Astronomy for Economy, Sociology & Sustainability

Cracking the Nutshells of Universe & GlobalOnomy

The universe from a bird’s eye view …
… the nutshell of the universe has been cracked!

The inventions: a universe model, which is also used for globe optimization.

The new universe model revolutionizes existing models from Albert Einstein, or Stephen Hawking, among others, through the formula inventions of TIME, ROOM, DYNAMIC RELATIVITY, DARK-MATTER and DARK ENERGY.

The new „GlobalOnomy“ model optimizes existing models of economics, sociology, ecology, political science and sustainability. For this purpose, correlations resulting from the astronomy formulas are transmitted to our globe aspects. All 17 UN SDGs, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, could be achieved fairly easy. The current economic, social, political, financial and sustainability crises would be put to a minimum. World-wide prosperity is possible.

The bird’s eye view lies between the Earth and the universe: they correlate astronomy aspects with earthly aspects – and many nuts are cracked!

The findings and models are presented in a trilogy. When reading, it quickly becomes clear that the author, Albert Bright, has more in purpose than mathematics and physics. With his books, he wants to awaken us, initiate a change of mind in order to save our globe. For him, astronomy is only an instrument, a factually sound basis for taking better and more sustainable paths.

1.AstronZeitOnomie / AstronTimeOnomy

In AstronZeitOnomie, Bright accompanies us through various TIME-aspects. But already in the first third we arrive at the development of the astronomical TIME formula: on two sides the nut is cracked.

Attention: do not put the book away now, just because the author is taking unusual paths. The correctness of his approach is verified in the second book during the SPACE formula development. And: only those who break new paths and take a bird’s-eye view have the chance to discover something. In a nut you gamble at some point without having seen anything.

What do we think of when we hear or see the word „TIME“? According to Google „Pictures“, 99% of us think of „clock(s)“. However, the time aspects outside our watch are much bigger and more powerful. TIME is much more fascinating than the enclosed hands in our „bracelet sleeve“.
However, we miss all this through our closed view and TIME models, which continue to deny our lives – privately and professionally.
FREE TIME, is different – this is what the universe is showing us: it has been growing for 13.8 billion years – and TIME seems infinite, moving ever further towards FREE.

The motto: „Time is money! Is turned around by Albert Bright: „OK: money, be time!“

From this, Bright starts his development of a better, astronomy-based „GlobalOnomy“ system, which he expands in his follow-up books with further astronomy dimensions. With the „TIME“ basis, it enables every person, worldwide, to become autark. It transfers time aspects of the universe to humans – no matter where they live – and institutionalizes world-wide prosperity on the basis of fairer(!) mathematical/physical astronomy aspects.

2.AstronRaumOnomie / AstronRoomOnomy

In AstronRaumOnomie we first travel through ROOM/SPACE aspects. And already in the first third an astronomical ROOM formula is developed. This verifies the TIME formula developed in the first book, straightens Einstein’s curved space – and deciphers the secrets of the „DARK MATTER“ (23% previously unknown forces) . On 5 pages, the ROOM nut, including TIME-verification, is cracked.
Attention: Now please do not put this book away, because aspects seem to cancel each other out. The correctness of the procedure is clear in the third book. By extrapolating aspects, correctness is verified – and at the same time the dynamics of the DYNAMIC RELATIVITY developed there are clear.
What do we think of when we read or hear the word „ROOM“? According to Google „Pictures“, 99% of us think of a chambre.

As with TIME „in“ the clock, we also think limited with ROOM … „in“ closed room dimensions“: chambre. But the ROOM outside the chambre – it’s much bigger!
Through our closed perspective and box-model-thinkings, we miss a lot – and let our lives continue to be poor – privately and professionally.

FREE ROOM, FREEDOM in PEACE, is different – this is what the universe is showing us: it has been growing for 13.8 billion years and is now 50 billion light-years in size. It is still growing, ever faster – and with %tual less large crashes than with the so-called „homo-sapiens“. It grows towards infinite FREEDOM in PEACE for each involved.

ROOM is far more fascinating than the enclosed „being“ in many of our „thought envelopes“ with „closed“ opinions and „sealed“ knowledge.

Through all our „nut shells“ – „we don’t see the forest anymore for the trees“. What’s more, if our respective „universe“ remains locked in a nut shell, you won’t even see your own tree! We are destroying our own world – because we no longer look through our self-constructed shells – as we have so often done in the history of the so-called „Homo-Sapiens“.

The motto: „Quo vadis?“ … answers the universe with: „Versus Spatium“.

