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GKN Sinter Metals recognized for Design Excellence with two MPIF awards

GKN Sinter Metals recognized for Design Excellence with two MPIF awards

Award-winning technology: the GKN output pulley and the GKN planetary carrier assembly

GKN Sinter Metals has received two Grand Prize Design Excellence Awards from the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). The awards were in the Automotive Transmission category and the Automotive Chassis category.

The MPIF Design Excellence Awards recognize companies who use the flexibility of Powder Metallurgy (PM) materials to push new designs and concepts into a progressive industry. GKN accepted the awards at the annual PowderMet Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the Automotive Transmission category, GKN Sinter Metals‘ planetary carrier assembly for Ford Motor Company’s 10-speed transmission won the Grand Prize. The sinter-brazed copper-steel assembly is comprised of a cage and a flanged hub, and features a novel twist-lock geometry as a bearing retainer.

GKN’s copper-steel output pulley for Nidec Automotive Motor Americas won the Grand Prize in the Automotive Chassis category. The pulley includes a compacted, net-shape groove for an electric reclining mechanism in a mini-van rear seat application, significantly reducing cost.

MPIF recognized eight products across the industry at the conference for elite awards, and GKN is the only company in 2017 to win two Grand Prize awards. MPIF is an international federation with a mission to advance PM and particulate materials.

„GKN is pleased to receive two awards in 2017 and recognizes MPIF“s role in promoting the PM industry,“ said Alan Taylor, Vice President Lightweight Technology, GKN Sinter Metals. „The two winning parts detail the breadth of design opportunities when using PM and provided our customers exceptional value when compared to other metal working processes.“

About GKN Sinter Metals
GKN Sinter Metals is the world’s largest producer of precision powder metal products. With a focus on superior delivery, quality and total solutions, the company offers extensive technical expertise in design, testing and various process technologies. GKN Sinter Metals offers a full range of complex shapes and high strength products for automotive, industrial and consumer markets worldwide. The company’s global footprint spans more than 13 countries across five continents. GKN Sinter Metals is in close proximity to its customers with more than 30 global locations and approximately 7,000 employees.

About GKN plc
GKN plc is a global engineering group. It has three divisions: GKN Aerospace, GKN Driveline and GKN Powder Metallurgy, which operate in the aerospace and automotive markets. Over 58,000 people work in GKN companies and joint ventures in more than 30 countries. GKN is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: GKN) and recorded sales of 9.4 billion in the year to 31 December 2016.

GKN Sinter Metals Engineering GmbH
Kayla Varicalli
Krebsöge 10
42477 Radevormwald

GKN Sinter Metals Engineering GmbH
Susanne Hütter
Krebsöge 10
42477 Radevormwald


Sparks flying at iaf – New ROBEL machines at work

Sparks flying at iaf - New ROBEL machines at work

iaf 2017

– Virtual ROBELity: the digital work site acts as a magnet for visitors.
– A perfect 10 for the polished face: ROBEL displays hybrid grinding machines
– 360 degree service: ROBEL extends its service portfolio

Digital means that the work site comes to the railway engineer

The rail calls the maintenance company when irregularities occur. What may sound like science fiction
was experienced by visitors to the exhibition in Münster as a prototype in action: The 68.05i IMS
Intelligent Monitoring System monitors the fishplates round the clock and sends a message direct to
the mobile phone of the person responsible for the installation if there are movements of the fishplates
or the speed is exceeded. Patrolling is no longer necessary, corrections are made early and the line
remains open at all times.
A new way of access in the truest sense of the word opened to trade visitors with the MMS Mobile
Maintenance System: „Virtual ROBELity“ makes it possible to visit a work site without the associated
logistic challenges, non-productive time and uncertain weather conditions. Using VR (virtual reality)
glasses, visitors to the iaf were able to follow maintenance tasks on a British MMS, such as replacement
of closure rails, ballast bed rehabilitation and reinstatement of the track geometry.
For ROBEL Managing Director Wolfgang R. Fally, this is the next logical step in strengthening the
company“s customer focus: „All of us have travelled to a work site in the dead of night which then was
postponed at short notice. Using the ROBEL VR glasses, the customer can see the work of interest
under real conditions in the comfort of his office. Currently, there is no site visit that“s more efficient.“

