Möller Horcher Public Relations takes on press work in German-speaking countries for ClickSoftware

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Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH, an Offenbach-based agency specialised in business-to-business communication for IT and high-tech companies (www.moeller-horcher.de), has acquired a new customer http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/news/press-releases/en-eigenmeldungen-singleansicht/article/moeller-horcher-public-relations-uebernimmt-fuer-clicksoftware-die-pressearbeit-im-dach-raum.html: Frankfurt-based ClickSoftware Central Europe GmbH (www.clicksoftware.de), a subsidiary of ClickSoftware, Inc., an American company. ClickSoftware is the market leader in automated workforce management and service optimisation solutions. Service http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services.html provider companies of any size can comprehensively optimise their technical field service to both improve productivity and operational efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. ClickSoftware services more than 200 organisations worldwide and across sectors, including well-known companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Hewlett Packard, Siemens Power, Sky, Telekom Austria, Unisys, Vodafone and Xerox. With immediate effect, Möller Horcher is taking over press relations http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/press-relations.html for ClickSoftware Central Europe GmbH throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Stephane Pecenka, Marketing Manager at ClickSoftware Central Europe GmbH, about choosing Möller Horcher: „We were looking for a PR agency not only with high-level IT competence but also one that knows the trade press well and has strong relevant contacts http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/media-contacts.html – in personnel management departments, industry, call centres, the energy sector and public administration. We are certain – with Möller Horcher at our side – that we will succeed in establishing ourselves as a workforce management thought leader in the German-speaking countries.“ Möller Horcher PR consultant Josephine Günther is in charge of the communication measures. “ The special focus of our activities for ClickSoftware will lie in writing and placing trade reports in the trade media http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/media-training.html in the German-speaking countries,“ Josephine Günther explained.

About Möller Horcher PR
Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH (www.moeller-horcher.de) is a PR agency specializing in the IT and high-tech industries http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company/philosophy.html, with more than 40 clients, primarily from the business-to-business sector http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company.html. The team around Gabriele Horcher (43) and Thomas Möller (48) is made up of 20 employees in Germany. Since the agency was established in 2000, Möller Horcher has offered specialized PR services http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services.html with variable, customer-specific pricing models that include project fees, monthly retainers, performance-based fees and analytical performance-based fees http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/company/success-oriented-fee-structure.html. In PR performance control, Möller Horcher uses such quantifiable factors as a visibility index, effort index and visibility/effort ratio http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/range-of-services/pr-controlling.html. Möller Horcher PR is based in Offenbach and operates offices in Freiberg outside of Dresden. Möller Horcher works with partner agencies http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network.html in France http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-france.html, UK http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-uk.html, Italy, Spain http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-spain.html, the Netherlands http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-netherlands.html and the USA http://www.moeller-horcher.de/en/agency/network/partner-agency-usa.html. In addition, Möller Horcher is a member of ION, an international PR network.

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