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UNO 24 – a watch that is logical through and through

An entire day at a glance

UNO 24 - a watch that is logical through and through

UNO 24 PLUS black-blue

(Königstein im Taunus, 02.06.2017) While modern life becomes increasingly complex every day, the designer Klaus Botta strips his watches down to the bare essentials – the UNO 24 being one good example. It presents the entire day at a glance, using just one hand in conjunction with a 24-hour scale. Botta one-hand watches take a little getting used to, but anyone who chooses the UNO 24 will be the proud owner of an impressively logical and consistent timepiece.

Logical and philosophical graphic watches

In his unusual one-hand watches, Botta takes an entirely different approach to the concept of time as compared with conventional watches featuring two hands. A one-hand watch works like an analogue measuring instrument that uses a single hand to precisely indicate a reading on an accurate scale. This allows the wearer to tell the time to within roughly five minutes – which in our experience is completely sufficient in most situations.

„Our one-hand watches not only display the time; they are also an expression of the wearer“s personality. We designed them for people who cultivate a more relaxed approach to time and have a penchant for design,“ says Klaus Botta, the developer of the one-hand watch and the owner of Botta-Design.

24-hour one-hand principle corresponds to the natural course of the day

Although the UNO 24 looks unconventional, its 24-hour display is entirely logical and unambiguous. The position of the hour hand corresponds to the position of the sun. Every 24 hours, the hand completes one full rotation on the specially developed scale. Each time of day has its own exact position; the upper half of the dial corresponds to the twelve hours of the day, while the lower half corresponds to the night-time hours. A line runs through the date, marking the point of transition to the next day.

What may appear unfamiliar at first is in fact logical and can be grasped intuitively. Watches with more than one hand require a certain ability to abstract, whereas the UNO-24 from Botta presents an exact graphic representation of the day, making the wearer more conscious of the passing of time. In this sense the one-hand principle makes it easier to display and tell the time.

Hand-crafted Botta watches from Germany – timeless quality

Botta-Design is one of the few watch manufacturers to undertake the entire design, development and manufacturing process in Germany, using only first-class components.

The glass that covers the UNO 24 and the other Botta watches is made of synthetic sapphire. „Sapphire glass is actually a colourless and transparent ceramic, as hard as a ruby and thus the ideal material for watch glass.“ In addition, the sapphire glass used in all Botta watches has an anti-reflective coating on both sides. This improves transparency and additionally lends it a refined blueish shimmer. The Swiss precision movements are manufactured by Ronda and ETA; the vegetable-tanned leather wristbands are likewise made in Germany.

„Anyone who is willing to embrace the UNO 24 concept will attain an entirely new perception of time in future. And will definitely be a talking point, as a one-hand watch is always noticed.“ The UNO 24 has just been awarded Focus Gold in the international „Focus Open“ design competition in recognition of its convincing logic and perfect technical and design realization.

Further information about the UNO 24 can be found at

BOTTA-Design. A Pioneer in Single-Hand Watch Design

Klaus Botta’s design philosophy has had a considerable influence in the watchmaking industry. Introduced in 1986, his UNO watch was actually the very first single-hand watch worldwide. Chronographs by BOTTA-Design have long since become classics and are on display in the world’s most renowned museums. More than 50 international awards are proof to the exceptional level of expertise in design. The entire collection including more mechanical and quartz-controlled wristwatches has been developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. All watches are produced in specialized factories in Germany to ensure highest quality and longevity.
Designed in Germany, handmade in Germany

Klaus Botta
Klosterstr. 15A 15A
61462 Königstein im Taunus
+49 6174 961188

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Italian heritage label Sutor Mantellassi cooperates with Scott Schuman, founder of blog „The Sartorialist“. Their sneakers represent a contemporary look and finest craftsmanship and are exclusively available now at BRAUN Hamburg.