ROBEL is grinding smartly

Who says that precise grinding means heavy work? At the iaf, ROBEL presented grinding machine
prototypes which are only half the weight and can be operated with minimum effort and time due to
their design and new drive solutions.
The 13.49 HSK Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine and the 13.63 HWS Hybrid Switch Grinding
Machine work with brushless electric motors which sit directly on the cup wheel and are driven by a
separate mobile Power Pack. Due to the compact design, the grinding machine itself weighs barely
50 kilograms. Furthermore, this solution eliminates wear parts such as toothed belts, gears and ball
bearings and provides a better view of the grinding spot. A newly developed cooling system passes air
downwards over the grindstone, with any sparks moving towards the ballast bed almost without any
The idea for the KERS drive technology comes from Formula 1 – the ROBEL Supercap stores
the excess energy from the idling grindstone and releases it during grinding for more power.
A smaller mass to be moved, less vibration, a precise grinding surface and one positive side
effect: the constant speed of the Supercap encourages the self-cleaning of the grindstone;
the normally high wear from clogging is noticeably reduced.
The 13.63 HWS is a switch grinding and reprofiling machine with the advantages of hybrid and
KERS technology. Two machines in one means less space and time is required. The changeover
from cup wheel to grinding disc takes less than five minutes. The third component of the ROBEL
grinding task force is the universal 13.45 SKS Rail Head Grinding Machine for rail heads and
switches. The appropriate guide system is fitted direct on site in next to no time; the operator
adjusts the continuously variable spindle feed as required for an optimum grinding result.
The tilt handles are also user-friendly and are available in a right-hand or left-hand version
according to personal preference.

ROBEL Centre of Competence for 360 degree service

In addition to the performance of a new product, a measure of its value is also its service
life and its consistent readiness for use. ROBEL is continuously extending its maintenance
offering with certifications based on the strict European standards to achieve international
service competence so that your investments remain reliably available.
The SNCF approval for the reconditioning and production of wheelsets for French auxiliary
vehicles which was recently obtained supplements existing approvals such as the
Manufacturer-related Product Qualification (HPQ) of DB, the RISAS-RAL UK quality seal
(United Kingdom) and the TransQ qualification for Scandinavia.
The centre of competence for wheelset and bogie reconditioning presented at iaf is the
new heart of the ROBEL 360 degree service concept. ROBEL accompanies its machines
over their whole life from maintenance, repair and re-certification to complete overhaul and
modification as well as training.

ROBEL – Great on Track.
For more than 100 years ROBEL has been producing technologically ambitious rail
engineering solutions. Located in Freilassing, Bavaria the company delivers custom-made
machines, systems and service for the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure
facilities worldwide.
In addition to a broad range of hand-guided machines and equipment the ROBEL portfolio
covers multifunctional track vehicles as well as mobile maintenance and loading systems for
more safety and effectivity on track.
Extensive service features – from maintenance, inspection and retrofit over spare part
management to revisions and re-certification – accompany ROBEL machines for a lifetime.

ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen
Sarah Weinberger
Industriestr. 31
83395 Freilassing


Rehm is one of the best suppliers in Asia

The machine manufacturer is awarded the „EM ASIA Innovation Award“ in the „Supplier of the Year“ category

Rehm is one of the best suppliers in Asia

Award ceremony (Source: EM ASIA)

The readers of the EM Asia magazine have decided to vote for Rehm Thermal Systems as the best supplier in 2017! The award thus confirms the company’s innovative character, its presence as a global player and the outstanding services in the Asian region. Rehm also convinces with the high quality of the products, which are always adapted to the respective needs of the market.

The „EM ASIA Innovation Award“ has been awarded since 2006 and is awarded in various categories of electronics production during the NEPCON in Shanghai. The award recognises reliable services and new equipment and supports the development of innovative products and software in Asian electronics manufacturing.

