ENEMY WITHIN starring Romina Di Lella

An Hollywood action thriller starring the stunning German-Italian actress Romina Di Lella and Eric Roberts

ENEMY WITHIN starring Romina Di Lella

ENEMY WITHIN: an action thriller starring Romina Di Lella and Eric Roberts

„ENEMY WITHIN“ is the second leading role starring Romina Di Lella (known for „Love Hate & Security“) in a full Hollywood production. Eric Roberts (Oscar & Golden Globe nominated) stars as Romina“s boss at a nightclub. Co-stars are William McNamara (known for „Copycat“ „Chases“), Paulo Benedetti (known for“The Bold & The Beautiful“), Damian Chapa (known for „Blood in Blood out“) and as special guest Sven Martinek (known as „Der Clown“).

The movie takes you on a journey with Di Lella“s character Concetta, a nightclub dancer, who finds herself trapped in a rubble of drugs, seduction and hate while she tries to make a new living in Los Angeles. Di Lella“s acting abilities shine through this snuff film as a sado masochistic killer is out to murder her.

This new thrilling movie is directed by Damian Chapa with whom Di Lella worked before in her first Hollywood movie „Love Hate and Security“. „Enemy Within“ was shot on stunning sets in the United States and Mexico.

„Its always an honor to work with Damian Chapa. He is a great director. Acting with Eric Roberts was a wonderful experience for me. He is very humble and very proffessional.
I feel very much rewarded playing with him and i am happy having the opportunity to work with such an great actor. It also was a great experience to work with William, Paulo, Damian, Sven, the whole cast and crew of the movie“, says Di Lella.

Di Lella“s creative passions transcend within several aspects of the film including her role as executive producer. Her talents as a trained musical singer and dancer are also well presented. Di Lella has produced, composed, recorded and sang in the soundtrack for „Enemy Within“. The movie Soundtrack “ Enemy Within “ album cd by Romina Di Lella will be soon available. More information under the presentation download.

The actress“ full devotion to her craft keeps her very busy. The Post production of the movie, finishing her new album and coming up movie projects are taking a lot of time of hers. So what does she do for relaxing?

„It might sound stupid but i like to go to the movies. Two movies per week is a must for me. Then of course my family is my biggest love and occupation. When ever i have time i stay as close to my parents at their home or their Italian restaurant in Berlin. Also wherever i go i have my little Yorkshire Terrier Romeo who brings me such happiness.“

„Enemy Within“ premieres on September 22, 2016 at the Landmark Regent in Westwood.

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„ENEMY WITHIN“ ist Romina Di Lellas zweite Hauptrolle in einer reinen Hollywood-Produktion nach „Love Hate & Security“. An ihrer Seite spielt Eric Roberts (unter anderem nominiert für die Oscars und Golden Globe) in „ENEMY WITHIN“ Di Lellas Boss in einem Nachtclub. Nebendarsteller sind William McNamara (bekannt aus „Copycat“, „Chases“), Paulo Benedetti („The Bold & The Beautiful“), Damian Chapa („Blood in Blood out“) und als Special-Guest Sven Martinek („Der Clown“). „ENEMY WITHIN“ nimmt den Zuschauer mit auf eine Reise durch das Leben von Di Lellas Charakter Concetta, einer Nachtclub-Tänzerin, die sich in einem Sumpf aus Drogen, Verführungen und Hass wiederfindet, während sie versucht sich in Los Angeles ein neues Leben aufzubauen. Di Lellas schauspielerisches Talent kommt in diesem Action-Thriller besonders gut zur Geltung, da auch noch ein sadomasochistischer Killer versucht sie zu töten.

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