in an elegant and sophisticated way.“ – says Henning Rieseler,
Head of Studio F. A. Porsche Berlin.

Both the 24″ PDS241 and the 27″ PDS271 will appeal to any style-conscious user such as business executives, designers and artists. At the front, the well-defined asymmetrical metal stand accentuates the 3-sides-frameless design. Looking from the sides, both these monitors are slimmer than the latest smartphones with a mere 5.2 mm thickness. The Studio F. A. Porsche designed monitors stand out from the crowd with their sleek appearance from the back – both the power and the monitor signal run through the stand and are divided in a separate box. The resulting clean look embodies what a monitor should be all about – the screen.

„We’re very proud of the result of AOC’s collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche. These new futuristic and elegant monitors from the PDS line make a bold statement about AOC’s dedication to delivering innovative products – both technology and design wise“ says AOC’s Director Marketing, Business Management, Stefan Sommer.

Wide colour gamut and wide viewing angles

When turned off, these monitors are real stunners, for sure, but they really shine when turned on. Thanks to their latest AH-IPS panels, both the 24″ PDS241 and the 27″ PDS271 provide 1920×1080 pixels at Full HD resolution with excellent wide viewing angles of 178°. AOC’s SuperColor WCG technology enables these monitors to cover 100% sRGB and 90% of the NTSC colour space.

Easy on the eye

For those who cannot take their eyes off these monitors, both are equipped with AOC’s Low Blue Light technology and Flicker-Free technology. AOC Low Blue Light reduces harmful short wavelength blue light. On the other hand, AOC’s Flicker-Free technology regulates the monitor’s brightness with a DC (Direct Current) backlight system instead of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), thereby relieving eye discomfort and fatigue even during long periods of use. An HDMI connector lets users connect everything from desktop and mobile PC’s to game consoles and set-top boxes and an audio output enables a practical connection for headphones or speakers.

AOC’s PDS241 and PDS271 will be available in June 2017. The MSRP is 189 GBP for the PDS241 model and 259 GBP for the PDS271.

About AOC
AOC is one of the global top brands in the display market. High quality, first-rate service, attractive designs as well as environmentally friendly, ergonomic and innovative products at competitive prices are the reasons why more and more consumers, corporate decision-makers and distribution partners trust in AOC. AOC offers displays which cater to every type of user, be it for professional, home, entertainment or gaming use. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer.

AOC International (Europe) B.V.
Anna Stefańczyk
Prins Bernhardplein, 6th floor 200
1097 JB Amsterdam
+31 205046950

united communications GmbH
Elena Strzelczyk
Rotherstr. 19
10245 Berlin
+49 30 789076 – 0

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NeuLion MC Encoder V2.5 Adds Live HEVC 4K 10-bit Encoding For Linux Servers

Industry-leading MainConcept® video encoders power NeuLion“s production ready OTT and broadcast software solution with live HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 encoding for MPEG-DASH and HLS

NeuLion MC Encoder V2.5 Adds Live HEVC 4K 10-bit Encoding For Linux Servers

PLAINVIEW, NY – April 25, 2017 – NeuLion, Inc. (TSX: NLN), a leading technology product and service provider specializing in the broadcasting, distribution and monetization of live and on-demand digital video content to Internet-enabled devices, today announced that its subsidiary MainConcept GmbH has released the highly-anticipated Linux version of their ready-to-use NeuLion® MC Encoder.
The NeuLion MC Encoder is a production-ready, real-time multi-screen live encoding platform that allows input from SDI and IP, including UDP, RTMP and HTTP for transcoding into adaptive streaming formats. It is able to encode up to 4K60p 10-bit HEVC/H.265 live streams, including HDR-10. Creating Apple HLS, DASH-264 and DASH-265 compliant streams up to 4K60p, with multi-bitrate and multi-resolution quality layers, the NeuLion MC Encoder takes care of packaging as well as playlist generation. For live archiving, the product optionally writes files to disk or Amazon S3 locations.
The new Redundancy Management feature adds several flexible 1+1 and N+M failover modes to provide uninterrupted service and automated channel recovery in case of an outage or hardware failure. Loudness normalization based on CALM-Act and EBU R128 guarantees that encoded content matches today“s broadcast regulations.
„We combined the market-proven NeuLion® OTT Platform with MainConcept“s best quality and high performance HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 Video Encoders, making the NeuLion® MC Encoder an excellent alternative to existing live encoding solutions,“ said Deacon Johnson, SVP Global Sales – Technology Licensing for MainConcept at NeuLion. „With live HEVC/H.265 4K60p encoding up to 10-bit – and now with support for Linux – the NeuLion MC Encoder can be the driving force behind any OTT and broadcast service targeting adaptive streaming content creation. This new release offers an affordable tool that helps establish the HEVC/H.265 format as the leading multi-screen experience in the market.“
The NeuLion MC Encoder 2.5 is available now. Contact us for a free evaluation trial.
About NeuLion
NeuLion, Inc. (TSX: NLN) offers solutions that power the highest quality digital experiences for live and on-demand content in up to 4K on any device. Through its end-to-end technology platform, NeuLion enables digital video management, distribution and monetization for content owners worldwide including the NFL, NBA, World Surf League, Univision Deportes, Euroleague Basketball and others. NeuLion powers the entire video ecosystem for content owners and rights holders, consumer electronic companies, and third party video integrators through its MainConcept business. NeuLion“s robust consumer electronics licensing business enables its customers like Sony, LG, Samsung and other to stream secure, high-quality video seamlessly across their consumer devices. NeuLion is headquartered in Plainview, NY. For more information about NeuLion, visit

