Bootcamp for tourists-Viral Marketing campaign for ERGO (ERV)

Bootcamp for tourists-Viral Marketing campaign for ERGO (ERV)

Along with the Viral Marketing Agency dot-gruppe from Berlin, the European Travel Insurance Company (ERV) from Munich tries new creative ways of advertising. With a Viral Video Production, Video Seeding and Social Media- and Blog Marketing a lot of potential customers could be effectively reached.

Travel insurance provide to consumers a quite useful, but not necessarily a particularly interesting or even viral topic. The ERV (member of the ERGO Insurance group) therefore wants to present their products and offers through a funny Viral Video Production plus subsequent Viral Marketing and optimal seeding. As long-time experts of Viral Marketing, Video Seeding , Social Media- and Blog Marketing, the ERV has turned deliberately to the dot-gruppe .

As part of a Viral Video Production, the dot-gruppe produced several spots . These Videos show in an ironic way, how uncomfortable traveling can be without adequate insurance coverage. In addition to the Viral Video Production, the dot-gruppe is also responsible for the entire Viral Marketing and Video Seeding campaign. This includes the comprehensive consultation, the creation of the whole creative concept and the design and creation of a landingpage with targeted Call-to -Action. The hole subsequent strategic dissemination and Video Seeding of the Bootcamp-campaign is undertaken by the Viral Marketing Agency from Berlin.

Due to the matching issue and the convincing quality of the Viral Video Production, a number of leading german Travel-Blogs could be convinced for a cooperation. By means of a thematically contribution and the viral spread of the Bootcamp Videos by these leading Blogs, the offering of the ERV can thus be spread in an authentic and highly convincing way. This is further accompanied by a series of parallel Social Media Marketing activities. Among others these consist of targeted posts in the most relevant Facebook-groups and Google+-communities with the subject of travel, holiday and vacation, as well as the effective Video Seeding via the Social Media channels (Facebook , Twitter, Google+ ) of the Travel-Blogs.

Thanks to the extensive network of the dot-gruppe and years of experience in the Viral Video Production, Viral Marketing, Video Seeding and Social Media- and Blog Marketing, the ERV benefits from an effective, accurate targeted and wide-reaching viral spread of the Bootcamp-Videos and the related insurance proposal. Thus, the ERV can present their products on new channels and reach potential new customers through innovative ways. The dot-gruppe is therefore pleased to fully met the goals and desires of the ERV.

The dot-gruppe is a leading company in the field of Social Media and Viral Marketing and on the market for over 11 years. The service spectrum ranges from the Viral Video production, Video Seeding, YouTube Promotion, Guerrilla Marketing, Social Media and Blog Marketing. The customers of the dot-gruppe include internationally known brands in the Consumer Goods , Tourism and Charity. Campaigns of the dot-gruppe were nominated at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and the New York Advertising Festival.

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