gbo datacomp: Customers go for paperless manufacturing

Paperless production, transparency and traceability are currently the drivers of market activity at the medium-sized software house gbo datacomp. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are investing in modern PDC and MDC solutions to ensure continuous production.

Augsburg, 09.06.21 The desire for paperless production has increased noticeably in recent months. Currently, almost every second request starts with the desire for paperless manufacturing. Not least the home office obligation has made it clear that paperless manufacturing is without alternative, even in medium-sized manufacturing companies. “We see this as an important reason for the renewed increase in demand for our bisoftBDE/bisoftMDE solutions,” begins Michael Möller, CEO of gbo datacomp. “Above all, paperless manufacturing means one thing: continuous production, regardless of the prevailing conditions. All data is in the system and can be viewed in real time.”

Numerous small to medium-sized companies benefit from the introduction of a BDE/MDE solution and, as a result, a conversion to paperless manufacturing. The benefits of such digitization are obvious: digital processes are the prerequisite for quick action and immediate reaction to market changes as well as customer-specific requirements.

“Time and again, companies drop out of the competition because they are not flexible enough,” Möller knows. Internal processes are too slow and, above all, not consistent. Time and again, errors and media disruptions occur because lists are missing on paper or data has to be transferred manually. “With bisoftBDE and bisoftMDE, we ensure data consistency all the way to the store floor level,” Möller explains. Efficiency and transparency, even from the home office, are the basis for stability and future viability.

The goal of comprehensive digitization is the introduction of an MES, such as bisoftMES; in many cases, medium-sized companies start with an SFDC or MDC. “You can always expand, once you have recognized the advantages of comprehensive digitization, it comes quite automatically,” Möller knows from experience. An MES acts as a data hub and ensures comprehensive digital and horizontal integration of all data, from the store floor to the management level.

gbo datacomp has been a driving force in the field of MES solutions for medium-sized production companies from the very beginning. The full-service provider has more than 35 years of project experience in the production environment of medium-sized companies. At five locations, customer requirements are adapted to customer needs based on standard modules. In addition to its modular MES solution bisoftMES solutions, the MES expert offers customer-specific consulting. From the introduction, to system integration, to the practical implementation of MES solutions, the medium-sized software house realizes everything from one source. The selected industry expertise speaks for itself. At present, gbo datacomp supports more than 900 system solutions worldwide with over 20,000 users and more than 100,000 connected machines.

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