Bathing in your very own garden – a natural oasis in your own backyard

Bathing in your very own garden - a natural oasis in your own backyard

“Pool for Nature” offers an organic water treatment system designed for your own personal bathing pleasure like you’ve never had before.

Natural pools and swimming ponds don’t have to be a dream anymore. The focus is no longer “whether” or not one should consider getting a natural swimming pool or pond but rather “how”. Our company “Pool for Nature” -the natural pool builder association, justifies itself in our name alone. We look for ways to combine organic water cleansing components (plants, stones, substrates, microorganisms and many others) with the latest state of the art technology to obtain a natural and self sustainable habitat for you and your family.

For a perfectly constructed natural pool or pond, it is essential that proper planning and the laws of nature work together to form a functional as well as visual harmony. “Pool for Nature” takes the long existing landscape-garden architecture and expands on it to create a despoke style that meets the standards of each individual customer. We create and visualize our project together, starting from the first sketch to the full scale 3D blueprint. This carefully constructed system has a direct relation to the laws of natural water habitats. And this allows our organic water treatment system to create and sustain a clear, clean and healthy water quality without any use of harmful chemicals. Our systems range from a high to little dependency on conventional pool technologies and in some cases are even totally independent from conventional pumps and filters. The careful addition of specific underwater plants support the natural water cleansing process. We can carry this process out with a still or flowing water method. Our water treatment options are very flexible and therefore not bound to the strict ways of outdated water cleansing systems and use of toxic chemicals. This gives our customers limitless possibilities with the opportunity to combine a system fitting their every desire. Our quality standards guarantee that we only execute the leading state of the art water treatment systems that are on the market. Furthermore we guarantee that our Natural pools and ponds are equipped with the quality and comfort you”re accustomed to. We also have numerous of upgrades such as massage jets, reverse current mechanisms, spotlights, spillways and self cleaning robots. We also offer a wide range of heaters and solar covers to extend your pool pleasure way into the autumn months. We’re a quality orientated company always looking to raise the bar, and this has enabled us to establish a superior water purifying system and at the same time offer the simplicity and tranquility of a naturally occurring body of water in your own backyard.
We here at “Pool for Nature” don’t just dedicate ourselves to the planning and construction of your Swimming pool or pond, but also stand by our customers and fellow associates. Upon completion of your pool or pond we will review the terms and conditions and confirm that every step of the process has been successfully completed. We will also schedule an appointment and inform you about everything you need to know about how to care and maintain your pool or pond. You will also receive an extensive instruction manual for any further questions you might have. One year after the completion of your pool, an independent limnologist will come and test the water levels and check the entire water treatment system from head to toe. “Pool for Nature” carries out all service and maintenance that your natural pool or pond may require. All services from us are certified and tested. For those who decide to choose “Pool for Nature”, don’t just acquire a state of the art natural pool, they receive the whole package, quality, expertise and creativity all in one.
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“Pool for Nature” is the first “Co-operative” association for swimming ponds and natural pools. We work together on the technical development, purchasing and marketing aspects. We collect information, share our experiences and communicate with one another to form an unbeatable partnership. “Pool for Nature” is an active member in the international community for high performing landscaping and pool building companies mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Through our specialized training and years of experience we offer a wide range of construction possibilities and high quality solutions for every situation, even for regular chlorine pool systems and existing pool constructions. Our network of pool specialists is a conglomerate of qualified specialists who dedicate their lives to improve the quality of life for all natural pool lovers and guarantee the absolute best quality. Besides our central headquarters in Germany (.de), we also have branches in Switzerland (.ch) and Austria (.at).

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