Greater energy efficiency in residential and office buildings

Greater energy efficiency in residential and office buildings

Gas consumption in the test building significantly lower with EE2

Ecofective best practices dialogue at Expo Real: The Swedish-German hightech company Ecofective invites to participate in its best practices dialogue with customers and experts. Focus: How to affordably achieve greater energy efficiency in residential and office buildings with intelligent IT.

Intelligent IT cuts off heating costs and curbs incidental rental costs:
The IT-based system EE2 of the Swedish-German company Ecofective continuously measures and stores all relevant data of a building’s thermal behavior. Based on these data, EE2 defines the optimal flow temperature of the heating system and prevents unnecessary energy consumption. Integration of EE2 into the existing heating system is easy, irrespective of manufacturer, age or type of energy such as gas, oil or district heating.

Fraunhofer IBP confirms that EE2 from Ecofective cuts heating costs significantly:
Comparative measurements by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirm 13 percent less gas consumption from using the energy efficiency management system EE2. The institute has just published these findings in its IBP Report 523 .

20 percent less heating energy over the heating period is achievable:
Dirk Uhlemann, CEO of Ecofective Germany: “Extrapolated for a whole year, the results show potential of over 20 percent energy savings due to thermodynamic optimization with EE2. In addition, the investment of 1-3 EUR/m² is very low, less than one percent compared to a traditional refurbishment.”

Preferred time slots can be reserved online, via eMail or phone. Further information on Ecofective and EE2:

Ecofective is a fast-growing Swedish-German high-tech company founded in 2009 that delivers a proven and robust IT-based solution for energy management in properties. Ecofective has a highly skilled founder and management team with more than 20 years’ experience in energy efficiency solutions, offering a unique blend of know-how. The Ecofective partner network includes the Swedish Energy Agency, KTH Stockholm and Business Sweden. Web:

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