Diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer: medical technology that saves lives

Capnometry is a medical technology method for measuring the breathing activity of patients. Inside the analyser, a membrane pump from Schwarzer Precision GmbH + Co. Kg, Essen ensures reliable measurement results.

http://www.Schwarzer.com , a German manufacturer of micropumps, micro vane pumps, diaphragm pumps and compact gas delivery pumps since 1970, brings its expertise to capnometers.

The introduction of capnometry has led to a significant reduction in the number of complications experienced by ventilated patients. It has become indispensable in anaesthesiology, intensive care units and emergency services. Measuring the CO2 content in the exhaled air of the patient ensures that no life-threatening situations arise.

In the “side stream” method, a small diaphragm pump inside the capnometer ensures a precise exhaled air flow. A small amount of air is continually extracted from the patient’s breathing gas. This breath sample is pumped through an infrared sensor which continuously measures the CO2 content.

The Schwarzer 100 and 200 EC precision pumps are highly suitable for pumping small sample streams. Operating quietly and with low levels of vibration they can be set up close to the patient.

In partnership with its customers, Schwarzer also develops precise solutions for the medical analysis of breathing gas. The products are developed to the highest technical standards and are made in Germany to ensure excellent quality. For example Corscience, one of the market leaders in medical gas analysis, has been extremely impressed with the reliability of high-performance mini pumps made by OEM pump manufacturer Schwarzer.

“Our OEM pumps make us one of the leading manufacturers of miniature pumps or micro pumps on the international market. Our pumps are in demand worldwide, especially in medical technology,” explains Schwarzer”s managing director Stephan Wentker, and adds: “Our precision pumps are used successfully around the globe in laboratory technology, environmental technology and analysis technology as well as in a wide range of industrial applications.”

On request even the smallest pumps can be adapted to a customer’s specific requirements. This includes diaphragm pumps, vibrating diaphragm pumps, linear pumps, self-priming liquid pumps, mini air compressors, rotary vane pumps and vacuum pumps made by the pump manufacturer Schwarzer Precision.

Contact us by phone with your specific product requirements on +49 (0)201 31697-0 or at https://www.schwarzer.com/pages_us/en_cont.php .

Since 1970, Schwarzer Precision is the technology leader in the development and production of high-precision and durable miniature pumps for medical, analysis and laboratory technology.

“We care”: Schwarzer Precision stands for superior quality and excellent service. We maintain direct contact to our customers and business partners to exactly understand their requirements and to meet them without compromise.

Customizing is extremely important to us: All parameters of our diaphragm pumps can be customized exactly to your specific requirements.

Being an independent medium-sized enterprise allows us to produce at an optimal price-performance ratio, even with individual small production batches. In addition, our economically priced standard program is available for large industrial series.

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