But beware: according to Albert Bright’s formulas, ROOM is not primarily a 3-D aspect: Extrapolated ROOM is: ENERGY! – and thus much more valuable than our rooms, watch cases or nut shells. And so the universe is not as stupid as all those rulers who fight for territorial growth. The true meaning of life of space lies in the energetic. On Earth, this aspect could be transferred to the brain: it grows not spatially, but energetically, when we fill it with knowledge and wisdom. More details on this are presented in the third book – here, at this book, it was only necessary to lead the „material“ idea of space-expansion ad absurdum.

3.AstronEfficienzOnomie / AstronEfficiencyOnomy

In AstronEffizienzOnomie, we travel with Albert Bright around SENCE aspects – and the DYNAMIC RELATIVITY is developed, with which the secrets of THE DARK ENERGY (72% of previously unknown forces) are revealed to us. TIME and ROOM are correlated, extrapolated and dynamized. The current nut shell of the universe (50 billion light-years diameter) is cracked and this big nut-shell idea implodes like a star in the context of a super-nova.

By extrapolating aspects (i.a. space and time) the correctness of the defined correlation is verified – and at the same time the dynamics and force (a power of four) of the dynamic relativity developed there is clear. It is not only the here and there that becomes clear about the spatial dimension and different ratios. On the contrary, a process of change in the temporal dimension becomes clear at the same time. All this sounds abstract only here, in summary. Everything becomes clear in the book. Bright knows how to turn numbers into art and music.

The very great meaning of life of the universe seems to be energetic space gain. Transferred to humans, it would be comparable to achieving knowledge. When you fill the brain with knowledge, it does not expand into 3-D, but it is energetically charged. The material has only a meaning of about 5% (energy power) in space. 23% are „dark matter“ (which is not matter) and 72% are „dark energy“. The universe focuses 95% of all forces on (SPACE) energy. Humanity destroys with 95% of its powers the small nut shell on which it sits.

What do people think of the word „SESNCE“? According to Google „pictures“: 72% watches, 23% fashion, 5% life sense. 95% „material“. Only 5% „deepening“.
The universe acts the other way around: 5% is material energy/force, 23% is „dark matter“ /forces in the unknown gravity“, 72% „dark energy“/forces. 95% energetic. Only 5% Material.
EFFICIENCY is more than the material or brands that triggers the word „sense“ in our thoughts today. Our thoughts are too caught up in the TIME boxes, ROOM boxes and life-SENSE boxes on the part of our upbringing and society.

The universe is better and more openly aligned. That is why we should break new ground:
Away from „material focus“, to „intangible optimization“, to (free)“ space“ energy, knowledge urge, own wisdom. Just like in space – so also in the brain
Away from: … imposed behavior. Away from … reactiveness … according to the motto … 1. I buy things I don’t need, 2. with money, which I don’t have, 3. to impress people I don’t like.

Towards one’s own responsible (deeper-)thinking, wanting and doing … according to the motto … „I think so am I“ (as to: Rene Descartes, „Cogito, ergo sum“) … and as I, I also go OWN ways – and do not adopt bad imposed habits.

In the universe, each planet optimizes its own(!) way itself(!) around its star (according to Albert Einstein) – and NOT(!) the star determines the orbits of the planets (Isaac Newton).
We do not yet have the system on Earth that every planet/human can go its own way. With the aspects developed under DYNAMIC RELATIVITY, everybody should find her/his own SENSE, thoughts and ways to achieve maximum benefit and sustainability

The prosperity of the TIME-formula use, the freedom and peace from the use of the SPACE-formula for development of knowledge and wisdom from the focus of the sense and efficiency formula of the DYNAMIC RELATIVITY ideally results in a new human image. All conflict-stoking Maslow stages would be eliminated – and there would be only emphatic, transcendent and sustainable people, all at the top of the „pyramid“. We are aiming for a 180-degree reversal of the Maslow Pyramid – for world-wide wealth.


Albert Bright was the first to develop an astronomy-based system for our world: he calls it „GlobalOnomy“ – and summarized everything in a trilogy*:

1.AstronZeitOnomieISBN 978-3-7439-0186-5
2.AstronRaumOnomie ISBN 978-3-7497-1696-8
3.AstronEfficiencyOnomyISBN 978-3-7497-9467-6

The BRITISH VERSIONS will be available 1st quarter 2021.

During the Christmas season, one often has the leisure – and on New Year’s Eve often the departure – to a new way of life. We should treat ourselves more often to leisure and departure. For us – and for a better world future.

Read Albert Bright’s thoughts on GlobalOnomy. Because:
+ The world needs global approaches,
+ GlobalOnomy needs you, and
+ you need the world.

* PS: There are only about 5% mathematical/physical formulas. The rest is explanation and application.



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