Announcing the first auction of fine art by the Bavarian painter and sculptor Cornelius Richter

Announcing the first auction of fine art by the Bavarian painter and sculptor Cornelius Richter

The German painter Professor emeritus Cornelius Richter

For the first time paintings by the Bavarian freelance painter and sculptor Professor emeritus Cornelius Richter will be offered internationally through the auction platform, Artprice, as of 18.01.2012

Cornelius Richter was born on 28.06.1944 in Eger (Bohemia) and grew up as a child with art. His father Franz Richter was a noted art professor and painter. Cornelius Richter studied fine art from 1962 – 1964 in Salzburg, Vienna and Munich with the famous artists Fritz Wotruba (plastic), Alfred Hrdlicka (graphics) and Oskar Kokoschka (painting) and graduated as a master student of Prof. Klaus Zöllner “summa cum laude” in 1965. Internationally renowned artists with whom Cornelius Richter completed joint projects that influenced his future artistic career include Austrian performance artist and painter Prof. Hermann Nitsch and the Italian painter Prof. Emilio Vedova. From 1990 – 1992 Cornelius Richter taught art as Professor at the Academy of Arts, Karls-University in Prague. The focus of his artistic activity is the abstract expressionism. Hence he developed over time the form, energetic expressionism.

The renowned German historian and cultural anthropologist Prof. Dr. Adalbert Gail from the Free University of Berlin wrote about the artistic expression of Cornelius Richter:

“Cornelius Richter is an artist who’s work strikes with its special vital and expressive style, as if it were breaking new future ground.”

Cornelius Richter is known to art connoisseurs for his energetic fire-steles paintings on canvas, reach the colossal sizes of up to 270 cm in height, can literally explode in front of the observer and defy concentrated energy and strength.

Another focal point of Cornelius Richter is his erotic art, which includes paintings of nudes and synesthesia. With reference to nude paintings Cornelius Richter has developed a process that arose from the use of “body-touches” on handmade laid paper enabling tasteful nude expressionism. Furthermore, Cornelius Richter has developed a worldwide unique method of synesthesia painting, which is also known as living pictures or orgasmic records. The renowned German art historian Dr. Hans-Joachim Berbig of the University of Bayreuth wrote about the synesthesia paintings from Cornelius Richter:

“Cornelius Richter is considered in expert circles as the Bohemian-Bavarian painter with Baroque-identity who combines in his works the possibility of natural science with fine arts”
and “Cornelius Richter´s configurations represent the first and unique erotic pictorial synesthesia.”

The Ex-Bavarian Minister of Culture Hans Zehetmair stated in the local Regensburger press that “Cornelius Richter is the most famous Bavarian painter after Albrecht Altdorfer”.

The majority of Cornelius Richter’s works are privately held by famous personalities and are not visible to the public. The international auction on Artprice and an exhibition of “master-pieces” of the Bavarian artist Professor emeritus Cornelius Richter in the art gallery of the castle-hotel “Schlosshotel Gabelhofen” (Austria, Styria) from 20.07. to 12.09.2012 should help to make the unique art of Cornelius Richter known to the public and the art world, and thus pay tribute to his life’s work.

Die Kunstagentur Art & Craft in Piding (Bayern) beschäftigt sich mit Gemälden und Plastiken des bayerischen Malers und Bildhauers Prof. emerit. Cornelius Richter.

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