8 Things Men Must Know About Varicocele

1. What is a varicocele?
A varicocele describes a varicose vein rupture in the venous plexus formed by the testicles and epididymis. In 75 to 90 percent of cases, the varicocele occurs on the left side. As long as the patient complains of no acute or persistent pain, the majority of urologists believe that varicocele does not require any therapy for the time being.
According to the textbook on urology, 4-11% of all men are affected by a varicocele (varicose vein testicle). It is assumed that the number of unreported cases could be much higher, since many men do not even go to a urologist. These counts speak of a whole 10-20%. Men between the ages of 14 and 25 are particularly affected. Only in older adults, when the disease is already advanced (higher grade), it is perceived as a problem and a urologist is consulted.

2. When is varicocele surgery appropriate?
The opinions of doctors and urologists on the treatment vary widely in practice. This is due to the fact that they are differently informed and have also had different experiences in treating their patients. While a large group of urologists generally advise against varicocele surgery, the other group (often including surgeons) advises to act as early as possible.
Ultimately, the decision for or against surgery lies with the patient, without sufficient information about possible causes and the risk factors for its further development. Rarely is it explained how to minimize these risk factors, nor is an alternative, natural treatment option indicated.

3. Varicoceles are divided into different degrees of severity. A distinction is made between:
-Grade 0 (subclinical) – The varicocele is not visible or palpable, but can be made visible by Doppler sonography (ultrasound)
-Grade I – Varicocele palpable but not visible under Valsalva maneuver
-Grade II – Varicocele palpable but not visible under resting conditions
-Grade III – Varicocele easily palpable and clearly visible even under resting conditions

Contrary to popular belief, sufferers can do a great deal about the various causes of enlarged veins in the scrotum. Get free information on the Varicocele Treatment website and read the guide to complete your treatment sucessfully. This is the only way to be on the safe side and make the right decision.

4.Primary and secondary Varicocele
Primary Varicocele
A distinction is made between primary and secondary varicoceles. The primary varicocele has its origin in the almost right-angled opening of the testicular vein into the left renal vein. In combination with a venous valve insufficiency, a long hydrostatic pressure column develops, against which the testicular vein on the spermatic cord (plexus pampiniformis) has to fight. Venous valve insufficiency is usually age-related, but can also be caused by certain behavioral patterns of the affected person. For example, a venous outflow disorder resulting from increased vascular pressure may have caused a primary varicocele. Due to anatomical conditions, primary varicocele occurs on the left side in about 90% of cases.

Secondary Varicocele
Secondary varicoceles can occur on both sides. The cause of a secondary varicocele can be, for example, a tumor-related congestion of the outflow. The tumor is usually located on the kidney, in the renal pelvis or on the ureter. However, a narrowing of the renal vein between the aorta and the abdominal artery (nutcracker syndrome) and the associated venous outflow disorder of the left testicular vein can also lead to a secondary varicocele.

5. Examination and diagnosis
Low-grade varicoceles can often be palpated with the fingers and can be visualized on the screen by the urologist using Doppler sonography (ultrasound). An examination of the varicocele should be performed on both standing and lying patients. If the suspicion is confirmed by the “palpation test”, a more detailed examination of the veins is usually performed on the screen.
In order to make the exact course of the damaged vein visible, care should be taken to ensure that not only the varicocele itself is X-rayed, but also the surrounding areas of the abdominal and renal cavity. In the further course of the examination, a spermiogram of the affected person is finally taken to determine the current status of his fertility. Control visits to the urologist and annual evaluations of the spermiogram are recommended for all varicoceles patients. Especially if the person concerned has a desire to have children in the future.

Whether varicoceles surgery or sclerotherapy can actually improve fertility is still a matter of controversy among medical specialists. Various studies and opinions have not yet been able to make a clear statement about varicoceles surgery.
Therefore, it is important that those affected inform themselves as early as possible about varicocele and the various conventional medical and natural therapy options, like f.e. wearing the right varicocele underwear in leisure. In this way, the chances and risks can be correctly assessed and the right decision can be made in each individual case.
Treatment and chances of success

It is not always necessary to treat a varicose vein on the testicles promptly. Especially in childhood a spontaneous regression of the enlarged veins is very common. But even in young adults with low-grade varicocele, regression is very likely if appropriate natural countermeasures are taken in time. A varicocele should only be removed if
-the man suffers from persistent severe pain or is not able to restore healthy blood circulation by natural methods, so that the pain subsides
-there is a desire to have a child and all other gentle methods and means to improve fertility have not brought any improvement.
-the man is significantly restricted in his lifestyle and despite the application of the natural treatment there is no improvement for 3-6 months.

6. Men with varicocele are often not sufficiently informed.
Affected men are often not sufficiently informed and are often sent home by urologists due to insufficient indicators for a possible operation – without first receiving detailed information about possible countermeasures or natural forms of varicocele treatment.
Many men with varicocele (varicose vein testicle) probably do not have pain today and the varicocele is only slightly pronounced. For this very reason, many people affected do not take it seriously enough at the beginning of the disease process and let their urologists reassure them when they say that “so far everything is fine”. Unfortunately, the fact is that the enlarged veins will develop over the years and the symptoms will increase. This can be confirmed by patients with higher grade varicose veins from their own experience.

Therefore a well meant advice: Do not underestimate the varicocele and act as long as it is still possible without risk of injury.

Do not make the same mistake as most men with varicocele!
Do not make the same mistake as most men! Don’t let the urologists who think that varicocele is medically insignificant, minor matter so easily reassure you. While it is true that varicocele may seem “harmless” compared to more serious conditions, varicocele can be a major burden on the life of an advanced man.

This is why men with varicocele should not let it get that far.

It is better to take responsibility yourself and get free information on our website. Do not simply settle for the condition of varicocele, but start proactively doing something about it today.

7. How does natural treatment without surgery work?
The natural treatment includes the following 5 steps, among others
1.Improvement of blood circulation: Prevention of congestion by restoring healthy blood circulation In this way, toxins can no longer accumulate in the scotrum. The testicles are no longer damaged and can recover.
2.Restoration of healthy testicular temperature by appropriate risk-free treatment measures. This also improves fertility and normalizes the hormone balance.
3.Adaptation of the lifestyle: Reduction of the personally individually controllable risk factors. This prevents further development and provides the optimal environmental conditions for healing.
4.Implementation of curative treatment methods: Regular implementation of curative natural treatment methods and the taking of certain treatment measures.
5.Nutrition and healing food supplements: A healthy diet rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that have entered the body through an unhealthy lifestyle. At the same time, the intake of proven food supplements that help the damaged cell tissue to regenerate.

8. Varicocele guidebook by M. E. Gonzales
With the Guide to Complete Varicocele Treatment with or without surgery, we want to inform current and future patients about varicocele and its risk factors in good time. Especially the younger generation often does not know how best to deal with varicocele / feels ashamed of seeing a urogolist.
It is only over the years that those affected learn through their own experience how to deal with varicocele in everyday life. Unfortunately, many mistakes are still being made along the way, which lead to further development.
You can avoid these mistakes with the varicocele treatment methods by M. E. Gonzales.
The earlier you start with your varicocele treatment, the earlier the first tangible and visible results can be achieved. In order to achieve a healing or regression of varicocele, men with varicocele should therefore begin to take natural countermeasures as early as possible and adjust their lifestyle in certain areas.

Do you have questions about varicocele?
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