TAPKO Technologies: Revolutionary new KNX device MECps640

Power supply and line coupler in one compact size

TAPKO Technologies GmbH launched its new system device – MECps640. TAPKO’s new KNX product combines two different system devices: a line coupler and a bus voltage supply of 640mA average output, into one device. The uniqueness of this product is its physical compactness which has been improved by at least 50%, in comparison to any other technically functional possibilities available in the market.

A revolutionary and ground-breaking invention in KNX industry

None of the product available in the market is able to provide similar competitive advantages that MECps640 has achieved. The compactness of this product has not only reduced the physical size of a typical Line/Area coupler and/or of a Power supply, it has also reduced the number of required devices significantly in any typical KNX installation; from two mandatory infrastructural devices to only one MECps640 for every pair of function-critical installation (of a power supply and a line/area coupler).

According to the Product designer of MECps640, the greatest challenge faced to invent this device was the mechanical constraint to design and place in all required components in a stringently compacted two-space-units (2TE) housing, while fulfilling all safety requirements and still ensuring the thermal performance of the device. „This mechanical constraint elevates the level of design challenge to at least a couple of next-levels,“ commented the designer. „We have set and successfully achieved a higher level of product requirements for MECps640 throughout the product development,“said the product designer. One such example is the improved efficiency of power supply functionality in MECps640 in comparison to the state-of art KNX Intelligent Power Supply ( IPS640, also available from TAPKO).

Mr Nenad Milijanović (TAPKO Sales Manager) is ecstatic about MECps640. „It is the Product Highlight 2020 for TAPKO and probably also for all the players in our KNX family! There is no question that TAPKO is going to rock the KNX market with this revolutionary KNX device!“

MECps640 is available as TAPKO OEM product to extend manufacturers“ KNX product portfolio in an optimal ratio of short lead-time, low-cost and high device performance.

TAPKO Technologies GmbH was founded in October 1999 by Klaus Adler and Petar Tomić. The two managing directors, Dipl. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić, have were a driving force in the EIB/KNX market for ten years before the establishment of TAPKO GmbH. Company headquarters are located in Regensburg, South Germany. TAPKO is a full member of the KNX Association and is certified according to ISO 9001/2008.
TAPKO“s growth from a German KNX specialist to a brand of European and international repute is based on its strong technology innovation and successful collaboration with partner companies.
This cooperation with partner companies was instrumental in building TAPKO into a company able to offer – from development to production – all process steps of KNX components from a single source. The portfolio covers the entire service for product ideas, product development and manufacturing. TAPKO can provide to customers all the necessary components and services for this purpose, including our own TestLab.

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