For Rehm Thermal Systems, the award is a special honour. Especially in Asia, the German machine manufacturing company is continuously expanding its service and contact network, offering customers high-quality systems that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the Asian market. Rehm now has production sites in Germany and China as well as 26 offices in 24 countries worldwide and offers excellent on-site service. Renowned customers from the automotive industry, medical technology, avionics and consumer electronics have been relying on Rehm’s ideas for years and are convinced by the quality of the products.

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallisation of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.

Rehm Thermal Systems
Anna-Katharina Peuker
Leinenstraße 7
89143 Blaubeuren
07344 9606 746
07344 9606 525


EUROMOLD always one step ahead: New venue, next to the International Airport, Munich – Highly international and innovative!

Motto EUROMOLD 2017- creating, and producing faster and more efficiently – From the idea to the final product!

EUROMOLD always one step ahead: New venue, next to the International Airport, Munich - Highly international and innovative!

Euromold Logo (Source: AIRTEC GmbH & Co. KG)

EUROMOLD 2017 takes place from October 24th until 26th, 2017 at the ExpoPark, in a new expanding exhibition venue, nearby the international Airport Munich. Euromold 2917 is this year again held in Bavaria and is organized according to the customer requirements close to the international Airport Munich. EUROMOLD 2017 presents itself as a highly international exhibition. In only 20 minutes after landing at the international Airport Munich, the buyer, developer, product and project manager arrives at the booths of the exhibitors. Fast and time saving. Decision makers have always less time and want to use a trade fair in the best efficient way. A continuous shuttle service and VIP service transports visitors and B2B-meeting participants from the Airport over three days fast, comfortable and time saving to the exhibitors of EUROMOLD 2017. For visitors from Germany the venue is located directly at the motorway exit. Parking facilities are sufficiently provided. Parking is directly in front of the exhibition area. The new venue is in an attractive surrounding with numerous beautiful sightseeing possibilities. An attractive frame program will be offered to the visitor from Germany and abroad.

Rainer Müller, managing director at Genesis-Design GmbH and long years exhibitor of EUROMOLD welcomes the new exhibition venue in Bavaria, near the international Airport Munich and expresses himself positively about the innovative exhibition concept of Euromold 2017: „EUROMOLD is the world fair for the products of tomorrow. Here, the industry 4.0 will be presented with all ist new concepts and possibilities. Especially the new manufacturing processes in additive manufacturing offers enormous potentials and chances! Design and products of the future will more than ever be oriented to the new „cutting edge“. I welcome the decision of the airtec company to organize EUROMOLD in Munich. The nearness to the international Airport and the professional service lead to a relaxed visit, The slogan „shaping tomorrow“ is the best reason to book EUROMOLD 2017!

About Euromold
Euromold is the world’s leading trade fair for mold-making, tooling, design, additive manufacturing and product development. Based on the process chain „from design to prototype to series“, it presents products and services, technologies and innovations, and trends for the markets of the future. The Euromold process chain promotes the formation of networks, partnerships and business relationships. Euromold offers a unique trade fair concept that closes the gap between industrial designers, product developers, fabricators, suppliers and users. The Euromold trade fair reveals methods for faster, more cost-effective and efficient development and manufacturing of new products. This increasingly plays a central role in the modern economy.

Diana Schnabel
P.O. Box 700164
60596 Frankfurt am Main
+49-69-27 40 03 54


High demand for component supplier“s value-added services

Increased demand from customers prompts SOLVARO to expand development services and manufacturing technologies

High demand for component supplier"s value-added services

SOLVARO has seen a sharp increase in demand for development services

Getting suppliers involved in the development of agricultural and construction vehicles early on is becoming increasingly common. The specialist for air grilles and engine bonnets, SOLVARO GmbH, reports that demand for its development services continues to increase. The Kirchheim-based supplier of industrial components is also seeing a huge increase in the number of jobs involving the finishing of parts. The company is responding to these trends with the ongoing expansion of its array of development services and with investments in manufacturing technologies, most recently with the purchase of a Salvagnini B3 press brake.

