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The company that will change the music business!

The company that will change the music business!

Battl Victory Records has been active in Switzerland since December 2015 and is now represented in Bavaria, Germany from November 2016 onwards. They introduce themselves here so that bands, singers and songwriters will contact you. Not only is the onlineshop, which contains not only downloads and accessories, but also own and band merchandise. These consist of clothing for both adults and young people, as well as for toddlers. Daniel Sejpka’s projects in the music sector are equally multifaceted. He wants to combine the styles of electro and rock, and to place his musicians on the charts in the world and to keep the Majorlabel’s fear. Mr. Sejpka is active not only in the pursuit of a label, but at the same time in a publishing house. On the 28th of October, he proved this by completing his diploma in the rights of the music business with bravura. Components of this training included legal assurance, GEMA calculation, tasks of the music publishers, profit determination and licensing, to name only a small extract. Furthermore, Battl Victory Records is affiliated to the Association of German Music Producers, which is regarded as an excellent seal of quality. The company will not only operate in the European area, but will also focus on the Great Pond. America, Canada as well as Australia are only a few countries which drives the record company. They are constantly on the lookout for unknown, talented musicians, who want to go through the industry both nationally and internationally. Further information is available to the interested reader on the website or in all popular social media portals.

Musikverlag und -Label

Battl Victory Records
Daniel Sejpka
Wieseneck 2
93351 Painten

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ENEMY WITHIN starring Romina Di Lella

An Hollywood action thriller starring the stunning German-Italian actress Romina Di Lella and Eric Roberts

ENEMY WITHIN starring Romina Di Lella

ENEMY WITHIN: an action thriller starring Romina Di Lella and Eric Roberts

„ENEMY WITHIN“ is the second leading role starring Romina Di Lella (known for „Love Hate & Security“) in a full Hollywood production. Eric Roberts (Oscar & Golden Globe nominated) stars as Romina“s boss at a nightclub. Co-stars are William McNamara (known for „Copycat“ „Chases“), Paulo Benedetti (known for“The Bold & The Beautiful“), Damian Chapa (known for „Blood in Blood out“) and as special guest Sven Martinek (known as „Der Clown“).

The movie takes you on a journey with Di Lella“s character Concetta, a nightclub dancer, who finds herself trapped in a rubble of drugs, seduction and hate while she tries to make a new living in Los Angeles. Di Lella“s acting abilities shine through this snuff film as a sado masochistic killer is out to murder her.

This new thrilling movie is directed by Damian Chapa with whom Di Lella worked before in her first Hollywood movie „Love Hate and Security“. „Enemy Within“ was shot on stunning sets in the United States and Mexico.

„Its always an honor to work with Damian Chapa. He is a great director. Acting with Eric Roberts was a wonderful experience for me. He is very humble and very proffessional.
I feel very much rewarded playing with him and i am happy having the opportunity to work with such an great actor. It also was a great experience to work with William, Paulo, Damian, Sven, the whole cast and crew of the movie“, says Di Lella.

Di Lella“s creative passions transcend within several aspects of the film including her role as executive producer. Her talents as a trained musical singer and dancer are also well presented. Di Lella has produced, composed, recorded and sang in the soundtrack for „Enemy Within“. The movie Soundtrack “ Enemy Within “ album cd by Romina Di Lella will be soon available. More information under the presentation download.

The actress“ full devotion to her craft keeps her very busy. The Post production of the movie, finishing her new album and coming up movie projects are taking a lot of time of hers. So what does she do for relaxing?

„It might sound stupid but i like to go to the movies. Two movies per week is a must for me. Then of course my family is my biggest love and occupation. When ever i have time i stay as close to my parents at their home or their Italian restaurant in Berlin. Also wherever i go i have my little Yorkshire Terrier Romeo who brings me such happiness.“

„Enemy Within“ premieres on September 22, 2016 at the Landmark Regent in Westwood.