Since 1912, Sutor Mantellassi has been manufacturing the finest handmade footwear of the most exquisite quality. The Italian shoe manufacturer distinguishes itself with more than 100 years of experience and their very own, unique expertise. Now, the venerable house cooperates with Scott Schuman, ‚The Sartorialist‘. Their sneakers unite finest calfskin with a contrasting suede strip and thus represent a contemporary look and the finest craftsmanship.

„I wanted to make an updated and modern sneaker that looked very clean and chic but that also had interesting colour combinations. For me, I“m always looking for interesting colour combinations when I photograph, so I wanted to bring that same interest into designing this collaboration, “ Scott Schuman says about his collection.

Scott Schuman founded his blog ‚The Sartorialist‘ in 2005.When he left his sales job in the fashion industry to take care of his newborn daughter, he started to photograph people whose style struck him as exceptional in the streets of New York. He was one of the first to collect such pictures on a fashion blog and has since been regarded as a pioneer in his field.

See the collection:

About BRAUN Hamburg

BRAUN Hamburg offers a highly exclusive selection of international luxury brands, such as Bottega Veneta, Brioni, Brunello Cucinelli, Caruso and Dries van Noten as well as Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Moncler, Santoni, Valentino, Tom Ford and many more.

Our heritage fashion house with two shops in Hamburg has always stayed true to our belief that comprehensive service lies at the core of our business. To achieve this, our trained staff“s professional and people skills are crucial.
Not only do we offer individual and personal advice, we also provide our own alterations studio as well as laundry and shoe repair services, all of which provide an associated delivery service, and thus take great care of our discerning customers.

BRAUN Hamburg stands for a very diverse range of offerings that is almost unrivalled in Germany. The store at provides customers with an individual and exceptional online shopping experience.

BRAUN Hamburg
Jamina Behrens
Mönckebergstr. 17
20095 Hamburg

BRAUN Hamburg
Jamina Behrens
Mönckebergstr. 17
20095 Hamburg

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where to buy a 3carat morganite engagement ring?

Summary: From annual sales, morganite engagement rings under $500 is the best-selling line.

where to buy a 3carat morganite engagement ring?

3carat morganite engagement ring

Morganite is one kind of the beryl,as it has light pink color and also be called as „pink beryl“. Just for this „PINK“color,morganite is very popular with a lot of ladies, „pink“ kind of girls in particular. In addition to the color,Morganite is the symbol of sweet love,it is said it can help inspire and promote a relationship. Therefore,making an engagement ring with morganite is an extra-perfect choice. Welcome to BBBGEM,where specialize in offering different kinds of morganite engagement ring,bridal set, wedding band for you with pleasure.

From annual sales,morganite engagement rings account for a large proportion, and the price under $500 is the best-selling line. This price range includes 5mm,6mm,6.5mm,7mm round / cushion cut,6x8mm pear/oval cut,5x7mm,6x8mm emerald cut,6.5mm princess cut,6mm heart shaped cut,9x9mm trillion cut Natural Pink/Peach Morganite Engagement Rings with art deco band /plain band/diamond eternity band/other gems side stone accent band,with classic halo or no halo,ball prongs set,pave set,claws set,Retro Vintage Floral design,or solitaire style,in 14k rose/white/yellow gold etc.


Undoubtedly 3 carat morganite ring with price under $1000 are in high demand. To compare with other natural gemstone in a same size,such as blue sapphire,ruby, emerald,why the price of morganite is much lower ? The reasons are as follows.

Firstly,the value of morganite is determined by the color and the size of the stone. The most desirable colors for morganite gemstones are consistent medium pink tones and therefore the most highly valued. As we know,bigger stone,darker color. Those dimensions of morganite listed above are small,and just show light pink or peach color.

Secondly, the clarity of the stone also effect its value. Generally,we offer VS clarity morganite,that is eye clean gemstone which is very common in the market. Flawless morganite is very rare, the value is absolutely higher.

Above all,the cost consideration appear as the main factor to increase the sales.Compared to other jewelry shops,our price is more competitive as we have global mining supplied straightforward,and all items are handmade by ourselves.