Customers frequently opt for the full array
When a component supplier is brought on board in a project“s final developmental stage, they are able to produce prototypes according to fixed specifications, but significant modifications are almost out of the question at this point in time. If, however, a supplier is involved in projects earlier, the more efficient use of manufacturing machinery and tools, material optimisations and easier assembly are just a few examples of the added value they can contribute, based on their in-depth expertise. SOLVARO GmbH, which specialises in the development and production of and an array of services related to perforated metal components, is reporting a massive increase in demand for its development services. In 2006, just approximately 6% of the company“s orders for air grilles, bonnets or components for server cabinet doors included development services. Now, this applies to almost 70% of orders, with the developers being involved early on with 90% of the customers. Another trend is the finishing of components at the supplier“s premises. For example, last year 36% of the components produced by SOLVARO were given 2D finishing such as finished edges or lasered assembly holes, 12% underwent 3D finishing such as the lasering of the final external contours of deep-drawn components, and around 13% of the products supplied were even entire assemblies. SOLVARO is responding by expanding its engineering services and investing in new manufacturing technologies.

Greater expertise for added value
People are often unfamiliar with the specifics of perforated sheeting when it comes to deep drawing and coating. The developers in Kirchheim go the extra mile to expand their comprehensive expertise with documented experience and meaningful references or evaluations. For example, they have subjected a wide array of perforated sheeting to testing they conduct themselves at Institut für Oberflächentechnik GmbH. „Based on our findings regarding the coating of perforated metal, we can give our customers sound advice before the first prototype is produced,“ explains Gerhard Bullinger. The SOLVARO managing director considers investments in knowledge and expertise to be just as important as investments in machinery.

Capacity increases for finishing and prototype production
SOLVARO recently also expanded its fleet of machinery to keep pace with demand. An electro-hydraulic Salvagnini B3 with 220 tonnes of pressing force now offers SOLVARO additional capacity for the finishing of perforated metal components, such as an air grille for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro that involves multiple bending for greater air passage and increased stability. The new machine makes this even quicker, as it boasts automatic angle measurement, a bending aid and automatic motor control, resulting in clean edges incredibly quickly. This capacity increase is of benefit not only to the finishing of components – it also significantly expands the company“s internal prototype production possibilities.

SOLVARO – Manufacturer of individual industrial plate components
SOLVARO’s expert team from engineering, development and production listens to its customers. The result of this collaboration, coupled with a wide range of production technologies, is individual and innovative components. These may be used in agricultural and construction machinery, buses and server cabinets, for example.

Katalin Fehér
Turmstraße 3
73230 Kirchheim unter Teck
0049(0)7021 8048-0

SOLVARO Presse Service, c/o Beaufort 8
Nicole Landeck
Kriegsbergstraße 34
70174 Stuttgart
0049 (0)711 25773 20


Robotic Couch RPS automatic ensures improved radiation therapy

Narrower penumbra with new technology

Radiation therapy is meant to treat tissues with cancer by applying ionizing radiation while protecting healthy tissue as far as possible. The balance between an effective radiation dose in the target area and clear differentiation from healthy cells is at the focus. The Robotic-Couch RPS automatic with six degrees of freedom permits positioning of the patient in the virtual isocenter. This is progress for stereotactic radiation, because the penumbra (half-shade) can be reduced this way. On the other hand, the virtual isocenter helps avoid collisions in non-coplanar radiation therapy. gkteso GmbH from Bobingen will present the RPS automatic at the ESTRO 36 in Vienna from May 5th to 9th, 2017.

The virtual isocenter creates new dimensions in radiation therapy. The background for this is the option to either move the patient closer to the gantry with the radiation to match the demand and procedure, or to enlarge distances. Both are important: stereotactic radiation will profit from closer proximity to the gantry, while non-coplanar radiation therapy works with less collision at a larger distance.

Reducing the penumbra – ideal for stereotaxia
The range where the radiation dose drops from 80 to 20 percent at the sides of the field edge is called half-shade or penumbra. The narrower the half-shade, the more sharply and precisely can the radiation volume be limited. Surrounding healthy tissue or organs at risk can be protected better this way. In addition to the size of the radiation source and the properties of the blind system, the penumbra is also influenced by the distance between the collimator opening and the isocenter. A shorter distance between the blind opening and the isocenter reduces divergence, i.e. fanning open of the treatment beam, and thus reduces the half-shade.