Romina Di Lella Website (
Movie „EW“ Website (
Movie Facebook Fanpage (

„ENEMY WITHIN“ ist Romina Di Lellas zweite Hauptrolle in einer reinen Hollywood-Produktion nach „Love Hate & Security“. An ihrer Seite spielt Eric Roberts (unter anderem nominiert für die Oscars und Golden Globe) in „ENEMY WITHIN“ Di Lellas Boss in einem Nachtclub. Nebendarsteller sind William McNamara (bekannt aus „Copycat“, „Chases“), Paulo Benedetti („The Bold & The Beautiful“), Damian Chapa („Blood in Blood out“) und als Special-Guest Sven Martinek („Der Clown“). „ENEMY WITHIN“ nimmt den Zuschauer mit auf eine Reise durch das Leben von Di Lellas Charakter Concetta, einer Nachtclub-Tänzerin, die sich in einem Sumpf aus Drogen, Verführungen und Hass wiederfindet, während sie versucht sich in Los Angeles ein neues Leben aufzubauen. Di Lellas schauspielerisches Talent kommt in diesem Action-Thriller besonders gut zur Geltung, da auch noch ein sadomasochistischer Killer versucht sie zu töten.

R&D Company
Romina Di Lella
c/o koemmPR, Postfach 31408
10997 Berlin

Sandrina Kömm-Benson
koemmPR 31408
10997 Berlin

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New exhibition „Wolfsburg Unlimited. A City as World Laboratory“ from April 24, 2016 in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Whether in real life or in art-the most important thing is that changes start with ourselves, on our own doorsteps, in our immediate surroundings. For this reason the first large exhibition to be put on by director Dr. Ralf Beil named „Wolfsburg Unl

New exhibition "Wolfsburg Unlimited. A City as World Laboratory" from April 24, 2016 in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Franz Ackermann, evasion XVII (two pipelines delivering a city-build me up to knock me down), 1998 (Source: Franz Ackermann)

What is a city? What distinguishes it? What can it be? Ralf Beil has not only asked himself these questions but also posed them to a circle of selected international artists in order to explore interpretations and metamorphoses of Wolfsburg. Seven large-scale projects created especially for the exhibition reflect the city in the museum, thus making the „city as world laboratory“ tangible.

For the first time the entire museum will serve as exhibition spaces, from the entrance and foyers to the educational rooms and the Japan Garden. In Julian Rosefeldt“s total installation in the 16-meters high exhibition hall a container terminal encounters a drive-in movie theater in a scale of 1:1. John Bock has built a material field with film inserts on the architect Hans Scharoun and his Theater Wolfsburg. The photo installations by Eva Leitolf and Peter Bialobrzeski are juxtaposed with a room ensemble by Remy Markowitsch. A black and white fresco by Didier Rittener as well as a sound window by Nevin Aladag rounds off together with a carousel by Janet Cardiff und George Bures Miller this expansive and multifaceted exploration of city, work, world and museum.

„Wolfsburg Unlimited“ is concerned with sounding out this very special city“s stories and histories as well as its (im)possibilities. It will explore the distinctive axes of space and time in this corporation headquarter with adjacent housing facilities that was founded in 1938 as the „City of the KdF [Strength through Joy] Car“-from the garden city of the 1940s, the agglomerations and satellite towns of the 1960s and 1970s to the Porschestraße pedestrian zone of the 1970s and 1980s and the event city with Autostadt, outlet stores and phno Science Center since 2000.

Wolfsburg represents the realities of modernism as well as the present in a very special way. The „Capital of Volkswagen,“ headquarters of a global corporation, is an exemplary site of the latter half of the twentieth century and our own twenty-first century, especially as regards the tension between industrialization, mobilization and digitalization, between mass and individual, between local and global action.

The exhibition will be shown from April 24 – September 11, 2016.

The Participating Artists
Franz Ackermann, Nevin Aladag, Christian Andersson, Peter Bialobrzeski, John Bock, Janet Cardiff / George Bures Miller, Christo, Don Eddy, Douglas Gordon, Heinrich Heidersberger, Peter Keetman, Anselm Kiefer, Eva Leitolf, Remy Markowitsch, Marcel Odenbach, Arnold Odermatt, Nam June Paik, Antoine Pesne, Peter Roehr, Didier Rittener, Julian Rosefeldt, Werner Schroeter, Luc Tuymans, James Welling, Charles Wilp.