In a word, the morganite ring BBBGEM offers are high quality with reasonable price . If you have a great interest,please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are a jewelry company specializing in custom jewelry,engagement rings,wedding rings,morganite ring,moissanite ring,aquamarine ring,diamond wedding band and other jewelries for more than 15 years.At present there are 3 studios in our team: One in New Jersey,Unite States,One in Sydney,Australia and one in GuangZhou,China.Our customer offices are in United States and Australia.Germany Customer Office will be open soon.

Every jewelry in BBBGEM is handmade by ourselves.Our goal is three B: Best Quality,Best Design,Best Price.

Our team includes Jewelry designers from all over the world,CAD draftsmen,Jewelry makers,Photographers,Shipper,Custom Representives.
We provide consumers with unique jewelry at affordable prices. We are proud of ourselves on our items being so elegant and simple enough to wear everyday. We choose only the best conflict free diamonds and gemstones in order to provide our customers the top quality items. We whole believe that everyone should have the option to purchase a high fashion jewelry piece.

We offer any kinds of Custom jewelry,including engagement rings,wedding rings,pendant,necklace,earrings…etc.The gemstone can be Morganite,Moissanite, Aquamarine, Emerald,Sapphire,Amethyst,Topaz,Tourmaline,Garnet, Ruby,Tanzanite,Tsavorite,Peridot,Alexandrite…

Contact us if you need the custom handmade service!

518 old post rd nj
08817 NJ

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Rumors of Colored Gemstones jewelry

Rumors of Colored Gemstones jewelry

The colored gemstones includes Morganite,Aquamarine,Sapphire,Ruby,Emerald,Jade etc. There are some sentences are taken by the jewelry lovers as „golden rule.“ However, those who listen to these words are often cheated. Today BBBGEM will give you some true advice.

Rumor one: Colored gemstones all diamonds, not afraid of being bumps.

Many people think that precious stones are very hard, not afraid of bumps.However,even diamonds,the hardness of 10 gems, will be broken! In addition, the opinion that with a toothbrush stained with toothpaste to brush jewelry can be clean is wrong.The toothpaste contained in high hardness grinding of particulate matter, in the process of brushing jewelry, those will hurt the surface of precious stones. Don“t clean your aquamarine rose gold engagement rings or other gemstone jewelry by toothpaste!

Rumor two, the best time to buy a jewelry is when it is on sale.

Do not be greedy on cheap. If you are a collector of precious gemstones or a jade quality jewelry lovers, when met with 90% off, 80%, „jump property prices“ and other gimmicks jewelry selling shops,quickly go. Those shops are either business to play the digital game, or sell the „baby“ are poor texture.

Rumor three, you can get the cheapest colored gemstones jewelry in the origin place of jewelry.

„Foreign moon is always the most round.“ Holding this kind of psychological, a lot of buyers like to buy gemstone jewelry as a foreign tourist, it is a big mistake! Regardless of the true or false jewelry, The Shop will ask you buy as many as you can but you don“t even know if the jewelry is real!

Do you know? Whether you are going to Xinjiang to buy Hetian jade, or go to Brazil to buy colored gemstones, or to Thailand to Buy Emerald, Russia to buy unique morganite engagement rings,Burma, India, Sri Lanka … … these popular countries who are selling foreign jewelry, it is not only necessarily cheap, but will be much higher. It is also in all likelihood that selling fake gems or bad gems. Don“t purchase the jewelry if you are not an expert!

There are other Rumors on buying colored gemstone jewelry. BBBGEM will give you opinions later.Or you can visit our store to get more information.

Every jewelry in BBBGEM is handmade by ourselves.Our teams include Jewelry designers from all over the world,CAD draftsmen,Jewelry makers,Photographers,Shipper,Custom Representives.
Our goal is to provide consumers with unique jewelry at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our items being elegant and simple enough to wear everyday. We choose only the best diamonds and gemstones in order to provide our customers with top quality items. We whole heartedly believe that everyone should have the option to purchase a high fashion jewelry piece.

bbbgem chan
518 old post rd Edison
08817 NJ

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C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

C-CLOCK Luxury wall clock made of concrete

Conrete. Timeless. Universal. In demand. For more than 100 years concrete has not just been in use for buildings but for pieces of art, accessories, furniture and much more. Also clocks exist in numerous forms and colours – usually massive, rough and with contrasting clock faces and hands.

