Draka White Paper out: „Screening and Balance Performance of Data Cables and Related Screen Designs“

Prysmian Group: BU Multimedia Solutions releases white paper for network specialists

Cologne, Germany, April 27th 2021 – BU Multimedia Solutions (BU MMS) of Prysmian Group published a white paper that outlines the nomenclature of screening designs. In seven chapters, Draka summarizes the possible specifications and provides an overview of the differences between requirements for pure cables and for cabling systems. This aims at responding to regular questions raised by network specialists who build or expand communications infrastructures. The white paper is now available at https://www.draka-cable.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Draka-White-Paper-Screening-and-Balance-Performance_Internet.pdf.

Balanced high frequency cables are the basis of the horizontal cabling of today“s data communications infrastructure. Due to the balanced mode signal propagation these cables provide to a basic degree an inherent immunity against electromagnetic ingress even when unscreened. By adding a screen, the immunity can significantly be increased. International standards named in the paper provide various parameters for quantifying this degree of immunity. Different designs of screening can be related to the specified levels of these parameters.

Draka´s white paper summarizes the specifications available and provides an overview of the differences between requirements for pure cables and for cabling systems organized in the following sections: Overview on screening designs, parameters of screening performance, transfer impedance, coupling attenuation, limit values for screening parameters and related designs for cables, screening and balance performance requirements of cables compared to cabling systems. The last section will be particularly helpful to Draka´s customers, as it matches the above information with the screening performance covered by Draka UC-cable range.

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