The freedom of a fallen wall

It”s been 31 years today since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This pivotal point in recent history embodies the spirit of union and togetherness, as two separate Germanies became one once again, following the opening of the Iron Curtain. And beyond that, it is a date marked by freedom and of conquering repression.

So much that in the United States, today is known as World Freedom Day – which is fitting, being it so close to the presidential election.

In challenging times when many people may feel their freedom threatened by the current pandemic, it is important to appreciate and be thankful for what has been achieved since then. One such aspect is, undeniably, the progress in terms of economic and financial freedom, without which financial marketplaces like Iban Wallet would not be able to exist.


Societies and economies have evolved in such a way that they have become more open and interconnected. Within the European Union, this is clear when considering the freedom of circulation of merchandise, people, and capital. Even when the scope is widened, it is hard to make the case that globalization did not intensify since its inception in the second half of the 20th century. And with it, the liberation and democratization of goods and services made their way, including investment activities.

This was further powered by the rise and spread of the internet. With all its flaws, it also greatly contributed to a crucial component of the freedom we enjoy today: that of access to information.

While it may be easy to take this for granted, the ability for oneself to look for and know more just about any subject from basically anywhere is nothing short of a miracle. The more connected people become, the more they shape the way information is produced through new models of cooperation. And in this day and age of movement restrictions due to health concerns. With nearly 60% of the world population already online (and 84% in Europe), this also allows for a large part of the economy to function without further exposing people to greater risk.

This is the environment that made it possible to get to this moment. Not only is it easier than ever to exercise your freedom of enterprise, it is also easier to reach a global audience and not be bound by geography.

And this is how the Iban Wallet marketplace is able to reach a greater number of people and help them get a return on their funds. Conversely, they too have more options to consider, which is why constant improvement is mandatory and very much a central pillar on the overall strategy.

As the company grows, it continues to work with a very client-centric philosophy, with simple-to-use products and digital tools to respond to the financial needs of real people. This is achieved both with flexible solutions that, without hidden fees, allow for deposits and withdrawal requests at any time and others with higher potential and more suited for the longer term.

Because in the end, clients are free to decide to go elsewhere.

Iban is an online marketplace that offers investment opportunities at a projected interest rate derived from investment in loans from various lenders

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