How cyberculture influences our way of life

How cyberculture influences our way of life

The internet has become an integral part of all our lives. We use it for communication, business, entertainment or research. But how much does this cyberculture influence our way of life? Najwa Bouyarmane analyses in „Cyberculture in Morocco. How the internet impacts culture“ the development of cyberculture on the Moroccan society and explains the impact that cyberculture has on the individual’s life and personality. Her book was published in May 2020 by GRIN.

Although Morocco is neither a developed nor an industrial country, Moroccan people are updated about new technologies. This is obvious in the proliferation of cybercafés all over the country. Who are the people who go to cybercafés? Why do they go there? Do they respect their online identities, or do they create fake ones? What are the debates which are mostly raised there? In her book „Cyberculture in Morocco“ Najwa Bouyarmane points out that the role of cyberculture may have a double impact on the individual’s life and personality which is linked to the reasons for the use of the internet, and the extent to which the internet is important.

The internet has changed our culture

Culture is an essential component in people’s lives. It is considered as the patterns and behaviours that people in social groups learn, create and share. Cyberculture came out from the invention of technologies, especially the internet. The internet reshaped our culture and created new means of communication. Sometimes, there are some problems that may merge in the cyberspace, causing people to indulge in virtual communities and restrict themselves to the on-line life. Through these virtual communities, people create identities which threaten to alienate them from reality. Najwa Bouyarmane addresses all of us with her book „Cyberculture in Morocco. How the internet impacts culture“ by making us aware of the enormous presence of cyberculture in our life.

About the author

Najwa Bouyarmane is Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language, Terminology and Communication at the Hassan II University de Casablanca in Morocco.

The book was published in May 2020 by GRIN Publishing (ISBN 978-3-34615-741-6).
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