Neutrino Energy will collaborate with Russia to develop new energy technology

Despite the alarming scale of the coronavirus’s global spread and its more dangerous mutation Omicron, the catastrophic dynamics of climate change, and the world’s difficult economic situation, politicians appear to have decided that nothing is more important than escalating the level of political confrontation in these circumstances. Endless and ineffective sanctions lack even the smallest smidgeon of logic, exacerbating the international economy’s already precarious predicament.

According to current trends, despite widespread immunization and restrictive measures implemented by many countries, the struggle against illness will be a lengthy one. The economy of all nations have entered a severe recession, and it is difficult to anticipate how the situation will evolve today. At the same time, several nations were unstable in terms of economic growth even before the covid-19 coronavirus arose in the globe, such as Italy and Spain, which are today countries whose economic position is growing progressively unfavorable.

Is there a solution to the problem today, and if yes, what is it?

Attempts to stabilize the economy by injecting large quantities of unsecured money have only resulted in inflation so far. This is an economic law that must be taken into consideration. Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, a well-known German entrepreneur said: „It is exceedingly unproductive to hold money in bank accounts or cash in the current environment of rising inflation; both devalue. The desire of company structures to get rid of cash and secure money, rather than objective consequences of economic activity, explains the quick rise in stock values of businesses like Tesla. This is the significant risk of a stock market crash and the loss of a significant portion of one’s investment.

The rapid rise in energy prices would appear to favor the development of alternative energy, such as solar power and wind generation, but their reliance on weather conditions is their „Achilles heel,“ according to energy experts, but politicians do not understand or do not want to understand this, especially since they will be on the sidelines and not responsible for anything in the event of a blackout.

Holger Thorsten Schubart believes that the current political and economic scenario on the oil and gas industry presents a unique opportunity for alternative energy technology firms like the Neutrino Energy Group. „We’ve noticed an increase in investor interest in new power generation technologies, which is why we’re no longer interested in selling shares in private placements. Instead, we’re looking at offers to organize production of the Neutrino Power Cube® in various countries, and we’ve already signed first license agreements with a few of them, because the results we got showed not only us, but also the most ardent skeptics, that the Neutrinovoltaic power generation technology is the future. We believe Russia will play a critical role in the growth of the Neutrino Energy initiative, which is why we are forming a joint company with our Russian partners.“

Is our strength unification?

The development of the Neutrino Energy Group is not aimed at achieving autonomous serial manufacturing. It is difficult to build up large-scale manufacturing of Neutrinovoltaic technology on its own, despite substantial investments – it is a worldwide multinational project capable of playing a significant part in all economies of the globe.

Holger Thorsten Schubart has made it clear that „It is vital to coordinate the efforts of all governments in order to identify answers that are critical to humanity’s future. Following this principle, the Neutrino Energy Group has enlisted the help of scientists and businesses from a variety of countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Russia, and India, in developing the Neutrino Power Cube®, a device that converts the energy of radiation fields into electric current. Political differences, sanctions, embargoes, prohibitions, and limitations do not prevent scientists from working productively and creatively in various nations.

Scientists are attempting to provide findings that will allow the technical realization of autonomous direct energy sources based on Neutrinovoltaic technology, which are intended for use in both houses and electric automobiles, as well as in appliances and technical gadgets that require electricity.

Not only will this eliminate harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, but it will also allow cars to be converted to electric traction without the requirement for the centralized power supply infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. The broad use of autonomous Neutrinovoltaic power sources provides a 100 percent assurance of power supply in times of crises, disasters, and armed conflict, something that, given the current economic and political context, must be seriously examined.

Currently, Neutrino Energy Group is rapidly expanding, having signed a number of license agreements with manufacturers from various countries, including Russia, and is renovating its R&D center to adapt Neutrinovoltaic technology for electric cars with built-in Neutrinovoltaic power sources developed by Pi Cars, as well as mastering production facilities for producing Neutrino Power Cube® power sources.

Scientists at the business have developed and patented a novel superhard material based on graphene and doped silicon that permits direct conversion of many forms of natural and manmade radiation, including cosmic neutrinos, into direct electric current. This technology enables the creation of a fundamentally new distributed power supply system, allowing current to be placed directly in places where power is consumed, such as internal placement in devices and products that require power, such as computers, telephones, electric cars, and so on. The company’s progress will allow it to drastically reduce, if not totally eliminate, the usage of combustible fuel as a source of power production and motor fuel in the medium future.

In today’s world, any state’s growth is inextricably linked to scientific and technical advancement. Despite its vast mineral riches, the Russian government will undoubtedly promote, assist in the development, and implementation of novel advancements and technology.

Realizing similar economic interests, as demonstrated by the collaboration between Russia and Germany on the Neutrino Energy project, is another approach to stabilize the international economy and minimize political and economic tensions throughout the world.

The Neutrino Energy Group cooperates with a worldwide team of scientists and various international research centers, which deal with application research, the conversion of invisible radiation spectra of the sun, among other things, such as neutrinos (high-energy particles, which ceaselessly reach the earth) in electric power.

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