# # #

Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements herein are forward-looking statements and represent NeuLion’s current intentions in respect of future activities. Forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of the words „will,“ „expect,“ „seek,“ „anticipate,“ „believe,“ „plan,“ „estimate,“ „expect,“ and „intend“ and statements that an event or result „may,“ „will,“ „can,“ „should,“ „could,“ or „might“ occur or be achieved and other similar expressions. These statements, in addressing future events and conditions, involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this release are based upon what management believes to be reasonable assumptions, NeuLion cannot assure readers that actual results will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this release and NeuLion assumes no obligation to update or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances, except as required by law. Many factors could cause NeuLion’s actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements that may be expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements, including: our ability to derive anticipated benefits from the acquisitions of DivX and Saffron Digital; our ability to realize some or all of the anticipated benefits of our partnerships; general economic and market segment conditions; our customers‘ subscriber levels and financial health; our ability to pursue and consummate acquisitions in a timely manner; our continued relationships with our customers; our ability to negotiate favorable terms for contract renewals; competitor activity; product capability and acceptance rates; technology changes; regulatory changes; foreign exchange risk; interest rate risk; and credit risk. These factors should be considered carefully and readers should not place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements. A more detailed assessment of the risks that could cause actual results to materially differ from current expectations is contained in the „Risk Factors“ section of NeuLion’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015, which is available on www.sec.govand filed on

Press Contact: Chris Wagner | | +1 858 336 8728
Investor Relations Contact: Tim Alavathil | | +1 647 426 1254

MainConcept is a leading provider of video codec technology, ranging in offerings from software development kits, transcoding applications and plugins serving professional video production, multimedia, broadcast, digital signage, medical, and security industries. Our engineering and development teams focus solely on creating encoding and decoding components for video and audio content, enabling us to provide best of breed solutions to our customers. In addition to outstanding products, our attention to detail and devotion to customer support and satisfaction is geared to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Philipp Harmuth
Elisabethstr. 1
52062 Aachen
0241 4010843

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Test Winner: AXTON’s Compact Underseat Bass ATB25P

Enough bass even for those who like it loud – AXTON’s active subwoofer ATB25P wins in the German magazine Car & Hifi comparison test (issue 01/2017)

Test Winner: AXTON

Testwinner: AXTON’s active subwoofer ATB25P

Compact underseat subwoofers are an efficient way of conjuring up more bass as simply and unobtrusively in your car. The latest bass speaker from AXTON, the active subwoofer ATB25P, has been thoroughly checked out by German magazine Car & Hifi in issue 01/2017. With resounding success: In the field of six tested candidates the ATB25P has become test winner in the compact class.
The new AXTON impressed the tech journalists as soon as they saw it: „With the ATB25P we are looking at a very high quality active subwoofer. It is made entirely from cast aluminum, and a glance at the connections and controls on the front shows that nothing has been spared.“
Inside the housing the finely built ATB25P offers top quality components. Its powerful
25 cm woofer is driven by a generous magnet. Technical finesse is exhibited in the two passive cones supporting the radiation of lower frequencies. The result is a much better bass extension down low and more punch compared with conventional underseat subwoofers.
A further highlight is the integrated amplifier: „The power amplifier is pleasing with its discrete layout using proper transistors next to a large power supply transformer“, say the testers. „Accordingly the AXTON pushes out a full 150 watts into the measuring meter!“
On the feature side the ATB25P is also well endowed: low-pass and subsonic filter, bass boost, phase shift, high-level input with auto turn-on function and bass level remote control are included in the feature list of AXTON’s new underseat subwoofer.
Components – top, feature set – rich: But what about the sound? „The AXTON punches out bass beats, always giving the impression it has juice to spare“, according to the summary of the Car & Hifi testers. „Even at high listening volumes it is still clean and accentuated.“
„Enough bass even for those who like it loud“, is the final verdict by the tech journalists, rewarding the ATB25P with the test winner accolade in the compact class.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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