G999: Blockchain on the rise, interview with the Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Corporate, Mr. Josip Heit

The developers of the messenger Signal are calling for people to test a new function in their Signal software based on a blockchain application.
For this purpose, Josip Heit, proven business manager and blockchain pioneer as well as CEO of the GSB Group, was asked in an interview how currently already existing blockchain tools of the GSB Group help to comply with future regulations.

Mr Heit, we now know that a blockchain is a continuously expandable list of data records that are linked together using cryptographic procedures.

Each block typically contains a cryptographically secure hash (scatter value) of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. Since the future belongs to this technology, politicians have currently also discovered the topic, which will certainly lead to new regulations soon for the applications of blockchain technology, how is the GSB Group already positioned today to be able to meet these requirements?

Josip Heit: „We distinguish between two types of algorithms: CFT algorithms (crash fault-tolerant), which eliminate crash faults, and BFT algorithms (Byzantine fault-tolerant), which eliminate vulnerabilities (Byzantine faults). GSB Group currently uses risk identification in its G999 and GStelecom applications.

In the future, transaction monitoring for other companies or technical support for interactions to reduce risk could be added. With the GStelecom application in particular, it can be seen that perfect cryptography and a large user community are the only guarantee for a functioning blockchain; we have already achieved this with our community. A large community protects against fraud and the consequences of technical problems through its complexity.

Our technical departments and mathematicians have also developed new methods to consolidate divergent branches of a blockchain.

You see, currently the blockchain has even found its way into the football market, because even big football clubs, such as Manchester City, FC Barcelona, PSG, Galatasaray or AS Roma rely on blockchain applications.“

Mr Heit, you talk about GStelecom, but what is GStelecom?
Josip Heit: GStelcom is a blockchain-secured and operated platform that allows all users to send and receive voice chats, messages and pictures, all encrypted over the blockchain.

As the private security of data in transit, for example text or image messages, has become increasingly important in recent times, this is where the GStelecom application comes in. GSTelecom“ creates a safe, private and secure messaging platform where no information is held by or accessible to a third party.

Simply put, with „GSTelecom“ there is now a „paid for“ service that professionals, individuals and businesses can use to share data and information without the risk of a third party accessing and using it at a later date.“

Mr Heit, how can blockchain technology help in the current coronavirus pandemic?
Josip Heit: „You don’t have to be a soothsayer or believe in lighthouse projects if you can already say today that, for example, travelling in the foreseeable future will only be possible with digital proof of identity linked to vaccination confirmations or negative test results – realised through a combination of blockchain and biometrics.

For the future, I would say that blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies could develop into a kind of protocol – a trust protocol or a so-called Internet of Trust.

In the best case scenario, users would perhaps notice little of the use of these technologies, but at the same time regain sovereignty over their data, as the user would then know who and what to do with their data, and this is where G999 https://www.gsb.gold und GStelcom bereits heute an.“

The GStelecom app for both Apple and Android can be downloaded here:
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=block.chain.chat
Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/tt/app/gstelecom-by-g999-blockchain/id1547577247

Seit 2011 agiert die GSB Gold Standard Corporate als weltweite Holdinggesellschaft mit Fokus auf einzigartige/reine Mineralien, Metalle und Entwicklungen von Blockchain Technologien.
Die GSB mit Sitz in Hamburg ist einer der Weltmarktführer in den Bereichen Bergbau, Raffinerie und weltweiter Handel mit Eigen- und Fremdressourcen.
Mit dem ersten Schritt der industriellen Entwicklung, über die Herstellung bis hin zum Handel, stellt die GSB-Konzerngruppe den Schutz der Umwelt an die Spitze ihrer Agenda. Das gesamte Unternehmen agiert als ein in sich geschlossenes Ökosystem – von der Basis bis zur Endnutzung.
Mit unserem weltweit vernetzten Vertriebssystem für Industriemineralien und -metalle in über 120 Ländern garantieren wir jederzeit eine Versorgung in höchster Qualität. Die Rohstoffe werden in unseren eigenen Werken und LBMA-Raffinerien zu höchster Qualität veredelt.

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