„The virtual isocenter also permits much more precise stereotactic radiation therapy,“ says Dr. Klaus Bratengeier, deputy department manager of medical physics at the university hospital of Würzburg. For treatment in the area of the head, the patient’s head is fixated with customized frames and masks for stereotactic radiation, to keep surrounding nerve tracks and brain areas out of the treatment beam. The synchronous movement of the RPS automatic and gantry makes it possible to reduce the distance between the gantry and the patient to a minimum. This improves focus of the radiation field, so that the tumor can be outlined very precisely and clearly by the treatment. The blinds of the multi-leaf collimator are mapped much more finely and precisely in the target area than was previously possible.

The virtual isocenter creates space for the non-coplanar radiation therapy
Before starting radiation therapy, treatment is planned using imaging procedures and the gantry movements are calculated. The spatial situation often limits the movements the gantry can perform. For reasons of safety, collisions with the patient or the patient bed must be avoided. If a virtual isocenter is defined, the distance between the gantry and the patient can be increased to permit additional radiation angles. When the RPS automatic is additionally coupled to imaging procedures, very small position changes of the tumor due to breathing movement in the chest area or peristalsis in the stomach area can be compensated by motion or gantry, in order to further improve treatment quality.

RPS automatic at ESTRO
The RPS automatic will be presented at ESTRO 36 in Vienna from May 5th to 9th, 2017. Interested trade fair visitors can see the options of the RPS automatic on site. The mobility in six degrees of freedom is conducted with movements that are as precise as they are gentle. The very stiff lying surface prevents quality loss even at strong loads. RPS automatic can be coupled with any common linear accelerator and system.

More information under:

ESTRO Wien 5. bis 9. Mai 2017
Stand 2.200

Bereits seit 1990 entwickelt und baut das Bobinger Unternehmen gKteso Anlagen zur Fertigungsoptimierung für kleine und mittlere Serien.
Insgesamt vier Anlagentypen präsentiert gKteso am Markt: Laserschneidanlagen für komplexe Umrisse, Wasserstrahlschneidanlagen für präzise und schnelle Bearbeitungsprozesse sowie Maschinen zum Entgraten und Schleifen. Innovative Technologien und Anlagen von gKteso sind ein Garant für eine effiziente Serienproduktion bei der Nachbearbeitung von Werkstücken und bei Schneidprozessen.

gKteso GmbH
Guido Kübler
Hans-Böckler-Straße 3
86399 Bobingen
+49 8234 966 38 41

Saupe Public Relations
Michael Saupe
Industriestr. 36-38
88441 Biberach
0 73 51 – 18 97-0


Portable measurement system expands opportunities

Tube bending: transfluid solution ensures increased precision and flexibility during on-site use

Portable measurement system expands opportunities

The portable t control measurement system from transfluid is ready to start in just 5 minutes. (Source: transfluid)

The path to exact measurement data for component production, reverse engineering, or component inspection is especially indispensable for creating valuable results during tube bending. For this reason, the experts have developed t control together with a partner – a wireless system for measuring tubes and connection elements like flanges. Plus, it doesn“t need arms, joints, or laser beams, and measures via an exactly defined light pattern, which is observed by one or more cameras. These determine the position and orientation of the light pattern in space. This enables the desired raw data to be recorded. Corresponding interfaces make exchanging data with CAD and transfluid„s bending program t project and direct integration of the tube bending machine in the process possible.

The overall system therefore increases flexibility for more bending freedom. t control is portable, ensures a high level of precision in the measuring space (directly at the object), and it is suitable for use at the construction site. Industries like machine and plant construction, hydraulics, and ship building benefit from this in particular.

Ready to use in 5 minutes
„During cooperative development, the strong performance of the overall system was important to us: Measuring, digital documentation, data processing, and execution of bending. However, easy operation and the fact that t control would be ready for measuring quickly are also important practical factors, of course,“ explains Stefanie Flaeper, General Manager of transfluid. Calibration is not necessary. t control is ready to start within 5 minutes with up to 20 metres of measurement power. Depending on the requirements, this is implemented via tactile measurement with standard measurement sensors or tube measuring callipers.