A concrete clock of the special kind is being created by the C-CLOCK-manufactory in affectionate handcraft. The result is a top class clock searching for its match in sophistication. C stands for the function, the material and the social commitment. C stands for carbon, concrete and charity. C stands for both clock and manufactory.

In collaboration with designers, architects, clock makers and material researchers the clock is created in today’s typical form and material combination. Beside pure concrete, high quality carbon and natural diamonds are being used. An only 8mm thin sheet of concrete forms the clock face only refined by the square stampings at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock as well as the distinctive C-logo. Every single C is fabricated with a minute and an hour hand only, true to the adage less is more. Owing to the consciously recessed clockwork the clock seems to float in front of the wall marking its striking sophistication and lightness. After the affective completion and verification down to the last detail a C-CLOCK leaves the manufactory in a high quality packaging.

The basic material as well as the contributors involved in the process of its creation have been awarded among others with the GreenTec Award, the German Sustainability Award as well as the German Future Prize – the award of the German Federal President.


Frank Schladitz
Brandiser Straße 17
04824 Beucha

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„CRY“-Top Innovation of the Year

Prestigious Award for Gunold“s Innovative Thread CRY

"CRY"-Top Innovation of the Year

Gunold’s Innovative Thread CRY – the ideal thread for sparkling and glittering effects! (Source: Gunold)

According to the high-level jury of the ISPO TEXTRENDS, Munich, the fall/winter season of 2018/19 will be a season of sparkle and glitter and the jury selected the innovative thread CRY from GUNOLD as one of the top innovations for this year“s presentation at the ISPO show, which takes place from 5-8 February 2017. The special feature of this thread innovation is retro-reflection caused by thousands of microscopically small glass beads

Glass beads and thread? Until recently this combination seemed technically unthinkable and indeed the realization is truly a masterpiece! Marketing Manager Stephan Gunold is particularly enthusiastic about the latest product of the company’s extensive range of threads: „We are absolutely convinced of CRY. It is extremely innovative and allows for completely new optics on textiles, offering exactly what companies are currently looking for most: a novelty to attract and impress their customers.“

Magic Word Reflection
CRY has a polyamide core that is covered with a polymer coating to bind the reflective glass microbeads to the thread and that is the snag: The microscopically small glass beads need to be set in such a way that the appearance is as homogeneous as possible and that they do not fall off during regular wear and tear. And of course it goes without saying that the thread must be perfectly suited for embroidering and sewing.
Not an easy thing to achieve, therefore innumerable embroidery, and sewing tests needed to be passed before Gunold greenlighted CRY. „We offer a range of high-quality threads and must be sure that these keep what they promise“, Stephan Gunold assures.
For CRY the promise to keep is high quality combined with retro-reflection.“ Retro-reflection occurs when a reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of
the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector. This is particularly recognizable in the dark. CRY is visible from a distance when used in appliques, decorative seams or large-scale embroideries. It not only provides protection to the wearer, but also creates fascinating sparkling effects in the dark.

CRY is made of 100 % polyamide and is available in silver and two different strengths which correspond to a size 12 (250 micron) and size 30 (200 micron). GUNOLD recommends the thicker thread (250 micron) for sewing and weaving and the somewhat thinner thread (200 micron) for embroidering. CRY is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is suitable for use with high-visibility clothing (DIN EN 471) according to ISO 20471 2013 but certification is only possible on the basis of finished goods.
CRY is available on mini-king cones of 500m, 10 cones to a box.

Whether embroidery motifs, scripts, logos, labels on knitwear, the use of CRY ensures safety and puts fashionable accents on socks and caps, on sports- and workwear.
The ideal thread for sparkling and glittering effects! There are no limits to your creativity.

