Wafer Bonding Machine Market Forecasts by 2025

Wafer Bonding Machine Market  Forecasts by 2025

Wafer Bonding System Market By Type ( Direct Bonding, Anodic Bonding, Solder/Eutectic/ Diffusion Bonding, Glass-Frit Bonding & Adhesive Bonding), By Application ( Semiconductor, Solar Energy, Opto-electronic & MEMS), Estimation & Forecast, 2017-2025″. In 2017, the anodic bonding segment generated the highest revenue share. Among major regions, Europe was the highest revenue generating market in 2017.

“The market for wafer bonding systems is directly proportional to the demand of silicon wafers, ICs and other such modules. The growth pace of the market extensively depends upon the trend of end users such as robotic companies, mechatronic product manufacturers, solar cells manufacturers and others”

Direct bonding to emerge out as the fastest growing wafer bonding system market in the near future
Direct bonding or fusion bonding, is a wafer bonding process that does not include any additional intermediate layer for generating the chemical bonds between the two surfaces of desired material. Direct bonding is mainly used for the manufacturing of Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers, sensors and actuators. One advantage of direct bonding is that the wafers come out with a smooth and clean surfaces having a direct contact without any significant pressure. The most attractive feature driving the growth of this segment is the set of advantages offered by this process, such as high bonding strength, high temperature stability, process compatibility to semiconductor technology, and ability to bond in vacuum or different atmospheric gases as well. The very segment held nearly 1/4th of the global market in 2017.

Semiconductor industry exhibited the highest application of wafer bonding technology in 2017

Semiconductor wafer bonding has been a subject of discussion for many years and numerous innovations in the wafer bonding techniques have been witnessed in the recent decade. Moreover, its major usage and high efficiency in designing the optoelectronic devices has dragged the technology under the limelight. The semiconductor wafer bonding system market is directly dependent upon the growth of the electronics market as, most of the silicon wafers which pass through bonding are installed in the electronic devices such as RFIDs, CMOS and MEMS. A steep growth in the demand for consumer electronics such as smartphones and computers is anticipated to impact the very market segment in a positive manner. The segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.42% during the forecast period 2018-2025.

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An up surging automotive industry will lead Europe to dominate the global wafer bonding system market

Europe, being a highly technologically enhanced region, has always been a leader when it comes to automotive and automobile industry. Moreover, the continuous efforts in the automation of machinery and other such devices has also generated an increased demand for semiconductor based chips. In addition to this, the amendments in the vehicle safety system in the General Safety Regulation, have put forward a strict requirement of MEMS based automotive sensors, which are only made by bonding silicon wafers with a substrate. This has eventually stimulated the wafer bonding system market in the region. The region held more than 20% of the global wafer bonding system market in 2017.

Key Findings of Global Wafer Bonding System Market
– Solder/Eutectic/ Diffusion Bonding will grow with an estimated growth rate of 10.14% during the forecast period of 2018-2025.
– Semiconductor wafer bonding system segment to exhibit the fastest growth during the estimation period.
– MEMS are expected to hold the largest market share of around 1/3rd of the global market in 2017.
– Indian market to witness a tremendous growth pace with a CAGR of 10.70% throughout the forecast period.

Product launch and technological enhancement has emerged out as the most adopted strategies among the major market players of the very market. Some major companies of the very market are Tokyo Electron, EV Group, SüSS Microtec SE, NxQ, Ayumi Industry, Palomar Technologies, Dynatex International, Applied Microengineering and 3M.

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