Record material correction values, connection pieces, and projecting edges
In addition to control measurements for components, material correction values for transfluid t bend tube bending machines can also be recorded. In the area of reverse engineering, very simple existing geometries can be measured in order to reproduce them precisely. Additional options include measuring in connection pieces of a pipeline directly at the object, recording projecting edges, and digital creation of the desired tube shape via air points for further optimised processing.

Creating components with „air points“
Data for component production is recorded by drawing a fictional tube shape using „air points“ between the connection pieces. This enables simple and exactly matching tube construction directly at the installation location. Connections like flanges and screw connections can be recorded and processed digitally. This also includes detecting and bypassing possible projecting edges. The data exchange with CAD and the connection with the transfluid bending program enables the geometry to be optimised including the bending collision test.

Effective reverse engineering
Connection pieces and pipe geometries can be recorded for reverse engineering. With its compact dimensions and wireless portable application options, t control is perfectly suited to tight construction spaces, e.g. machine rooms. Thanks to its large field of measurement, the system is also ideal for measurement tasks in the areas of power plant construction and construction machines.

Component inspection for improved quality
Over-bending values for the bending machine can be recorded within the scope of the component inspection. Evaluations that make CPK detection and measurement series are also possible. Plus, the system provides measurement logs and the comparison of measurement results with the CAD master component. The data exchange with CAD and the bending software also takes place here.
In summary, the new measurement system, the t project software, and the tube bending machines from transfluid offer a complete solution for secure tube production processes for automotive and machine construction, aircraft and aerospace, foundry technology, milling, wind energy, power plant construction, and ship and pipeline construction.


transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH – the solution for tubes

transfluid is sought after worldwide as a partner for manufacturing tube bending machines and tube processing machines. Since 1988 transfluid has been further developing its technologies for tube machining, so that it can provide customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions – for plant and machine construction, the automotive and energy industries,
shipbuilding and medical device manufacturing.

transfluid’s product portfolio offers perfect solutions in five different machine categories, that meet all the requirements in tube processing. t bend stands for a wide range of tube bending machines, which fulfil the highest demands in terms of industrial applications. The tube forming machines in the t form range offer the perfect tube shaping solutions. Tube forming is important as an individual or supplementary process, in order to obtain optimally tailored tubes. Automation systems are offered as fully developed concepts for bending and forming technology, under t motion. t cut covers the field of tube cutting machines. Here, transfluid is able to provide a range of different systems, for example for chipless orbital cutting and special knive separation processes. The category t clean encompasses tube cleaning machines. These ensure the cleanliness of workpieces and tubes. Additionally, with the new tu go range, transfluid offers a standardised portfolio of machinery, which is available from stock for immediate delivery. transfluid offers the powerful software t project for rapid and reliable tube processing. It can be used as an effective online solution for bending machines and the majority of CAD systems.

transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH
Stefanie Flaeper
Hünegräben 20-22
57392 Schmallenberg
+49 2972 97 15 – 0
+49 2972 97 15 – 11

Stefan Köhler
Schlachthausstraße 10
57072 Siegen
+49 (0) 271 7700160


Rehm to present new solutions for the photovoltaic industry at Intersolar in Munich

Visit us from 31 May to 2 June 2017 in Hall A2, Stand 330

Rehm to present new solutions for the photovoltaic industry at Intersolar in Munich

Solar equipment by Rehm, (from left) RDS Solar Dryers and Speedfire Firing System

Intersolar Europe in Munich is the world“s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. The exhibition focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, energy storage systems, renewable heating technologies, as well as products and solutions for smart renewable energy. From 31 May to 2 June 2017, Rehm Thermal Systems will present an information stand in Hall A2, Stand 330. Our exhibition team looks forward to your visit!

In solar cell manufacturing, Rehm is offering its new Speedfire Firing System and RDS Solar Dryers for the typical metallisation of monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells. The flexible, modular system design allows a wide range of production layouts, while the low energy consumption and high throughput makes the equipment very versatile.

