TIME-Formula – Finally decoded!

And transferring time aspects to earth challenges, the 17 UN-SDGs may be solved at once – within the GlobalOnomy-Theory

TIME-Formula – Finally decoded!

And transferring time aspects to earth challenges, the 17 UN-SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, may be solved at once.

Whereas Albert Einstein got rid of absolute time in his General-Relativity, Stephen Hawking still recapitulated time as something mysterious: “Time, WHATEVER THAT may be …”*

But now, the formula of time has been decoded by Albert Bright. This was an over 5,000 years lasting secret, which had involved millions of researchers worldwide. This is a break-through in astronomy.

TIME now is one module of a new relativity-formula: “Dynamic-Relativity”. Albert Einstein with his relativity formulas explains the “now”. The formulas of Albert Bright may extrapolate the “now” to the “past” and the “future”, “dynamically”. And in combination with his space-formula (next book, now being translated) Bright decodes the remaining un-known 95% of universe forces (23% “dark matter” – why do planets not orbit faster; and 72% “dark energy” – why does universe grow faster than calculable).

The time-formula is developed and shown in the book “AstronTimeOnomy” just now published (ISBN 9783752602869).

AstronTimeOnomy is the first book of a trilogy called “GlobalOnomy”.

GlobalOnomy is a complex model, which on the basis of astronomy, optimizes economy & currency, knowledge & wisdom, peace & liberty, health & wealth, welfare & sustainability – world-wide!

Within the GlobalOnomy concept, time plays a major role for world-wide-wealth, economy, and currency. Within AstronTimeOnomy, time-formula-aspects are transferred from astronomy to economy – and used to solve earth-challenges. All the 17 UN-SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, could be solved at once. This concept will even get stronger, with the ideas in the 2 following books, now being translated.

Astronomy, our universe, is doing better than the “constructions” of the so called “homo-sapiens”. Universe exists since 13,8 billion years. It has achieved a diameter of 50 billion light-years. There are about 400 billion galaxies. Each of them consisting of about 100 billion stars, with lots of planets. It still grows. Almost faster. And grows with far less big problems despite the numbers mentioned. Why not copy some of its rules, to optimize our world. We did. Join us.

More information is available at www.world-wide-wealth.com

* A Briefer History of Time, Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow, 2008

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In world-wide-wealth entwickeln wir Lösungen für eine bessere Welt. Hierzu erfinden wir neue Wege und Formeln. Die Erfindungen der Formeln für die ZEIT, den RAUM und der DYNAMISCHEN RELATIVITÄT waren Durchbrüche, nicht nur für die Astronomie, sondern, bei deren Nutzung, nun auch für die Ökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit der 17 UN-SDGs.

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