meteocontrol accelerates international growth with E2MS service provider habemus!

blue’Log X-Series: meteocontrol relies on habemus! for short delivery times and flexible order processing of monitoring hardware

Augsburg, January 26, 2021 – meteocontrol GmbH is optimising the supply chain management of its blue’Log X-Series. This will enable it to handle national and international orders even faster and more flexibly. To this end, the supplier of independent PV monitoring and control systems is stepping up cooperation with habemus! electronic + transfer GmbH based in Münsterhausen, Germany. From now on, in addition to assembling the blue’Log modules for meteocontrol, the electronics specialist will also be responsible for the configuration and logistics of the monitoring hardware for photovoltaic systems.

With the 50,000th photovoltaic system monitored in the VCOM Cloud monitoring portal, meteocontrol is now one of the world’s leading providers of independent monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic systems. The blue’Log X-Series is the central monitoring component in the VCOM Cloud. It records all relevant system data on site in the photovoltaic systems, provides interfaces and functions for power plant control, and thus enables grid-compliant feed-in of solar power. The blue’Log X-Series includes the blue’Log XM (X-Monitoring) and blue’Log XC (X-Control) versions.

meteocontrol is now completely moving production and logistics over to habemus! electronic + transfer GmbH to meet the increasing demand even faster and more flexibly, particularly at an international level. Up to now, the Münsterhausen-based electronics specialist was responsible for the purchase of electronic components and printed circuit boards and assembling them for the blue’Log X-Series. As an E2MS service provider, habemus! is now also responsible for the configuration of the hardware and the entire logistics process, from receipt of goods, storage and outsourcing, to the worldwide despatch of goods. Development work will continue to remain in-house with meteocontrol.

„This will enable us to reduce the delivery time from ten days to three days in the future and to react much more quickly and flexibly to orders,“ explains Jens Wening, Senior Vice President Processes & QM at meteocontrol. „This will support our growth strategy and help us to further accelerate internationalisation. In habemus! we have a robust, innovative partner from the region by our side.“ Gottfried Fischer, Managing Director of habemus!, is also convinced: „We can reliably support customers, such as meteocontrol, with our many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge and expertise. The cooperation has already proved its worth and we are pleased about the trust and confidence that meteocontrol has placed in us.“

About meteocontrol
meteocontrol is a leading global developer and provider of independent monitoring and flexible control systems for photovoltaic portfolios. meteocontrol monitors 50,000 PV plants worldwide with a total capacity of 18 GWp. The company’s 40 years of experience in the solar industry, internal development activities and focus on the future of renewable energy are at the core of its innovative product development. The planning and commissioning of professional monitoring and control systems are as much part of the portfolio as yield forecasts, technical due diligences and energy and weather data management. As a pioneer in solar grid forecasting and feed-in extrapolation, meteocontrol calculates reliable solar power forecasts for Europe’s largest grid operators. Within the scope of consulting services and expert opinions, the company has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 14 billion euros. meteocontrol GmbH is part of the APRD Investment Group (Asia Pacific Resources Development) and is headquartered in Augsburg (Germany) with numerous locations worldwide.

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