Speedfire – firing equipment for top-quality solar cells
The high quality of the Rehm Speedfire Firing System is particularly impressive. The system is capable of producing high-efficiency solar cells with minimum breakage rates, especially at high throughput rates of up to 5,300 wafers/hour. Many energy-saving improvements and a multitude of software tools help to optimise the production process. The system is equipped with adjustable, powerful IR radiators, which metallise the solar cells to ensure upmost process stability. Thanks to the new two-chamber system in the firing zone, temperature variations due to unequal loading of the two lanes are now a thing of the past. The system is available as a pure Speedfire Firing System or with integrated dryer.

LID tool – improving efficiency and quality
Monocrystalline solar cells that are manufactured using the Czochralski process, suffer considerable efficiency losses during the first hours of exposure to the sun. Since solar cells and modules are sold according to their performance, eliminating what“s known as light-induced-degradation (LID) holds tremendous economic potential. Rehm has develped and modified a process that prevents the LID effect. The regeneration of the solar cell is carried out with a laser tool at significantly higher temperatures than before and by using hydrogenated silicon nitride. The efficiency and quality of the solar cell is therefore significantly improved. This process ideally follows the firing step.

RDS Solar Dryers: Maximum performance for optimal processes
The production of solar cells requires a drying system that is perfectly adapted to the diverse combinations of wafers and pastes. Rehm“s RDS Solar Dryer dries a paste applied via screen printing onto silicon solar cells at temperatures of up to 300 °C, or in the RDS HTX version at temperatures of up to 450 °C. The system consists of a combination of multiple infrared and convection zones. As a result, the temperature profile can be flexible, but still set with pinpoint accuracy. The solar cell is then cooled down gently so that it can be processed immediately. The optional VOC Thermal Oxidizer for purifying the exhaust air is also available.

99.0 % less VOC – the Thermal Oxidizer makes it possible!
Rehm“s VOC Thermal Oxidizer offers one of the most effective residue management systems on the market. The organic compounds released from the pastes during the heating process (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs) are cracked and almost entirely converted into carbon dioxide and water. All available systems operate with a maximum separation of 99.9 % and thus comply with the legal standards of TA-Luft/Germany. Oxidizer systems with heat recovery, such as the available CFR (Counter Flow Reactor), are also particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallisation of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.

Rehm Thermal Systems
Anna-Katharina Peuker
Leinenstraße 7
89143 Blaubeuren
07344 9606 746
07344 9606 525


Kids train like professionals thanks to our sponsorship

Rehm Thermal Systems supports the fifth Kids‘ Kickabout at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren

Kids train like professionals thanks to our sponsorship

(Source: IStock)

Obesity, concentration issues and an inability to perform simple coordination tasks are increasingly affecting our children. A lack of exercise can contribute to these problems. This is why Rehm Thermal Systems is involved in a variety of social projects aimed at getting children and young people more excited about sport and exercise. The end of April saw another Kids‘ Kickabout football day at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren, already in its fifth year, in cooperation with Rehm, the Stuttgart football academy „GOAL“ and the company FutureSport – and it was a great success!

„Social involvement is a part of our company culture and helping children and young people is something that’s close to our hearts. That’s why we have been supporting FutureSport’s regional projects with financial and material donations for several years now. This way we can really get things moving for young people, in the truest sense of the word,“ says Johannes Rehm, Managing Director of Rehm Thermal Systems.

Kids‘ Kickabouts take place across the country. For pupils at the Blautopf School in Blaubeuren, the event has virtually become a tradition already. On 26 April 2017, 47 third-grade pupils spent an entire day improving their football skills with professional coaches and strengthening their team spirit. Instead of Maths and German classes, warm-ups, coordination and football training techniques were on the timetable.

As a special highlight of this year’s event, a famous face made an appearance. „The brilliant support from our sponsors helped us book the former professional footballer and coach Andre Trulsen – who counts VFB Stuttgart, FC St. Pauli and 1. FC Köln among his former clubs – for the Kids‘ Kickabout. His professional experience brought something extra special to the event and this day was once again a brilliant experience for the children at the Blautopf School,“ says Thomas Hilsenbeck, head teacher at Blaubeuren’s Blautopf School.

