Machine data acquisition made easy – gbo datacomp further develops platform for connecting proprietary machine types

MES expert gbo datacomp relies on intelligent interfaces for the standardized connection of proprietary machine tools. The goal of the extended Virtcont 4.0 platform, always up-to-date machine data for continuous vertical communication in the sense of Smart Factory.
Augsburg, 02.02.2021 Digitization is and remains a challenge for medium-sized companies. Many companies have grown machine landscapes with different machine types from different generations. Not all of them have network interfaces to read out machine data in real time. However, up-to-date machine data is the prerequisite for transparency and fast action, in the sense of Smart Factory.
“Only when quantities, times, alarms, QA data and process values are recorded, visualized and verified automatically and in real time within manufacturing can we talk about transparency and consistency,” explains Michael Möller, Managing Director of gbo datacomp. Machine data acquisition (MDE) such as bisoftMDE makes an important contribution to reducing downtimes, setup times and malfunctions, reducing the number of half-finished parts and increasing adherence to deadlines. “That’s why we advise manufacturing companies to connect their partially proprietary machines by means of intelligent interface, such as the Virtcont 4.0 platform,” Möller explains.
The manufacturer of modern MES solutions has had very good experience with Virtcont 4.0 when connecting older machines. Virtcont 4.0 establishes a transport level between machines, product units and bisoftMES with standardized interfaces. This allows process and machine data to be integrated without extensive IT knowledge. Machines and plants that do not have OPC interfaces can be easily added to the data world, machines and plants are fully vertically integrated.
Functioning interface communication is the be-all and end-all for implementing Industry 4.0. Bidirectional interface communication is to be used to create horizontal and vertical integration even in heterogeneous production environments. Standardized or “universal” interfaces such as those offered by the currently revised Virtcont 4.0 platform for machine tools are indispensable on the way to the smart factory.

“Without end-to-end machine data acquisition at the push of a button, there will be no implementation of Industrie 4.0 in companies. It is a first step on the road to end-to-end digitization,” Möller concludes.

gbo datacomp is considered a pioneer in the field of MES solutions for medium-sized production companies. The full-service provider has more than 35 years of project experience in the production environment of medium-sized companies. At five locations, the requirements of customers are adapted to customer needs based on standard modules. In addition to its modular MES solution bisoftMES solutions, the MES expert offers customized consulting. From the introduction to the plant integration to the practical implementation of MES solutions, the medium-sized software house realizes everything from a single source. The selected industry competence speaks for itself. Currently, gbo datacomp supports more than 900 system solutions worldwide with over 20,000 users and more than 100,000 connected machines/plants.

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