Latest news in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology: Solkane® smartphone App helps calculate refrigerants

Latest news in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology: Solkane® smartphone App helps calculate refrigerants


People who work with refrigerants will benefit from this practical service. Solvay Fluor has now complemented its Solkane® calculation program with a free App. This allows mobile calculation of refrigerant data on a smartphone for the first time. The App is a hugely practical aid for all producers, installers, engineers and sales personnel in the fields of air-conditioning and refrigeration.

The well-known Windows-based Solkane® software is designed for calculations involving complex material data and refrigerant circuits: in contrast the Solkane® App provides fast, straightforward access to key information for popular refrigerants.
The Solkane® App can be downloaded from the App-Store and Android Market: keyword “Solkane”. The App is available in English only and is free of charge.

After download and installation, everyone in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries can calculate saturation vapour pressures and temperatures in bar/°C and psi/°F quickly and easily. A programmable refrigerant data slider gives fast access to all temperatures and pressures and also allows direct comparisons between different refrigerants.
The product information section presents users with key technical information about pertinent Solkane® refrigerants. Another interesting feature is access to news from the “Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Blog”, which is directly accessible from the App.

iPad optimised version is coming shortly.

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