Nose for Danger

uncovering the secrets of Terrorism

Explosive Detection Dogs in the Fight against Terrorist Threats
August 5, 2023 – We are pleased to present the book „Nose for Danger uncovering the secrets of Terrorism.“ This book provides a profound insight into the world of terrorism and the role of explosive detection dogs.

With 486 pages, including 84 colorful illustrations, the book explores the multifaceted network of terrorism. It sheds light on various forms, from political crime and state terrorism to Islamist terrorism. However, the focus lies on the unsung heroes – explosive detection dogs and their remarkable work against this global threat.

The book is suitable for a wide audience: security experts, criminology students, dog handlers and trainers, and individuals interested in social, political, and security-related topics. It also serves as valuable reading material for dog enthusiasts, non-fiction, and true-crime readers, as well as those interested in politics and human rights activists.

„Nose for Danger uncovering the secrets of Terrorism“ emphasizes the crucial role of detection dogs in the fight against terrorism. It not only delves into existing approaches but also highlights the potential of individually tailored training measures to enhance the efficiency of detection dog training.

The book covers topics such as the history of explosives, their use in terrorism, security measures, legal regulations regarding explosives, and the complex aspects of explosive detection. It provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the battle against terrorism.

We invite you to read this book and learn how explosive detection dogs can be trained to become an effective weapon against terrorism. With knowledge and customized training for detection dogs, we can combat terrorism!

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