Inductive sensors LVDT series LVISM – Hardly larger than a match

With a housing diameter of only 4 mm, the LVISM is one of the smallest LVDT sensors of its kind. Furthermore, with a length of 7 cm it is not even twice as long as a match.

Despite its miniature housing, the LVDT series offers measuring ranges of up to 10 mm with an accuracy of up to +/-0.25 %. The LVISM is also in no way inferior to its larger relatives when it comes to environmental protection. The LVISM has an IP65 protection class and a temperature range of -25 to +85 °C.

LVDT displacement sensors are ideal for absolute measurements in harsh environmental conditions. Due to their inductive measuring principle, they operate wear-free and are very durable. They are used in all industrial sectors from manufacturing to research.

Connected to external electronics, the LVISM miniature sensor outputs an analog signal of 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA. Thus, the sensor can be connected directly to a control or display device. WayCon offers a practical solution for this with the LVC cable electronics. The LVC has a compact housing (6 x 3.5 cm) and is permanently connected to the sensor cable. Alternatively, the external electronics LVA can be used, which is suitable for safe mounting on a DIN rail.

Technical information: data sheet LVISM.
Further sensors of this measurement principle: product page LVDT.

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