Yanmar machines convince with flexibility and robustness at municipal tasks

The B110W and B95W wheeled excavators are used in a variety of applications in Poland.

Warsaw, June 22, 2021 – The wheeled excavators by Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA (Yanmar) are powerful, compact and can be used universally thanks to various attachments. This qualifies them for the versatile requirements in the municipal sector. There, agile machines are needed that are suitable for as many different applications as possible. The Yanmar dealer Broker Maszyny sp. z o.o. (YANMARCENTRUM) has now sold a number of the B95W and B110W models to several municipalities in Poland, where they are being used for a variety of tasks.

The Yanmar wheeled excavators convince with a lot of power and compact dimensions at the same time. Their performance values qualify the excavators for requirements that can usually only be handled by machines in the next higher weight classes. All these are strong advantages for work in confined urban areas where large construction machines cannot find space. For this reason, the heads of several municipalities in Poland have ordered suitable machines from YANMARCENTRUM.

The municipality of Warsaw bought two Yanmar B95W for all the work that needs to be done in the city centre. In Warsaw, known for its many bridges and narrow old town, the use of large construction machines is hardly possible. The municipality uses B95W for all road and landscaping work in the city centre. The same machine is now also used by the Wroclaw municipality for green space maintenance. Like all Yanmar wheeled excavators, the B95W achieves particularly high flexibility thanks to its multi-purpose equipment. In addition to buckets and grapples, this also includes a special attachment for grass cutting, a loading bucket and forks. Even the small city Piatek, in the middle of Poland, bought Yanmar B110Ws for all the work that needs to be done in the city centre and outside for ditch cleaning and drainage cleaning.

The authorities of the Goniadz commune, responsible for the maintenance of the nature reserve (Natura2000 area) including the Rozpuda valley in north-eastern Poland also purchased a B95W from YANMARCENTRUM. The Yanmar dealer equipped it exclusively for the customer because the area of operation, the Rospuda Valley, poses special challenges: The area lies along the course of the Rospuda River, which is characterised by marshy areas. The B95W is ideally suited for this area because its chassis combines high off-road mobility with drive power. Thanks to the axle articulation of 14 degrees and special tyres, the wheeled excavator is absolutely stable even on uneven and soft ground. Various attachments, including a weed-cutting bucket, a special bush-cutting bucket, make the machine exceptionally versatile. A boom extension provides an even larger working area. The specially equipped B95W is used in Goniadz for river cleaning and drainage cleaning, for example.

„Our ambition is to solve our customers‘ problems with our machines. We always determine the needs individually and adapt the machines accordingly – so that everyone gets exactly what they need,“ says Marek Surma, Managing Director at Broker Maszyny sp. z o.o.

With the many configuration options, the Yanmar machines can be optimally customised to the individual needs and challenges of the respective work area. The various attachments ensure that the machines are multifunctional.

For more information on Yanmar wheeled excavators or to find your local Yanmar dealer, please visit www.yanmarconstruction.de

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