DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG tradable in the mid market as of today

DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG tradable in the mid market as of today

Vienna, 23 April 2018

DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG is switching to the mid market segment with effect from today. The shares of the German property developer have been tradable on the exchange-regulated „Third Market“ since 7 December 2017. With this upgrade, the company offers its investors a plus in information. By being included in the „mid market“, the company is contractually bound to comply with increased transparency, quality and publicity criteria. DWH Deutsche Werte Holding is supported by Capital Lounge GmbH as Capital Market Coach. As market maker, ICF BANK AG Wertpapierhandelsbank ensures sufficient liquidity in continuous trading between 9:00 and 17:30 hours.

This example shows how important the exchange-regulated „Third Market“ is as a starting point for the first step on the Vienna Stock Exchange. An easily accessible stock exchange segment promotes the further development of companies on the domestic capital market. Only recently, the Ministry of Finance announced that the existing obstacles for domestic companies would be removed. The government plans to enable bearer shares of Austrian companies to be traded on the Third Market again. The Vienna Stock Exchange hopes for a rapid legal implementation and is already in the starting blocks with a new, attractive offer for companies. This means that Austrian companies will again be able to profit from an easy access to the stock exchange in the future.

Die DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG mit Sitz in Berlin ist in wirtschaftlich starken Bereichen aktiv; insbesondere wird in Immobilien und mittelständische Unternehmen investiert. Die Aktiengesellschaft ist mit seinen Experten aus den Bereichen Finanzen und Wirtschaftswissenschaften sowie der juristischen Erfahrung für Aktionäre als auch Unternehmen in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt ein effizienter Partner.

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