The Publication
The catalogue „Wolfsburg Unlimited. A City as World Laboratory,“ edited by Ralf Beil and published by Verlag Hatje Cantz, unites essays by Ralf Beil, Marcel Glaser, Manfred Grieger, Stephan Krass, Alexander Klose, Alexander Kraus, Günter Riederer et al. Interviews by Christiane Heuwinkel and Remy Markowitsch in addition to documentations of the artist projects and curated sections expand the horizon even further. And artist texts by Peter Bialobrzeski, John Bock and Eva Leitolf as well as source material by Michel Foucault, Josef Ganz, Sigfried Giedion, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Nordhoff und Peter Sloterdijk make the publication a very different kind of compendium on the city of Wolfsburg. Hardcover, 23 x 28 cm, 352 pages, price in the museum shop: EUR 35.

Our Sponsors
The exhibition is supported by Volkswagen Financial Services AG, the city of Wolfsburg, the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung, the Sparkasse Gifhorn-Wolfsburg and Pro Helvetia.

Press preview on Thursday, April 21, 2016, 11:15 a.m.
Opening on Saturday, April 23, 2016, 7 p.m. with party from 9 p.m.

Das Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg wurde im Jahr 1994 eröffnet und kann bereits heute auf eine einzigartige Geschichte mit einer Vielzahl maßgeblicher Ausstellungen und Veranstaltungen zurückblicken. Es ist in kurzer Zeit gelungen, das Haus regional zu verankern und gleichzeitig international Beachtung zu finden. Das Museum ist der Kunst aus Gegenwart und Moderne gewidmet und es vereint die verschiedensten Medien, angefangen von Malerei, über Skulpturen und Fotografie, Video und neue Medien bis zu Mode und Design. Das imposante, modernistische Gebäude im Zentrum der Stadt gelegen, präsentiert auf 3500 qm Ausstellungsfläche sowohl wechselnde Ausstellungen als auch Werke aus der Sammlung.

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg was opened in 1994 and can already look back at a unique history with numerous authoritative exhibitions and events. Within a brief period of time, it has been possible for the museum to position itself locally and find international recognition at the same time. The museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, combining diverse media ranging from painting, photography and sculpture and the new media to fashion and design. The striking modernist building located in the heart of the city presents temporary exhibitions as well as works from its own collection on 3,500 square meters.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Christiane Heuwinkel
Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg

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The Love Awakens – Fundraising

T-shirt fundraising campaign wants to plant a flag against terror.

The Love Awakens - Fundraising

THE LOVE AWAKENS is a T-shirt fundraising campaign for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 11/13/2015, which were an attack on the very heart of our culture.

Two months have passed since during a concert by the US band „Eagles of Death Metal“ at the Club Bataclan in Paris, 89 people were murdered in cold blood.
A total of 130 people died that night in Paris, as well as countless being injured, and some very seriously.
It was an attack on us all, an attack aimed at the heart of our culture, an attack on our lives, one that showed that this can happen to anyone.

The situation requires our involvement.
Violence isn’t something that we can just sit out and hope will soon be over. We must join together now and make a statement against violence, and for humanity, understanding, and tolerance, in the hopes of growing as a community.
It is our hope to achieve solidarity, and a sense of humanity in the face of the fear and despair the assassination chaos wanted to to sow.
If we can sow love, then the terror has failed. „The Love Awakens“ campaign wants to plant a flag against terror.
Each of us can help and acquire a personal statement about love, freedom, and tolerance, and still serve a good purpose.

All profits are made available to the Parisian victims‘ families, thanks to Joshua Homme’s Sweet-Stuff-Foundation.

With the contributions of friendly designers, some original creations are already in the works with various motifs.

NOW, all creatives are invited to contribute by sending designs to make their own personal statement printable!

The campaign will collect orders bi-weekly, and once finished will produce and ship T-shirts within 10 days.

We believe in Love, Peace, Freedom, and Rock’n’Roll. We abhor terrorism and violence.
It is important to stand together against all kinds of violence, to protect our freedom, values, and ideals.

