The importance of a good telephone service

„How may I help you“ instead of „Please call again later“.

Marketing is a very important part of any company, that wants be successful.

Rieta Vanessa de Soet says, it starts with the telephone. A pleasant voice, clear pronounciation and an appropriate sound volume is the first step to leave a good impression. If the company offers a call-back, it has to happen as soon as possible. When the telephone rings, answer it quickly but not too fast. Rieta de Soet says, pick up the phone after ringing two times otherwise you may seem to be very stressed.

It often happens that a friendly person picks up the phone, but just to forward the calling person to a waiting loop with bad music.

Rieta Vanessa de Soet is convinced, that every single person has his or her specific voice. But there are people, that you can not presentate on the phone. It is absolutely necessary, that the person speaks in a confidient tone, understandable for everyone.

Every company needs motivated staff. Employees who are not afraid of communicating with others. Unmotivated staff often just asks the clients to „Call again later“, making the impression of not caring about the customers needs. In this case the client will not get more help the next time he calls.

Rieta de Soet says, if the phone call is qualified, quickly and friendly answered, the client automatically gets the feeling of security – security that the company cares about the clients problems. Once you have reached this step, you need to take it to the next level. The client deserves a good and accurate answer.

The telephone service is a part of marketing and marketing an important part of the business policy of a company. Therefore the telephone service may not be underestimated. It all starts here.


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