Crowdfunding for the biggest nomad tent in the world

A German builds it together with nomads in Sahara

Is there gonna be a new world record? At the moment there is a crowdfunding for the biggest nomad tent in the world on Indiegogo ( This over 1200qm large tent, handmade in traditional craftsmanship, is attracting all the attention of the world to the Sahara desert. There a German and a team of local nomads are building this tent. This would not be possible without the help of the nomadic women and their centuries-old craftsmanship. Thousands of meters of handmade tent material are needed for this unique project. The tent will preserve the nomadic tradition and at the same time provide an event location for hundreds of people in the Sahara. Interested can experience the Sahara with the nomads by the support of the crowdfunding favorable. An aid project for the isolated nomad families, who live in the middle of nowhere, is also supported. For $38 you can put your name on the carpet of the founders and at the same time support one of the biggest international community projects in the desert. This project is for everyone who believes in the impossible and with your support this project can be realized this year. More information on:

Adventures, Events and Expeditions in the Sahara Desert

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