We are calling all ARTISTS, CULTURAL WORKERS, and MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES, to assist. You are important multipliers. Power your own designs, bring together the right people, and spread the word among all.

Campaign Site (

Youshirt ist ein Kickstarter für T-Shirt Fundraising Kampagnen.

Andreas Golla
Comeniusweg 11
08056 Zwickau
0049 151 58 709 707

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Successful start of the first platform for Luxembourg contemporary art

LAC – Lux Art Contemporary has gone live!

Successful start of the first platform for Luxembourg contemporary art

Gilles Pegel, byzantine generals, 2015, graphite on canvas, aluminium, steel frames, 243 × 101 cm (Source: © Photo: Tim Lecomte)

For the first time Luxembourg contemporary art is presented on a dedicated platform

This week the new innovative platform LAC has been successfully launched showcasing for the first time solely Luxembourg contemporary artists and outstanding positions from the creative industry. The three letters LAC stand for Lux Art Contemporary ( and the aim to give the Luxembourg art and creative scene a broader audience.

Explaining more about his motivation founder Christian Lepsien says: „For me Luxembourg is a fascinating country with open-minded people. Outstanding artists represent the unique identity of the country – unfortunately do they have low visibility. Luxembourg is intensively and successfully working to strengthen its position in the international context of fine art with exciting state owned museums and an international gallery scene. For me the local art and creative scene plays a central role in this development, therefore with LAC we are aiming to provide higher visibility and build networks. “

LAC is an independent, digital platform aiming to gather the most exciting positions within the field of fine art and creative industry. The idea is to provide them with a dedicated and curated platform, accessible for people in Luxembourg and abroad. LAC accompanies the work of artists and representatives of the creative industry such as fashion and interior designers and gives vivid insights into their personality and work environment. In the format of an interactive blog LAC will continuously introduce new exciting positions to be shared with people all around the world. Currently blog portraits of the artists Anne Michaux, Justine Blau, Anina Rubin, Max Mertens, Gilles Pegel and Armand Quetsch are being shown.

„Artists and designers from Luxembourg or with strong connections to Luxembourg can get in touch with us if they are interested to be featured by LAC. The features are free of charge“, explains Christian Lepsien, who, in the near future, is planning to launch further activities with LAC in Luxembourg and abroad.

The platform was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur and art enthusiast Christian Lepsien and his colleague Sandra Capel. Besides other activities Christian Lepsien also founded the Lepsien Art Foundation in 2005 ( He lives and works in Berlin and Luxembourg. Sandra Capel has been an active supporter of the Lepsien Art Foundation since a long time and she is also heading the marketing and communication section of the cross-media publishing house artevie publishing.

LAC collaborates with a network of committed people in Luxembourg and abroad, who support LAC in its mission. LAC is open to artists from all disciplines as painting, sculpture, photography, video or digital art, as well as for all fields of creative and experimental design.

Lux Art Contemporary
Christian Lepsien
Rue de la foret 26
3329 Crauthem
+352-27 862 007

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New York’s Museum of American Finance exhibits special pieces from the Degussa Museum Collection

New York

Degussa Collection (Source: Degussa Goldhandel)

Frankfurt am Main, 19 November 2015 – Gold is much more than just an investment: the exhibition at the Museum of American Finance in New York, which opened today, shows the degree to which the precious metal influences our lives. Germany“s largest precious-metal dealer, Degussa Goldhandel GmbH, has also made part of its „Degussa Collection“ available for the exhibition. The exhibits are from the „Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide“, also known as the „Rothschild Collection“, which represents the world“s largest and most important collection of contemporary gold bars with over a thousand pieces.

The Museum of American Finance, located on New York“s Wall Street, is showing over 100 objects from private and public collections in its exhibition „Worth its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up“. The unique and rare exhibits are supposed to show the visitors the meaning gold has in different areas from science and technology to entertainment and pop culture as well as in the world of finance and the economy.

Degussa will contribute special pieces from the Rothschild Collection, which has been in the company“s possession since spring 2014 and is now part of the „Degussa Collection“. About 40 pieces will be on display in New York from the rich collection of extremely valuable artistic and historical gold bars from 145 producers in 35 countries.

