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Trees for climate protection: meteocontrol supports reforestation in Nicaragua

Augsburg, April 22, 2020 – With a donation of 5,000 Euro to PRIMAKLIMA meteocontrol GmbH sets an example for climate protection and supports a smallholder family in Nicaragua in the reforestation of a fallow area. Commitment to climate protection through innovative solutions for the energy transition has always distinguished meteocontrol GmbH: With its monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic plants, the company ensures maximum solar power yield and grid stability when feeding in renewable energy.

Forest conservation and reforestation are promising and natural solutions against climate change. Researchers from the Technical University of Zurich have proven this in a study and presented it in the journal Science. An additional forest area of 900 million hectares could absorb two thirds of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions previously produced by human activity. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees bind the contained carbon and release oxygen into the air. And there would be enough space on earth for the required third more forest land, according to the study.

Forests against climate change and for new perspectives

With a donation of 5,000 Euro to PRIMAKLIMA, meteocontrol now contributes to the worldwide reforestation. The non-profit association thus supports a small farmer family in the northwest of Nicaragua to plant mixed forests. These help not only to counteract global warming, but also to support people who are already suffering from its effects. Floods and long periods of drought threaten the existence of the farmer families, who make up 50 percent of the Nicaraguan population. For the farmers, the forests are a great asset: they receive fair premiums for their care and growth success. Later on, the trees provide additional income through sustainable forestry.

Taking responsibility, setting an example

“As a company, we are helping to shape the future of our society and would like to support climate protection as well as social commitment. On the one hand, we do this with our product solutions. The monitoring systems ensure more output of clean energy and grid stability. They are driving the energy transition – worldwide. At the same time, as an internationally operating company, we cause CO2 emissions from air travel,” says Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol. “That is why we support PRIMAKLIMA. Our goal is to steadily increase our company forest with annual donations. Furthermore, we would like to send out a positive signal to other companies to plant forests”.

Lars Forjahn, Managing Director of PRIMAKLIMA, is pleased about the commitment of meteocontrol: “Forests have enormous potential for climate protection. We have to use this, especially because their destruction is continuing to progress. The political approaches for the conservation of forests and corresponding climate protection projects still fall far short. Therefore, every donation that helps us to protect old trees and plant new ones counts”.

meteocontrol is the leading global provider of independent solar monitoring and control systems and currently monitors more than 48,000 PV systems with a total power output of over 16 GWp. For more than 40 years, meteocontrol has developed monitoring software and hardware for solar PV systems. They offer planning and commissioning of monitoring and control systems, as well as yield forecasts, technical due diligence, and energy and weather data analytics. Their independent engineering division has supported projects with a total investment of more than 14 billion euros. meteocontrol is a member of APRD Investment Group (Asia Pacific Resources Development), with headquarters in Augsburg, Germany and Shanghai, as well as subsidiaries in Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Chicago, Tokyo, Santiago de Chile, San Salvador, Melbourne and Dubai.

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