Stye – Know the Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

Stye is a small round, red, a bit elevated looks like pimple in the eyelid, it can be painful or painless. It is very commonly form and it will dissolve by its own within a week, or minimum 3 to 5 days. It is an inflammation of eyelid glands, reason for staphylococcus bacteria, sometime present with pus point.

Main Causes of Stye on Eye:-

Uncorrected refractive error: If a person has glass power, he or she tries to see clearly by rubbing eyes frequently.

Eyelid gland inflammation due to unknown cause, gland secrets through eyelid margin.

Cleanliness: Hands should be clean, eyes have to wash before sleep and after sleep, skin condition of eyelids like blepharitis present.

Using of old makeup products and changing brands, better to stick one good brand, discard old makeups.

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