MAZeT on Two-Figure Growth Course for Second Year in a Row

MAZeT on Two-Figure Growth Course for Second Year in a Row

Positioning as EMS Provider with Core Competences in Development and Production Logistics

Following a successful 2010, MAZeT – development and production service provider for embedded computing solutions and optoelectronics located in the city of Jena – has been able to increase its number of received orders, sales and revenue in 2011. The MAZeT Executive Board expects that 2011 will be the most successful year in the 20-year history of the company. The positive trend in orders received resulted in a quicker-than-expected return to the level of 2007/2008 at MAZeT in 2011 and will probably surpass that level by the end of the current year. The concentration on customized embedded computing solutions in the market segments of industrial electronics and medical electronics, as well as wide-ranging development expertise in ASIC development all the way to embedded computing modules, distinguishes MAZeT as an EMS provider with core competences in development and production logistics.

The growing demand for components and services in the area of color and spectral sensor technology has been assessed positively. MAZeT plans to establish another main area of business over the next few years with components and customized applications for spectral and color sensors in addition to its development and production services known on the market. MAZeT is concentrating on the synergetic combining of skills in electronics development and production with specific applications for color measurement and stabilizing LED light.

Dr. Fred Grunert, Managing Director at MAZeT GmbH, provided an insight into the planning for 2012: „We are going to launch strategically important product innovations on the market in building up our business with color and spectral sensors in 2012. We place an emphasis on our products focusing on the use of LED light, color measurements and analytics. Our patented sensor technology ensures that we will have a strong competitive position on the market.“

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About MAZeT

MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Jena, Germany. MAZeT GmbH develops, produces and supplies customized electronic modules, software and ASICs and sells proprietary products under the brand JENCOLOR worldwide. Thanks to its wide-ranging technology offer and application know-how, MAZeT GmbH is a reliable and tried-and-tested service partner for customized solutions in the areas of industrial electronics and optic sensor technology. Its development competence and components for special applications are used in the complete area of industrial measuring technology, control and automation technology as well as medical engineering, among others.

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