In addition to the items from the Rothschild Collection, the exhibition at the Museum of American Finance will also include pieces from the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Tiffany & Co. archives and the Tellus Science Museum, as well as works by the jewellery-designer Marla Aaron and the distinguished jewellery-artist Sidney Mobell.

The exhibition will be open until 30 December 2016. Learn more about Degussa at ( and the exhibition at (

About Degussa Goldhandel
The name Degussa is synonymous worldwide with quality and reliability in the field of precious metals. The newly founded Degussa Goldhandel GmbH has been active in the precious metals market since 2011. The head office of the company is located in Frankfurt am Main. Currently, Degussa also offers its products and services at branch offices in Stuttgart, Munich (2), Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Hannover and Pforzheim. In addition, Degussa is also represented in Singapore by Degussa Precious Metals Asia Pte Ltd., in Zürich and Geneva by Degussa Goldhandel AG and in Madrid by the Spanish company Degussa Metales Preciosos, S.L. Degussa’s comprehensive portfolio is completed by an online shop available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers prices continuously adjusted to reflect the international precious metals markets, high availability and fast processing. Since August 2014, Degussa has also operated its own precious metals refinery in Pforzheim, which reprocesses („separates“) scrap precious metals and also manufactures upstream products for the jewellery industry.

Products and services:
Apart from its own precious metal bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, with their characteristic sun/moon logo, that enjoy a worldwide reputation, Degussa also offers a wide range of collectors‘ and investment coins. Leading experts in the field of numismatics are available to customers for the assessment, sale and purchase of historical coins ranging from antiques to those from more recent times. Precious metal stocks can be stored at Degussa’s central storage facility for high-value items, and some Degussa branch offices also offer the option of storing valuables in a personal safety deposit box.

Purchase of scrap precious metals:
Jewellery no longer used, silverware, damaged precious metal bars and coins as well as precious metal products used in industry are all purchased at fair prices and then recycled.

Degussa Goldhandel GmbH
Ellen Gschaider
Kettenhofweg 29
60325 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 860068-294
+49 69 860068-222

fr financial relations gmbh
Jörn Gleisner
Louisenstr. 97
61348 Bad Homburg
+49 (0) 6172/27159-0
+49 (0) 6172/27159-69

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Architecture and acoustics combined to perfection

The new cultural center of Lugano opens its doors to the public

Architecture and acoustics combined to perfection

LAC theater and concert hall, view from the stage (Source: © LAC 2015 – Picture: Studio Pagi)

The new cultural center of Lugano, the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, and its new theater hall will be inaugurated with a very diverse and appealing series of events. Thanks to the cooperation of architect Ivano Gianola and the German acoustical consultants of Müller-BBM, architecture and acoustics are combined to perfection.

From September 12 to 27, 2015, the public can enjoy two inaugural weeks of theater, ballet, musical as well as artistic performances in the new theater. The LAC houses both the Museo d“Arte della Svizzera italiana and a new theater and concert hall. As a result of the synergy between the architect Ivano Gianola and the acoustics experts of Müller-BBM, one of the leading acoustical consulting firms worldwide, this new hall perfectly merges form, function and extraordinary acoustics.

The great variety of the inauguration events makes it possible for the audience to directly experience the qualities of the new theater which has been designed meticulously for ensuring a maximum visual as well as auditory enjoyment. The festivities will start with the theatrical performance „La Verità“ by the Compagnia Finzi Pasca, and will end with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, performed by the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana and the Coro della Radiotelevisione Svizzera, directed by Maestro Ashkenazy.

The close collaboration between architect Ivano Gianola and the acoustical consultants of Müller-BBM started as early as in the theater’s schematic design phase in 2002 and led to the harmonious combination of architectural elements and technical measures. The result: excellent acoustics.

„We have created a brilliant, vibrant and enveloping sound,“ says Jürgen Reinhold of Müller-BBM, responsible for the acoustical design. „The basis was formed by various elements which can be found in historical theaters: the structured wall surfaces, inspired by antique decor, help create a soft sound, and the wooden floor structure makes it possible for the audience to feel the music’s vibrations in the entire body.“ Like a musical instrument, the auditorium is entirely clad in pear wood.

