ATEX – what does this mean for the user? SKVTechnik answers general questions.

ATEX is a French abbreviation of ATmosphères EXplosibles and means explosive atmosphere. It indicates a source of danger.

ATEX - what does this mean for the user? SKVTechnik answers general questions.

ATEX Side Channel Blower

ATEX – suitable side channel blowers from SKVTechnik

What does ATEX mean?
ATEX is a French abbreviation of ATmospheres EXplosibles and means explosive atmosphere. It indicates a source of danger. In the context of side channel blowers, the imprint means that these devices are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and for pumping explosive gases. These side channel blowers are specially equipped and protected against explosions in a defined manner.
ATEX is actually an abbreviation for the EU ATEX directives. There are two guidelines that reference ATEX. This is the ATEX product directive and the ATEX company policy. The guidelines have been harmonized by the European Union, in means: adapted to the specificities of the participating countries. This considerably simplifies intra-European trade in these products.

The product directive deals with the placing on the market with ATEX – relevant devices and protective systems. But the main purpose of the product directive is to protect people who work in hazardous areas or who may be affected by explosions. The product directive has been in force since 2003.
Which Side Channel Compressors does the SKVTechnik offers in ATEX Design?
SKVTechnik aus Plauen supplies ready-to-use side channel blowers or blowers, side channel pumps and fans. SKVTechnik only offers compressors or fans produced by brand manufacturers in Germany or at least in Europe.

In the ATEX environment, SKVTechnik is able to supply the entire range of side channel blowers. From the small side channel blower with 0.37 kW up to the 25.0 kW unit. There are blowers with and without electric motor for sale, which gives users the opportunity to select alternative drive forms. For example in the biogas sector. SKVTechnik deals with side channel blowers from different manufacturers. The requirements in production and quality assurance for ATEX protected side channel blowers are particularly high. On the other hand, the safety awareness and the safety requirements of the EU in the ATEX area of side channel blowers are extremely strong.

In the case of requests for quotations in the ATEX area of side channel blowers, customers and interested parties are asked to submit a specific request to SKVTechnik. Before the sale, various queries have to be checked out of the legal security requirements, which can best be discussed in direct conversation with the SKVTechnik specialist department.
Customers and interested parties use the customer hotline: 00493741 2510951.

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SKVTechnik aus Plauen supplies ready-to-install side channel blowers or side channel blowers, side channel pumps. We only supply compressors or vacuum compressors produced by brand manufacturers, in Germany free of charge and insured. We also deliver insured to the EU countries for small surcharges. Convince yourself! Benefit from our purchasing conditions.

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