ISPO Textrends – Cry will be a part of it!
To see for yourself, visit the presentation of CRY from 5-8 February 2017 in Hall C3 at the ISPO TEXTRENDS / ISPO Munich or at the PVA from the 7- 9 February, 2017 in Paris at the Gunold booth, Hall 4 B26.
Experience the extraordinary features of CRY! Appliques, decorative seams or embroidery designs created with CRY result in fascinating sparkling effects and trade show visitors will be truly amazed! For more information visit


GUNOLD GmbH holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs and continuously expanding its state-of-the-art range of upper threads, bobbin threads, stabilisers, needles, as well as effect fabrics, foils and temporary adhesive sprays. GUNOLD and its two subsidiaries in Canada and the USA, with more than 30 distributors and over 100 employees is a well-known and trusted partner for every embroiderer worldwide. The renowned company, based in Stockstadt, Germany offers solely innovative, premium high quality products mainly produced in Europe. The in-house production in Germany and Switzerland of SULKY (viscose embroidery thread) POLY (polyester thread) and BOBBY (bobbin thread) meets highest requirements to protect the environment. Since 2003 GUNOLD has been dedicated to inspiring people of the embroidery industry through specialist education and training. A great number of embroiderers, digitizers and key players of the fashion industry have already attended the annually changing seminar program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, GUNOLD offers an online shop for registered customers and stays in contact with customers on Facebook. The maxim has always been to increase productivity and to inspire creativity in the embroidery industry.

Stephan Gunold
Obernburger Str. 125
63811 Stockstadt
06027 20080

Schlomski PR
Iris Schlomski
Nordhäuser Str. 34
37115 Duderstadt
05527 979440

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Pure and modern – 04651/ represents a subdued look that will last beyond the seasonal speed of fashion.

The upcoming fall/winter season 04651/ is all about materials and textures. On the whole, the collection remains coherent, well-balanced and free of abundance. A collection of essentials belonging in every man“s wardrobe and, above all, in his travel bag. CEO Lars Braun is intending to cater for the needs of the retail industry even more in the future: „Buy now, wear now -this old saying is having a comeback, and we would like to deliver seasonally suitable product groups, if desired.“ Even though the label is young,

04651/draws upon the essential classics that it excels with.
The biggest and most inspiring topic in the upcoming season is jersey -an old favourite that continues to strive to the top and will have its big breakthrough in the coming fall/winter season.

Pure comfort and simplicity -jersey appears less constructed, more fluid and lighter. The look is laid-back, relaxed and uncompromisingly luxurious. The fits remain slim but are never restricting. Jersey jogger pants come with a discreet, barely visible check pattern. Smart jersey trousers are more constructed at the top and thus appear dressy, but they will never lose their comfort. When it comes to knitwear, mock collars flatter the neck and sustain the windy conditions by the sea. Outdoor knitwear sometimes does without bands and seems more sturdy -for this, 04651/ counts on wool and cashmere blends.

Boiled wool is also found in smart-casual jackets and outerwear area. This material, usually known from womenswear, finished in a robust and masculine way. Boiled wool is complemented with light and heavy sweat garments that appear easy-going and unconstructed. Especially outdoor garments exhibit a whole different feel than you would expect. Pea coats, blousons and active gilets – it“s in the (maritime) mix. This season, however, it is less about the island of Sylt itself but much more about a travel and coastal collection, inspired by the heritage of Sylt. Finishes and fabrics like Storm System, soft shell and Pima Loft as well as an extremely soft padding with the same warming properties as goose down complement the collection with outstanding performance.
Active wear is all about layers, such as a very special gilet for a more refined look. Being extremely light and reversible, it fits underneath your coat and thus keeps you warm and comfortable.

Finest cashmere from Biella, the capital of cashmere knitting in the north of Italy, shows a rich touch, a great deal of luxury and up to a 10-ply finish. Sandy shades, grey, greige and icy beige, just as fine and deep as the sandy beaches of Sylt, are all accurately defined and yet gentle. The palette is subtly curated and features icy shades that swallow you in their depth. The clear grey with a proportion of beige, for example, appears like shown through a filter. The Nordic colour palette showcases such refinement that the cashmere itself seems special and variety is just created by using different yarn counts -not only affecting the touch, but also the look.

