Draka fibre optic cables for home cabling now available in practical 250-metre Reelex box

Prysmian Group: BU Multimedia Solutions packages UCHOME fibre idrop 900 in easy-to-assemble and environmentally friendly Reelex box

Cologne, Germany, May 17th 2021 – BU Multimedia Solutions (BU MMS) of Prysmian Group is now offering the Draka fibre optic cable UCHOME fibre idrop 900 I-VH LS9 4F G.657.A2 for indoor use in a practical Reelex box. The compact cardboard packaging with 250 meters of cable length makes installation much easier and is also environmentally friendly to dispose of. The single mode fibre cable complies with fire protection class Dca s2 d2 a1 and its low bending sensitivity enables a reduced bending radius.

With the new, easy-to-install Reelex box, BU Multimedia Solutions is helping installers to lay the Draka UCHOME fibre idrop 900 cable quickly and safely indoors. The 8-shaped rewind and pull-out system allows the cable to be easily pulled out without twisting. With the handy recessed grip on the packaging and its lighter weight, the Reelex box is comfortable to carry. The risk of damaging walls or doors in narrow stairways or small apartments is less than with a plastic drum. In addition, the cardboard Reelex box is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. Wholesalers benefit in warehousing and sales with the compact packaging and reduced cable length, specially designed for home use.

Bend-resistant glass fibre

With a diameter of only about 4.5 millimeters, the UCHOME fibre idrop 900 is very flexible and easy to install. It is suitable for various indoor applications: for cable ducts, for pulling into pipes, for splice connections and for direct plug assembly. The cable complies with fire protection class Dca s2 d2 a1 according to EN 50173-1, its FireRes® jacket is UV-stable, halogen-free and flame-retardant. Equipped with four G.657.A2 BendBright®XS fibres, the distribution cable can be used for many cable constructions and installations. The single mode fibre is extremely insensitive to bending and allows a reduced bending radius. The low bending sensitivity guarantees that the 1625 nm window (L-band) can be used for future bandwidth requirements. The fibre complies with the ITU G.657A2 and G.657B2 standards (2009 edition) as well as ITU G.652D.

Fast Internet at the end user

The continuation of fibre optic cables from the building connection in the basement to the home or office is another important element in driving digitization forward. Only when high Internet availability reaches the end user can they work in their home office without delays and participate in digital events without disruptions. Fast Internet is also an advantage in the leisure sector: when streaming movies or music, users benefit from brilliant TV pictures and enormously clear sound.

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