The characteristics of a vanguard auditorium which can be converted from a concert hall into a theater hall, completely protected against external noise

With a volume of almost 10,000 m³, the hall seats up to 1,000 and can be converted from a concert hall for large symphonic orchestras into a theater hall for drama, opera and ballet performances – with excellent acoustics for the respective type of event. For classical music concerts, an orchestra shell is mounted on stage, and by means of acoustically effective curtains, the reverberation time can be adjusted to the most diverse requirements. For opera performances, an orchestra pit has been installed which accommodates up to 70 musicians.

Müller-BBM’s acoustical design also included all measures necessary to protect the auditorium against external noise and to ensure an unrestricted simultaneous use of all LAC rooms. For this purpose, a so-called „acoustic joint“ was installed which is a special structural measure for a complete sound insulation. „You could practically lift the auditorium out of the entire building,“ explains acoustical consultant Simone Conta from Müller-BBM who supervised the construction works. „This way, any sound transmissions – both from the theater as well as into the theater – are avoided.“

The LAC building also includes some small halls as space to experiment. They may be used for theater as well as musical productions and for performances with a small audience. Furthermore, the Agorà at the feet of the hill behind the LAC is a wonderful open air venue.

On the Müller-BBM GmbH

For its international activities the engineering company Müller-BBM is represented by more than 400 employees at 13 sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Müller-BBM has taken a leading role in all fields of acoustics, building physics and environmental protection.

The Müller-BBM GmbH is part of the Müller-BBM Group, a congregation of international companies offering not only engineering consultancy but also specialized technical products and software solutions. Parent company of the Müller-BBM Group is the Müller-BBM Holding AG, whose shares are exclusively held by current and former employees of the Müller-BBM Group.

Munich – Berlin – Cologne – Dresden – Frankfurt on the Main – Gelsenkirchen – Hamburg – Karlsruhe- Nuremberg – Stuttgart – Weimar – Bad Ischl (A) – Basel (CH)

Müller-BBM GmbH
Tanja Müller
Robert-Koch-Strasse 11
82152 Planegg/Munich
+49 89 85602-254

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A2A-Projet, HEY YA, his hit goes through all the galaxies

the music: electronic meets guitar. the message, sing this song all over the world and galaxies

A2A-Projet, HEY YA, his hit goes through all the galaxies

A2A-Projet feat K-Kanayo and his Summerhit 2015 HEY YA

A2A-Projet – Hey Ya, out now in Septemeber 2015 worldwide by LA-Groove (Los Angeles-California). LA-GROOVE is a successful record label.
„LA“ stands for Los Angeles and „GROOVE“ refers to a wide variety of music creations and productions ranging from electronic and dance music to hip-hop, rock, and pop music.

The man behind this label is Maxx Scuti, an Italian American music producer. He usually stays in the background, very rarely gives interviews, and prefers not to be mentioned by name at all; yet he can look back on tremendous success around the world and several famous chart hits.

A2A-PROJET is a modern music act consisting of two experienced artists known around the world who call their style of music „electronic meets guitar.“

In the United States and South America, A2A-Projet“s hit „Hey Ya“ triggered absolute hype among both DJs and the public. The song „Hey Ya“ has a message! It offers people what they always want: fun, love, peace, partying, and happiness. A2A-Projet“s „Hey Ya“ has been catapulted through the galaxies and is on its way around the universe traveling at supersonic speed.

Thanks to „Hey Ya,“ A2A-PROJET has meanwhile achieved galactic popularity as well as what many space scientists have always longed for: contact with other forms of life in outer space. They are well known throughout the entire universe, because everywhere people sing and dance to the sound of „Hey Ya.“ A galactic super hit for every club, every party, every planet.

Fachbereich, Musik+Medien, Reisen und Tourismus, TV, Film, Stars und Sternchen.
VIPNAB arbeitet mit einem Netzwerk aus mehreren Journalisten und Presse-Fotografen. Schwerpunktthema ist aufgrund der guten Kontakte dabei die deutschsprachige Musik, TV, Filmbranche mit ihren Stars und Sternchen. Alle unsere Journalisten haben langjährige Erfahrungen in der Branche.