The collection is complemented with various sneaker styles, boots, belts and several scarves, as well as one five-day bag and one three-day bag for your bigger and smaller getaways from your routine.


ABOUT 04651/

The quintessential 04651/ day? You“ll be woken by the fresh breeze of the Sea to start the day with the comforting feeling of home in your heart. The rough ocean on one side and the Wadden sea on the other side create moments where time seemingly comes to a standstill for a moment.

„A trip in a bag“ is the idea behind the collection. Finest quality, closeness to nature and a touch of luxury:everything packed up in a carry-all to spend a weekend on the most beautiful of all the German islands of the North Sea, Sylt – or on any other of the worlds beautiful coasts.

04651/ represents quality, casual chic and subdued elegance, paired with understatement and traditional values, all refined with that touch of luxury.
In short: a small but sophisticated selection of essentials for men and the ideal balance of effortless elegance, outstanding comfort and a relaxed casual feeling. The range is complemented with subtly coordinated bags, shoes and accessories.

All the designs are developed on Sylt and production is exclusively carried out in Europe. 04651/ represents a muted look that will last beyond the seasonal speed of fashion and is not defined by short-lived trends.

Jamina Behrens
Mönckebergstr. 17
20095 Hamburg
+49 4651/8044980
+49 4651.8044989

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Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus – one-hand 24-hour watch

The entire day at a glance

Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus - one-hand 24-hour watch

Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus watch – The entire day at a glance.

Königstein im Taunus, 20 December 2016: Eight years after the first one-hand 24-hour watch was developed, Botta-Design is now bringing out a new, larger model.
Botta-Design watches are always characterized by unconventional display principles and strikingly clean design lines. For three decades, this design-oriented watch brand from the south of Germany has been enriching the watch industry with innovative concepts of the very highest quality.

A conventional watch has a dial with a twelve-hour scale and at least two hands – that“s what most people would say, at least.
Botta-Design, a watch brand based in Königstein, follows a more global philosophy.
When Klaus Botta brought out his first one-hand concept back in 1986, this was impressive proof that a single hour hand could also display the time with sufficient precision, so long as the dial and hand are designed to work harmoniously together.
The first one-hand watch of the modern era, the UNO introduced a new and amazingly simple approach to displaying the time.

Botta is convinced that the time on a one-hand watch can be told much more easily and intuitively than on a multi-hand watch. It is simply that we have become used to the time being displayed in a more complicated fashion.

24 hours – but only one hand
A day is divided into 24 hours, not twelve. Accordingly, a 24-hour display is in principle more consistent and logical than a twelve-hour one in which the hour hand has to complete two rotations each day.
The most intuitive and analogue form of presenting the time would thus involve combining the one-hand principle with a 24-hour display.
Botta-Design has already been producing a watch that does just this for eight years. The UNO 24.

Now the Königstein-based watch designer is presenting a second, larger version of this watch with a diameter of 45 mm – the UNO 24 PLUS.

The dial on this unconventional watch presents the day in a graphical analogue form. The fact that the dial is split into a light upper day half and a dark lower night half immediately catches the eye.
The single hour hand charts the movement of the sun from the earth“s perspective: at 12:00 pm it points to the dial“s zenith, at 6:00 am it is to be found at the left-hand edge of the dial and at 6:00 pm at the right-hand edge. At night it points downwards. When it crosses the date line, the date also moves forward by one day.
Thanks to the 24-hour display, each and every time of the day is completely clear. At 4:00 am the hand is to be found in the bottom left-hand corner, and in the top right-hand corner at 4 pm.
On a twelve-hour dial, by contrast, the hand would be in exactly the same position in both cases.

Architecture for the wrist
From every angle, the design features of this watch are obvious. The slightly conical watch container with its domed sapphire glass is held in place by an arched substructure with spherical surfaces. A flush baseplate rounds off the bottom part of the watch. The two-tone upper and lower sections highlight the distinction between the upper display part and the lower supporting structure.
The UNO 24 PLUS models are available with a light or dark dial, with case colours selected to match.
The watch features a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement.

