The aeroSling® XPE is here!

The aeroSling® XPE is here!

aeroSling® XPE – the new dimension in lightweight, take anywhere “Suspended Pulley Trainers” or “Sling Trainers”.

Decrease your workout time and increase your results by training for more strength and better muscle coordination at the same time through the integrated pulley system.

The aeroSling® XPE is the smaller brother of the established aeroSling® ELITE and aimed specifically at Beginners as well as people upgrading from other Suspension Devices or Sling trainers. The aeroSling® XPE is also for you if you need to travel super light or have very limited space for transport. Unlike the aeroSling® ELITE it has no grip carabiners and that let’s you fold it even smaller.

The aeroSling® XPE shares all the great quality with other aeroSling® models while saving cost by concentrating on the aeroSling-essentials.

The aeroSling® XPE is easy to use as the grip height is adjusted by utilizing just one of our patent pending grip knots. It’s done in a matter of seconds and you never have to check if you adjusted both grips to the same height – the pulley system does that “automatically” for you.

The grips handles used on the aeroSling® XPE are made from textured glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) to safe weight while still being a very durable and easy to clean. These grip handles also train you lower arms at the same time because they are a little over-sized and require just a little more effort to grip them tightly.

aeroSling® XPE is built as a great one-off product with everything included that you need to get serious with Suspended Pulley Training.

Get stronger, more balanced and fit – anywhere you go.

Get the new aeroSling® XPE!

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