Tres 24 Titan – the 24-hour titanium watch from Botta-Design

Tres 24 Titan - the 24-hour titanium watch from Botta-Design

TRES 24 Titanium by Botta-Design

Botta-Design stands for „modern functionalism“ in product design. In the wristwatch segment, the Königstein-based brand is known first and foremost for its UNO one-hand watch. This circular watch with the appearance of a precision instrument is a prime example of functionally-oriented product design. It is also considered to have heralded in the new category of „one-hand watches“. Klaus Botta and his development team do not design only watches with a single hour hand, however. Botta-Design also has wristwatches with more than one hand in its range. What all of the different models have in common is the clear logic of their display and their consistently high design standards.

In late 2017, Botta-Design presented its first three-hand 24-hour watch, the TRES 24 Plus in a 45 mm stainless steel case.
This is now followed by the slimmer and more lightweight version of this watch concept, featuring a titanium case with a 40 mm diameter.

While the „midnight mark“ in conventional 24-hour watches is generally to be found at the top, with midday at the bottom, exactly the reverse is the case in Botta-Design“s 24-hour watches. According to Klaus Botta, the justification for this somewhat unusual arrangement is that the dial is laid out to be „synchronous with the sun“. The hour scale precisely reflects the position of the sun in the sky at the time in question. At 12 pm, for example, when the sun is at its zenith, the hour hand also points to the number 12 at the top. At 6 in the morning and at 6 in the evening, when the sun is on the horizon, the hand of the TRES 24 models can also be found at the dial“s „artificial horizon“. Finally, at midnight, when the sun is „under the Earth“, the hour hand also points to the number 0 at the bottom of the dial. At the same time, the hand passes the date line that runs from the centre of the dial to the date window, and the displayed date switches to the next day.

Besides the 24-hour scale on the middle ring of the dial, there is also a second outer scale that shows the minutes and seconds. The two scales are not only distinguishable by their different colours, but are also physically separate. The differences in height between the circular scales correspond to the heights of the respective hands.
Just like the bigger version, the TRES 24 Plus, the TRES 24 Titan is reminiscent of an aircraft instrument with an artificial horizon – the day half at the top, the night half at the bottom. The numbers and markings are designed to make them as easy to read and distinguish between as possible. As with any 24-hour watch, it takes a short period of time to get used to this way of telling the time. Especially at the beginning, the clearly readable hour numbers make it easier to understand the system and tell the time.

The TRES 24 Titan is designed not so much with the average user in mind. It will appeal above all to design afficionados with a penchant for quality. Every aspect of the watch case is carefully designed down to the tiniest detail and features strikingly high-quality craftsmanship. The dial is arranged in a strictly logical and clear manner. The lugs are shaped and positioned in such a way that they exceed the watch diameter only slightly, making the watch very comfortable to wear.

The use of titanium for the case means that an amazingly low overall weight of just 39 g is achieved. Like all watches from this Königstein-based brand, the new TRES 24 Titan is also designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

A Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement ensures a comfortable and reliable drive system. The dual-domed sapphire glass is antireflective on both sides. The watch is splash-proof to 3 ATM and comes with a two-year manufacturer“s warranty. Just like its sister model, the TRES 24 Titan comes in three different colour versions: with a light dial, a dark dial or a dark dial in a completely black PVD-coated case. The normal price of the watch starts at 448 EUR. The watch will be ready for shipping from the end of July 2018 but can already be ordered at an advance purchase price starting at 398 EUR.

Klaus Botta has had a major influence on the watch industry with his philosophical approach to design. Launched in 1986, his UNO one-hand watch was the world’s first wristwatch to use the one-hand principle. Botta-Design timekeepers have long become classics, and are exhibited in the collections of renowned museums around the world. 61 international awards are testimony to the high level of design proficiency. The entire collection, which also includes other mechanical watches and quartz models, is developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. Production in specialized workshops in Germany and the use of the highest-quality components is your guarantee of the very high quality and durability of the watches.
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany

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