Botta-Design offers a choice of leather, rubber or metal straps.
The watches are shipped in the purpose-designed Botta aluminium cylinder.
The UNO 45 PLUS with leather strap is priced at EUR498.00.

BOTTAdesign – the pioneer of the one-hand watch
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany
Klaus Botta has had a major influence on the watch industry with his philosophical approach to design. Launched in 1986, his UNO one-hand watch was the world“s first wristwatch to use the one-hand principle. BOTTAdesign timekeepers have long become classics, and are exhibited in the collections of renowned museums around the world. Around 60 international awards are testimony to the high level of design proficiency. The entire collection, which also includes other mechanical watches and quartz models, is developed and designed at the company“s headquarters in Königstein. The watches are manufactured and hand-assembled exclusively in specialist workshops in south Germany. The fact that the watches are produced and serviced in Germany is your guarantee of their very high quality and durability.

Klaus Botta
Klosterstrasse 15a
61462 Königstein
06174 96 11 88
06174 96 11 89

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Ermenegildo Zegna opens a new Global Store in London

Ermenegildo Zegna opens a new Global Store in London

Ermenegildo Zegna Global Store Facade (Source: @Ermenegildo Zegna)

London, 10 November, 2016 – Ermenegildo Zegna unveils its latest Global Store in London at New Bond Street, home to the world“s most prestigious luxury brands. The New Bond Street Global Store is the 19th Peter Marino Concept Store to open globally and features 605 square meters of luxury retail space, divided across four floors.

Unique to this store, which is located in the same position as the very first Ermenegildo Zegna boutique in London, opened in 1987, is a stunning facade honoring English heritage and blending seamless with the historical architecture of London“s New Bond Street. The facade“s use of red and grey marble in various shades provides a sense of depth, while the characteristic red bricks that line the upper part of the facade, the bow-windows facing New Bond Street and the vintage bar from the 1950s come together in a heartfelt tribute to British culture.

Capturing the spirit of the Ermenegildo Zegna brand, metal strands are used in the two windows representing the warp and weft yarns of a loom, architectural sheep heads are placed on the window keystones and the bas-relief is inspired by the sheep heads at Villa Zegna in Trivero (Italy). The new Global Store also reflects the brand“s longstanding commitment to social and environmental well- being in terms of its eco-sustainability.

The store has been designed to create a virtual journey through the world of Ermenegildo Zegna, transmitting both the history and DNA of the company, along with the complete range of its luxurious menswear collections. As customers enter the Zegna World on the ground floor, they are surrounded by the dark and natural tones of the entrance and the wide selection of textile accessories, refined leather goods and licensing products. The rich tones of the entrance compliment the bright color palette of the new concept area specifically designed by Peter Marino to host Zegna’s ready-to-wear collection where casual- tailoring and luxury sportswear harmoniously merge. This space, a novelty for Peter Marino concept stores, is characterized by polished rosewood with a rusticated design and cerused ashwood in ivory. The new concept experience continues on the first floor where light colors prevail and the walls are lined in cerused ashwood and three-dimensional plaster. Dedicated to informal clothing and accessories, the area and its furnishings, including Afra and Tobia Scarpa armchairs and a sofa, bask in the natural light of the external windows.

As clients move to the second floor, the staircase functions as the central circulation and is also a visual focal point featuring a floating, open design with ebonized oak tread tops and beneath, suspended polished metal rods resembling textile stands are backlit by LED lights. The second floor mirrors the sophisticated and classic tailoring of Ermenegildo Zegna formalwear as customers are greeted with a luxurious space designed to reflect the elegance of impeccable garments. The same floor also hosts the Ermenegildo Zegna Couture collection in a dedicated area where the expertise and traditional heritage of the brand meet the industrial world through the skillful use of exclusive materials, such as gouged mahogany, ivory plain oak and parchment or black oil- quenched steel, within an ivory color palette.

