Magic in Precision Mechanics

Magic in Precision Mechanics

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Skillfully Crafted Hand-wind Watches

(k-press) The Premium models are the result of the Tourby team’s outstanding watchmaking expertise. They are extremely complex mechanisms, handcrafted with greatest love to the detail. Despite the elaborate manual fabrication and the use of only the finest materials, Tourby sells these watches at a very attractive price. The Premium models feature a hand-wind movement properly refined according to highest watchmaking standards. The 42-mm watchcase with two sapphire glasses ensures maximum wearing comfort. The wrist straps are made of genuine gator skin and feature a convenient butterfly clasp. All models are shipped in an attractive burr-walnut box.

Prices start at 1,349.00 Euros

Tourby: Much more than a hot tip

People from all over the world wear Tourby watches – and love them. Connoisseurs in the U.S. have been enthusiastic about them for quite a while, and many collectors enjoy their custom chronometers. Tourby Watches are extremely popular in Asia where the brand ranks alongside Germany’s top watchmaking firms. Chinese admirers debate at length Tourby products in online wristwatch and collector forums. There are authorized Tourby distributors in Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Romania, the USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

„We build your watch“

Tourby Watches is a small company based in Hagen (Westphalia, Germany) that specializes in making exclusive mechanical chronometer watches. Rather than holding products in stock, Tourby produce their wristwatches only at their customers‘ specific requests. Thus, each watch is a unique item made to the customer’s taste and special demands. Customization is based on a large range of design and component options: Several watchcase designs and finishes, bezels, crowns, an extensive selection of dials and hands as well as various straps and clasps in any combination are available to choose from. This allows for creating classical wristwatches, pilot watches, or skeleton watches – each single one a unique item. Of course, special requests will be fulfilled, too. For example, the customer can have his or her name printed or engraved onto the watch for a surcharge. The Tourby Watches collection is actually meant to be a set of templates as all models can be redesigned to the detail. Tourby agents will discuss all specifics with the customer to build a unique custom watch.

Tourby Watches
Erdal Yildiz
Emilienplatz 15
58097 Hagen, Germany
+49 23 31 / 34 23 584

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