The VESPA-principle

Follow simple rules on how to communicate

Communication is very important, whether in the professional world or in your own private life. Without the right communication, there are often misunderstandings that lead to further problems. For companies, this can even mean losing customers. To prevent these losses, there should be a focus on how to communicate properly at every level, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Switzerland.

The VESPA principle is a tool that helps you with the correct communication. This is easy to understand and yet efficient. VESPA is composed of the following abbreviations:

V stands for volume, i.e. the volume during the conversation. If you speak too quietly, the person you are talking to may not understand you or think you are uncertain, which doesn’t make you seem like a competent consultant.

E stands for energy. You have to find a balanced level. You shouldn’t be too hyped up, but you shouldn’t be slacking either. It can also help to maintain an upright posture. If you don’t sit properly, this is also noticeable in the way you talk.

S stands for speed. If you speak too slowly, it can be exhausting and even sleepy for the other party. On the other hand, if you speak too quickly, it may be that the customer or colleague cannot understand all the information and miss something important.

P stands for pitch. Some people have a rather uncomfortably high pitch, even if they can’t help it, these people should avoid a more telephone-heavy job.

A stands for articulation, i.e. how clear the pronunciation is. In certain regions in particular there are very strong dialects that are difficult for outsiders to understand. You should therefore be able to switch to standard German without any problems. It also includes people who generally have a vague pronunciation or mumble.

If you are unsure whether your pronunciation meets all categories of the Vespa principle, simply record yourself on the cell phone and listen to it or ask your colleagues for constructive criticism, concludes Rieta de Soet.

In her Business Center, Global Management Consultants AG, Rieta de Soet has numerous other helpful tips for young entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.


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