VIPNAB Media Ltd.
Adrian Zeiler
Bordesley House, 59/60 Coventry Road
B10 0R Birmingham
+44 121 288 1104

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Find the right font every time with

Find the right font every time with

Finding free opentype fonts

For quite a few years now, the font search engine ( has been the first place to turn for moderately-priced OpenType and TrueType fonts. Every day, this service scans the Web for newly released fonts that can be legally downloaded and used. Alongside each font, it also lists related classic and professional alternatives. For each commercial offering, visitors are directed to sites offering the best prices, since even font publishers are interested in acquiring new customers through occasional specials and sales.

At this moment, over 50,000 high-quality fonts are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Likewise, searches the Web and rates the most the most popular fonts of the day. This might include not only cursive styles, but also those suited for weddings and invitations, as well as fonts stemming from Disney movies. Barcodes, Bauhaus-style and above all, sans-serif fonts are very much in demand.

Standing behind the search engine is Neuber Software, which has been developing quality font solutions for over 20 years-as well as Germany“s first font manager, Typograf, which dates back to the Windows 3.1 days. Today, Typograf is among the leading font tools for the Windows platform. To provide the service, Neuber cooperates with firms including the major font providers such as Monotype Imaging Inc., Linotype, Bitstream Inc. and FontShop. For more information, visit

Geoff Edwards
PF 110 525
06019 Halle City

Geoff Edwards
PF 110 525
06019 Halle City

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AXX & Blue Ragoue

KEYJING – special LIVE performance

AXX & Blue Ragoue

AXX & Blue Ragoue (
Born in Germany, AXX started playing the organ and piano at an early age.In the 70s he received organ training by the organist Werner Bieder and the orchestra director Alban Nieder.
AXX ( is strongly influenced by musicians such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Pink Floyd, which can be recognized in his compositions.
After a long lead time and his savvy setup in the IT Branch, he started to build up the Label Blue Ragoue which he designed and converted as a modern mobile hybrid studio:
R eal A nalog G rand O rchestra U ser E lectric
point of no return ( mobile Hybrid Music Studio defines the merging between analog and a digital sound engineering with a modular structure.
Through the variable (adjustable) open and mobile Studio concept Blue Ragoue is able to include other instrumentalists for a common music session. A combination of software and hardware instruments, accompanied by groove boxes and drum machines, enable the parallel handling of different components not just as extravagant dance KeyJing.

The Label is specialized in electronic music, such as House or Trance. An integrated Softwaresequencer enables immediate recording while playing live.
Axel Klauser (, as a composer, producer and musician his concept with his House, Techno, Trance and Dance music is essentially the electronic range. He created the first KeyJing setup performing live.
He released his first album „Blue Ragoue: life in loft“ in October 2010 which was completely recorded while live session and its special KeyJing performance act booking (

Discography (
2015 4XRAY763 – Underground Trance Single | Various Artists
2015 Trance for Nation Single | Blue Ragoue
2015 Which Came First opus1 concerto Album | Blue Ragoue
2015 Call my name Album | Blue Ragoue
2015 Live Welcome to the show Single | Blue Ragoue
2014 Nice Here EP | Blue Ragpoue
2014 Star Flow EP | Blue Ragoue
2014 Every kid has a lucky back EP | Blue Ragoue
2012 Blue Ragoue EP | Songhouse
2011 Life in Loft Album | Blue Ragoue
klick for soundcheck (

Blue Ragoue
R eal A nalog G rand O rchestra U ser E lectric
This mobile Hybrid Music Studio defines the merging between analog and a digital sound engineering with a modular structure (construction –
Through the variable (adjustable) open and mobile Studio concept Blue Ragoue is able to include other instrumentalists for a common music session. A combination of software and hardware instruments, accompanied by groove boxes and drum machines, enable the parallel handling of different components not just as extravagant dance KeyJing.

The Label is specialized in electronic music, such as House or Trance. An integrated Softwaresequencer enables immediate recording while playing live.

Blue Ragoue
Axel Klauser
Villastr. 9
70190 Stuttgart
+40 1738977210