The third and final floor is divided into two distinct zones, both of which are enhanced by the prominent bow-window facing New Bond Street, together with the golden fireplace in light marble and the vintage bar from the 1950s, all evoking the feeling of a British gentleman“s club. Featuring precious artwork that
reflects the brand’s heritage and consistent support for the arts, this floor is home to the exclusive Su Misura service, the ultimate Zegna offering, and has been furnished to create a very intimate and private space.

The New Bond Street Global Store is also home to artworks by Giovanni Caccamo and Frank Thiel that portray a part of Zegna’s history, such as the photo by Caccamo of Oasi Zegna, the natural park surrounding Trivero, or are a reference to a key element of the brand“s DNA, such as the looms which are featured in Thiel’s piece. Yet it is the tapestry Dare / Avere (2016) by the South-African artist William Kentridge that catches the eye as customers enjoy the intimacy of the Zegna experience. Specifically commissioned by ZegnArt to be permanently displayed inside the New Bond Street Global Store, the 250 x 360 cm tapestry made with mohair threads is an interpretation of the history and values of Ermenegildo Zegna; a snapshot of the company“s centennial progress, captured by sewing together arts, traditions, places, experiences and gestures that will immediately intrigue the observer.

The London flagship follows openings in Milan, New York, Osaka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beverly Hills and Tokyo and is the result of the fruitful partnership between Zegna and architect Peter Marino, whose design reflects the brand“s quality materials, integrity and modern style throughout the space. Of exceptional note is New York’s Fifth Avenue Global Store, which won the American Institute of Architects New York State Merit Award for Architecture in 2008.

About Ermenegildo Zegna Group
The Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a leading luxury menswear brand and one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, whose vision was to ethically create the world“s finest textiles through innovation and the sourcing of the noblest fibers directly from their markets of origin, the company is managed today by the fourth generation of the Zegna family with Gildo Zegna as CEO. Since the late 1980s, the company has implemented a comprehensive strategy of verticalization, creating a global luxury brand which now ranges from fabric to clothing to accessories, is focused on retailing, pioneering early entry in emerging luxury markets, BRIC and Asia in particular, and was the first luxury brand to open a monobrand store in China in 1991.
Ermenegildo Zegna celebrated 100 years of excellence in 2010. Today there are 524 Zegna stores (307 company-owned) in over 100 countries around the world. The total Group revenues in 2015 reached € 1.261 bn.
In 2012 the Group launched ZegnArt, an independent commitment focused on international collaboration in the field of visual arts and in February 2014, the Group announced the Ermenegildo Zegna Founder’s Scholarship, a 25-year project named for its founder with an annual investment in education of € 1 million.

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a leading luxury menswear brand and one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, whose vision was to ethically create the world“s finest textiles through innovation and the sourcing of the noblest fibers directly from their markets of origin, the company is managed today by the fourth generation of the Zegna family with Gildo Zegna as CEO.

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Esprit partnerships with Lowatag

Esprit partnerships with Lowatag

Thursday 20 Oct 2016,

The international top brand Esprit has appointed Lowatag as their nominated supplier for hang tags, labels and care labels.

Lowatag is a global label and packaging manufacturer with production facilities in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The head quarter of the company is based in Hong Kong with regional offices in Europe and US.

CEO, Andy Van Duyse from Lowatag is excited about the partnership with Esprit. “ Textile business is all about speed and flexibility these days. We invested a lot in people who understand the apparel and retail market. Guiding the designers during the development process is indeed crucial, but the key focus remains staying close to the local vendors and understanding their requirements. Providing consistent quality, offering excellent service and innovation at a competitive price is the need for many top brands nowadays. Glad to see we fit into Esprit“s profile“
Social responsibility is also for Lowatag the only way forward. „Sustainability is already a logical component of our production processes and products. This was for Esprit an import asset as well I believe.“ Says Andy Van Duyse. –

Lowatag is a global label and packaging manufacturer with production facilities in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The head quarter of the company is based in Hong Kong with regional offices in Europe and US.

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