News about Battl Victory Records and the Founder

News about Battl Victory Records and short Interview with the founder.

News about Battl Victory Records and the Founder

Brand of Battl Victory Records

On 15.11. This year it is time again. Battl Victory Records celebrates the two-year-old. Since the foundation a lot has happened. Afterwards, the founder Battl comments.

Partly owed by the new regulations DSGVO and partly to expand the company, particular emphasis was placed on the customer. These should be offered a better shopping and listening experience. The record company, founded in 2016, is constantly expanding its portfolio. Which is due to the new artists. Dr. NICK , Herr Schmidt and Triton are only 3 of the artists working under label, publishing and management.

Meanwhile, the monthly rhythm is requested and negotiations are conducted. International artists are not excluded. One may anticipate that the Sound Of Sun could be committed from Egypt and contracts were sent to California, USA.

The small independent label from Wieseneck near Kelheim begins to grow. It grows into an international company and remains on the ground of the facts. To grant his artists liberties and to offer fair contracts. This is the exception rather than the rule in the music industry.

Not only the constantly new music is published, no, the online shop is growing and thriving. This has been completely restructured. This was perceived immediately in the DSGVO implementation and thus aufgerup double work. This can be seen. If you do not believe it, take a look for yourself.

New customers get a whopping 25% Welcome Bonus which will automatically be emailed after creating a customer account . The international shipping was expanded and generally reduced the postage costs. Furthermore, one may now come into the enjoyment of a Cashback’s system. Everyone who registers for Cashback World can save money here as well as other companies.

But to stay on the subject, there will be numerous discount and special promotions again this year for the anniversary. Here you will be informed early on the existing social media portals ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Google+ and more). Nobody should miss this, especially now that a Halloween campaign is being advertised. This is directly connected to the anniversary and Christmas is just around the corner.

Should not one be tempted here?

We have long since expired and can not live without it.

The interview that has been eagerly awaited:

Press office BVR: “Hi, Battl, nice that you have found time for the interview, how are you?”

Battl: “I’m happy to find time to be here, so far, I’m fine, there is much to do right now, you jump from appointment to
appointment, make new contacts and meet new and of course you the “older” artists.

PR: “That’s what we like to hear, there’s a lot going on here?”

Battl: “Yes, a lot is happening, but you should see that yourself best.” (Laughs)
The shop was completely rebuilt to ensure a better shopping experience. New discount and
Promotions are entered. Here I am particularly proud to present an online advent calendar this year
Shipping costs have been adjusted worldwide. A cashback system is introduced and the credit card payment
for the currency Euro and US Dollar.
Much has been adapted to the needs of the artists. Of course, the work-life balance should not be too short

PR: “We heard artists, what’s going on there?”

Battl: “The already existing artists are expanding their offer, meaning that new songs are being produced and will be coming
soon released. Also new albums which are delivered worldwide again. Spotify, Amazon, iTunes etc. Of course, too
as a normal CD and vinyl. The concert offer will increase dramatically. Germany, Europe and as well
They are in contact with several new artists / bands who have expressed their interest in working together.
It is important to mention that two new artists have already written. Sound Of Sun, an Egyptian Deep
and Tech House producer and Adrian Mendenhall a singer / songwriter from California. Last one is currently looking for
Band members. “

PR: “Because we’re at Sound Of Sun right now, there’s a little disagreement with a certain Mr. Vieira from L.A.
What can you tell us? “

Battl: “Not too much at the moment, you have to see what happens. Because as a record company, we do not have much to
do with these disputes unless they are
expand. According to Sound Of Sun, this was written by Mr. Vieira through one of his numerous accounts
and cheated on money. As we are among our artists, the suggestion was made advising to lawyers
to let.”

Pr: “That’s all you can say?”

Battl: “You just have to see if this is really it or not just a fake account, so far it looks more like fake
Nobody can be that unprofessional. But everywhere there are black sheep. We definitely have
no business relationship nor contact with this person. I did not even know the name until now. (Laughs)
We have reported this in Twitter and now look what’s up. Vieira has blocked us in any case. It is
pity that this happens, because then the impression arises that managers are only whistling. If he really is
Personally, I would not advise anyone to do business with him. “

PR: “You look calmly forward?”

Battl: “Yeah totally, this account pulls, no matter what this does the shorter one, as you can see with the blockage yes, for it is
rather even an advantage. Our artists have very quickly taken the wind out of their sails. On big thank you for that. “

PR: “We wish to continue doing well.”

Battl: “Thank you, of course I also wish and see you later. (Laughs sincerely) Until then, a good time.”

Musikverlag und -Label, Artist Management

Battl Victory Records
Daniel Sejpka
Wieseneck 2
93351 Painten
Phone: +4916092056777

Pressestelle BVR
Daniel Sejpka
Wieseneck 2
93351 Painten
Phone: +4916092056777