SUTTER®: Spring Discounts on all of its stands – Reduced up to 50%!

Today, the online shop SUTTER, specialized in hunting and shooting, launched to the beginning of spring a massive discount promotion on all its stands and raised hides. The stands and raised hides have been reduced up to 130EUR, as SUTTER announced.
SUTTER®: Spring Discounts on all of its stands - Reduced up to 50%!

Two highlights of the discount promotion are undoubtedly the two aluminium stands, that have been reduced by incredible 60EUR and 80EUR. Both raised hides offer a height of 3,0m, a padded seat and back rest, as well as a step less adjustable camo padded shooting rail for maximum comfort. The lightweight aluminium stands with a weight of each of about 20kg and the clever folding system, similar to that of aluminium ladders, prove to be ideal companions to every hunting season where flexibility is required or no stationary stands are available.

Two other highlights are the very popular free-standing raised hide A08 and the tower outpost with camo blind enclosure A09. The raised hide A08 provides a height to the seat of 4,5m, a 360° padded swivel seat and a 90x90cm platform. The hide has now been reduced by 70EUR, making it an absolute bargain. This can only be topped by the tower outpost, which has been reduced by incredible 130EUR. With a large 120x120cm platform and 2,0m room to the roof, the tower outpost provides enough space even for more than one person. Both hides are supported by a strong sturdy steel frame.

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The company SUTTER, which was founded in 1986, successfully established itself during the past years in the hunting and shooting equipment industry and is known for its low cost high quality products, which range from rifle scopes and reddots to scope mounts, binoculars, spotting scopes and more. During the past years the product line has constantly been supplemented and today features more than 1000 different products. The complete product range and the new catalogue can altogether be found in the online shop.

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