Ralph Pfender, a project manager at FutureSport, is also enthusiastic about the sponsors“ involvement. „Due to a lack of funds, the school usually only has the financial resources left to buy the essentials. Sponsoring allows us to give the children and young people the best opportunities to develop physically and mentally. We are immensely grateful to the sponsors for their support – these events couldn’t happen without them!“

More information can be found at and

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallisation of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.

Rehm Thermal Systems
Anna-Katharina Peuker
Leinenstraße 7
89143 Blaubeuren
07344 9606 746
07344 9606 525


Stiebel: Powerful driving force in the field of crushing

New Stiebel pump drive advances mobile hydraulics

Stiebel: Powerful driving force in the field of crushing

Specially developed for mobile crushers: the Stiebel type 4395 pump drive. (Source: Stiebel Drive Technology)

Under tough conditions, such as those encountered in mining and open cast mining operations, high-performance machine and transmission solutions are needed that are both ecologically sustainable and cost efficient at the same time. Hybrid or fully electric drive concepts are in increasing demand for such applications, because they offer reduced emissions coupled with excellent energy efficiency. To meet these challenges the experts at Stiebel Drive Technology employ high performance and individually adapted transmission solutions to realize a wide range of mobile hydraulic applications.

Mobile diesel-electric crushers made more efficient
With the pump drive type 4395, the experts have now created a drive solution for mobile diesel-electric hybrid crushers. The transmission is part of the modular motor/transmission unit and makes an essential contribution to energy efficiency and the optimization of fuel consumption, thereby making operations particularly environmentally friendly. The Stiebel pump drive, specially developed for the field of crushing, has an input power of 940 HP (700 kW), a max. output power per pump shaft of 480 HP (360 kW), and ratios of between 1.0 and 0.67. An offset intermediate shaft offers a very large spacing between the power take-off shafts with an inline design. This allows large motor components up to SAE-0 to be attached in direct and through-drive mode, while simultaneously driving hydraulic units up to SAE-E on both sides of the output driveshafts.

Powerful operation with reduced emissions
The special benefit offered by this solution lies in the different drive modi, which can be selected in accordance with the specific requirements. In mode 1 the diesel engine and transmission operate to deliver an extra high level of power, necessary when crushing hard stone for instance. In this mode, power is delivered to the auxiliary equipment and a generator, which charges the energy storage unit. In the second drive mode the diesel engine is decoupled from the transmission and the drive is provided by the electric motor on the through-drive side. The electric motor is now powered by the energy storage unit. In comparison with the use of the diesel engine, the electric drive is particularly environmentally friendly because no exhaust gases are emitted. It furthermore offers greater efficiency and produces less waste heat, which has a positive effect on the cooling situation of the overall system.

A further drive mode can also be realized if a hydraulic drive motor is fitted to the power take offs. In addition to the diesel-electric hybrid solutions, the pump drive with drive-side clutch offers many more drive options. These have already been successfully proven many hundreds of times during practical operations across a range of different industries.

„Smart“ electric drive for a range of different mobile hydraulic applications
The transmission experts at Stiebel also provide transmissions that are designed for the appropriate hydraulic power requirements and to which an electric motor can be directly fitted without a clutch being necessary in-between. These economically efficient solutions are in particular demand for all tunnel construction, deep-shaft mining and offshore applications, because they generate no emissions. The weight saving is a further benefit which significantly simplifies integration into engine compartments as they become more compact with advances in design. Stiebel is continuously working to develop new solutions which further advance the technology of hybrid to fully electric drive concepts.


Since its founding in 1946 the focus of Stiebel-Getriebebau has been on the developing and manufacturing of gearboxes. Today the company known as the driving force is a widely respected partner for gearbox solutions in conveyor technology and mobile hydraulics. As a specialist for customised gearbox designs, Stiebel offers specific answers to complex challenges in numerous businesses. As a well-known brand worldwide for gearbox solutions the company from Waldbröl (70 km east of Cologne) is always close to its customers – with various branches and subsidiaries.

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