AstronEfficiencyOnomy, nr. 3/3 of GlobalOnomy-Trilogy

Astronomy Efficiencies for Homo-Sapiens In-efficiencies: The solutions-book: AstronEfficiencyOnomy.

AstronEfficiencyOnomy – The third book of the trilogy “GlobalOnomy”.
Astronomy efficiencies for Homo-Sapiens inefficiencies.

The total amount of energy remains constant as final result – whatever it might be. All is relative.
And as well concerning matter: it depends on what one makes out of it …
– mankind acts primarily in consumption dimensions – and disturbs matter like a black hole. The industrial consumer and disposable society is, once again, destroying its “material” basis – “environment” also is part of the material basis.
… And all this primarily for the benefit of a few.

– the universe acts primarily in energetic (!) SPACE dimensions – and protect its matter as long as it can, by protecting it energetically – with SPACE-energy – in the form of extremely strong vacuum forces (e.g. voids) against collisions /destruction – by drifting all matter parts apart.
… And all this primarily for the benefit of all.

Matter is also involved in SPACE and TIME.
– mankind acts primarily according to the TIME formula*1, which we invented – and uses energy primarily for transformation of matter into other material aspects. Probably also because nowadays many people can see better than they can understand …
– The universe acts primarily according to the SPACE formula*2 invented by us – and uses matter primarily for the energetic “increase” of the “SPACE-Energy” dimension. Probably also because “Matter” implodes again and again when it gets too big. Space, on the other hand, can grow … … and it grows to the “largest” (strongest!) Energy dimension of all forces: 72% of the energetic forces are currently growth forces.

SPACE wins, TIME loses.
SPACE and TIME are correlated. And efficiency is what dominates.
– Our invention of “dynamic relativity”*3 is closely intertwined with our inventions of the SPACE*2 and TIME*1 formulas. And while Albert Einstein explains the TODAY, we today explain as well the YESTERDAY and TOMORROW, dynamically.
– The main difference to Einstein’s “Simple Relativity Theory” is the multiplier. We are transforming this constant multiplier of Einstein, this “c”, into an (inwardly) changing multiplier. And it results in a 4-potency – instead of a 2 – potency, which causes a huge increase in the efficiency of the multiplier.
– The smaller the matter, the stronger the “SPACE” energy. The extrapolation of our SPACE formula leads to a vacuum. This vacuum is free of matter and free of TIME aspects (both dimensions, which are currently primarily the human focus). And this “vacuum” is full of energy! “SPACE” energy. Suction energy. Or in mankind views: demand(!)-Power that is currently so lacking in this world. Is there a correlation, we can use? …
– However, this SPACE energy has nothing to do with the “visible” 3-D space of Homo-Sapiens. It is invisible energy that is extremely focused on efficiency.
– This increase in efficiency is most likely to be compared with an increase in know-how. With real(!) knowledge and wisdom (no faith- nor sect-thoughts- constructs. The latter both have little to do with factual mathematical laws of astronomy – nor with our approaches to personal prosperity of all people in freedom and peace, as the universe seems to “aspire” for its participants – as a physical tendency.
Astronomical efficiencies on our earth are achieved primarily by knowledge and wisdom. And with a basis, which is also a rule in astronomy: Every star (human) gets the energy (the “wealth” *1) already at birth. All the energy which it needs for its entire existence. Thus, universe (humanity*1 ) and SPACE (wisdom *2 ) can benefit best (most efficient *3 ) from each other.
With our approaches from AstronEfficiencyOnomy, humans can be able to turn the Maslow Pyramid around. And eliminate its destructive aspects within the (former) lower steps. And primarily to have charismatic and transcendent people as fellow human beings. The 3-sentence-error of the current orientation could be broken: 1) I buy things I don’t need, 2) with money, which I don’t have, 3) to impress people I don’t like. This turn-around could also make the much-needed sustainability a reality.
We have marked the transposition of astronomical dimensions into human perspectives as “GlobalOnomy”. With “AstronEfficiencyOnomy” we complete the third part of our trilogy. And optimize by this: Economy & Currency, Knowledge & Wisdom, Peace & Freedom, Prosperity & Health, as well as Common Welfare & Sustainability – Worldwide!

Have we got you curious? The books are now also available in English:
GB versions:
*1 AstronTimeOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7526-0286-9
*2 AstronSpaceOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7534-4547-2
*3 AstronEfficiencyOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7534-8251-4
GE versions:
AstronZeitOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7439-0186-5; AstronRaumOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7497-1696-8; AstronEffizienzOnomie, ISBN 978-3-7497-9467-6

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